02 November 2009

The new look and some notes about Vilani.

The chunky font is an ancient root symbol set for the language of Vilani, it is called Ruuraak.

It is courtesy of Professor of Bilanidin Studies, and Lifetime Member of the Traveller's Aid Society, Robert Eaglestone. Thanks Rob!

Now need a really kick butt Visual Artist...I knew this one back in the day....*wanders off to send some mail*

New Title Image.

Finally I got something that looks proper.

Next bilinugal description and then when real Visual Artist is done with it, the real Special Projects, Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute.

Nifty stuff to be done.


Status Report # 002

So, I can not yet get the Institute seal (placeholder) to go in th little yellow box in the upper right. At least I can see the Title now.

Got the new email addy all nice and rainbow orgainzed and pimped out with all sorts of neat toys.

Right now this will do.

Now to begin restoring documents and adding new stuff to them.


Office of the Director. Systems progress check 01.| Status Report #001

So here I am busting out the first post so I can get a better feel for how it should look.

Eventually will have nice custom title bits, but for now still trying to get the Title to show up....steadfastly refuses to become visible.

So I will preview this little report and then start work again.