17 April 2017

Update: Good news, terrible news.

Hey peeps if any are still around.

I figured as the terrible news is tied into the good news, I would post here again.

It is with a heavy heart that I post here of the death of dear friend and fellow Traveller, the legend who helped me on my path to professional gamer much like Don McKinney, Mister Greg Lee, Esq. of Lee's Guide to Interstellar Adventure and the one I know him for, the one I got my name on the cover of, my first professional gamer gig, Cirque de Sirkas: A Traveller5 Campaign Book.

I shall miss him. A lot. 

Now the thin candy shell. 

I am working on and writing new stuff for the Travellers' Guide to the Permatic Imperium: An Alternate Traveller5 Universe. Plus I got a new editor Aio Neko and she being a green Traveller, this is her introduction to the game and she has been a wonder to work with. She's good on fixing my endless run on sentences (which is pretty much how I talk in meatspace) and she's put good questions to me about stuff. And of course, Partic Mitchell as always has also been throwing in a good suggestion or six. Thank him for all the cool and groovy gear that you find, he probably inspired me to jam on that. Trust me, it was mega-thin before..still. :)

So, yes we are grinding out the setting book for real, no startown hustle, genuine work with like 150+ pages so far. With no artwork either, them's just words. :)

Which has been the real killer. Needs art work for the book, scads of it. And good artwork costs good money. So, I have been considering the Patreon and Kickstarter angles. Right now, sans printing costs, to do it as I would like can be done for basics at around 5KCr I think. And still it would be the original Star Wars and I'll do my director's cut later, unless it makes a few Fat Traders full of CrImps that is. Then I go all out, star charts, maps, system diagrams, alien sophonts to play, ship, gear, all the goodies and in mass quantities. 

Anyway, I still have to do house work and taxes and then get back to the book so I shall cose here.

Oh, and there is the company Facebook page which is where a lot of stuff has been being done, if you're still curious. And hey, maybe I'll write more here too now that I'm back to being a professional gamer and author again.

Now matter what. Travel safe.