Galactic Stage.

Known Interstellar Polities and Worlds of Interest.

Parthian Remnants. 

The Capital of the last remaining remnants of the Sixth Spinward Imperium is composed of an Imperial Court  where each member of the Court is resident on a personal asteroid and they communicate mostly by encrypted TL-G CommPlus. They claim when queried on standard comms that they are busy debating the "Affairs of the Imperium" and can not be bothered to take petitions now. Then they demand the subject leave the system or face dire consequences. As no other world has the kind of power these battle class asteroid-ships might be able to unleash (well beyond the range of most of the worlds they rule), the petitioner generally leaves. The current Parthian Emperor is the old Subsector Duchess who elevated herself when it was apparent the Spinward Imperium was falling apart. Her actual tittle is Archduchess Arsacid, Regent of Fonest she will confess if questioned on her authority to act in the "Name of the Imperium".

The Parthian Remnants do not maintain a separate Army. That role is filled by Naval Infantry maintained shipboard (most commonly in Frozen Watch and thawed as needed) and on Bases (some in Frozen Watch, the rest pulling duty). They are used as ship board security, boarding parties, customs and Imperial law enforcement and the very occasional planetary assaults*. These units are known as the Stellar Infantry. Another group of troops that takes up the role normally filled by the Imperial Army of old are the various Household units kept by the Lords of Parthia They often keep them on board their planetoid ships which then support them in battle with both with ortillery, Fire Control, C4I and smallcraft. Mercenaries may be hired in the Remnants, but are mostly used on a single world in small regional campaigns. Often these conflicts are between corporations  and occasionally one world versus another. They are never allowed to be used in any campaign spanning multiple worlds at once. To do so has been declared to be "an Act of Insurrection and will be dealt with accordingly". The Lords of Parthia like to keep a Merc company operating on a single world at time feeling that if one should gather the resources to span multiple worlds at time it will eventually grow large enough to challenge their own troops.

* The Parthians tend more toward ortillery and less toward drop troops. If they are using SI Drop Troopers on your world then some in Court likes your world or someone on it.

Parthia [FS 1315]:  A 000 544-G As  
{unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: unknown, 
Base: Depot/Dump, Zone: Amber, 
WBG 100, Stellar: unknown, MW: Asteroid Belt, Hz: 0, 
NIL: unknown 
RU unknown, 6s.

Permatic Imperium. 

[FS 1725]: Permatic (The Capital).

A 365 C8A-H Hi Ht Cx  
{+5} (8BC+5) [GF7E], Nob: BE (Kirosowa). 
Base: NWRCT, Zone: Green.
WBG 900, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: -1 (Hot).
NIL: Natives.
RU 5280, Im.

Permatic (The Capital) is a small planet, with a diameter of 5,020 km and a circumference of 15,770 km. It has seas of water covering 50% of its surface, and its surface gravity is 0.4 G. It has a year of 1,170 24-hour days; its actual day length is 21 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 15 C, with a temperature change of -8 C per kilometre altitude.

PermaStarOne is usually the first point of contact one gets and is the Class A Highport for the world. The Highport also has the range of Traveller's Aid Society facilities and services expected of such a high traffic starport. It serves as the hub of multiple spacelanes throughout the Imperium. It also has multiple shipyards and Daarnulud Design Bureaux maintains a yard here where they do most of their custom work. The Melnauka Downs is the Downport portion world's starport which is located in outskirts of Melnauka. The City, as Melnauka is generally referred to, is a sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis and it can be a bit overwhelming even to sophonts from high interstellar tech worlds due to the extreme technological base that it has maintained throughout galactic history. The Crown District of the city contains the Moot, the Palace, the Ministerial Headquarters and various Bureaucracy required to run the Imperium. Other Districts contain entertainment and leisure areas, living zones, parks, industrial zones, and the various infrastructure needed to keep such vast city functioning.

It has a Navy Base (which has a large shipyard of its own), a Scout Waystation (servicing the many Express Boat Routes, Active, and Detached Scouts, and the collating the data brought in), and Imperial Research Station Alpha (said to contain a working Fifth Empire Anti-Matter Creator which generates the AM required to power the Navy's Ships of the Line). Of course there is a Institute Branch Headquarters there as well as the Permatic Imperial University. There is also an Imperial Consulate and the Imperial HQ for the Travellers' Aid Society. Permatic itself as opposed to the Imperial Capital is run by a civil service bureaucracy and due to the high population, in addition to its status as Capital of the Imperium, the law level is a bit high. The Imperial nobility are the Baron Melnauka and Count Fellsea who represent the world in the Moot and oversee Imperial affairs for His Majesty regarding Permatic

Bohen [FS 1224].

C 666 555-7

Ga Ni Ag Pr Ht
{+1} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, 
Base: unknown, Zone: unknowm, 
WBG 923, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, 
NIL: unknown 
RU 264Ic.

The Baron Bohen has been doing much to increase the value of his holdings and constituents. This world is still roomy as most of the population is spread across it in various agricultural arenas that support the planet. The Baron is said to offer excellent conditions for those who chose to settle there. So far the results appear to be paying off. The Baron is also the leader of the world's feudal technocracy which enjoys the support of the people due to the new wealth created by access to the interstellar markets created by the construction of the starport. Supporting this starport is leading the planet to developing the infrastructure to support starships, currently they have only local planetary travel systems in place. 
There is Knight of the Empire in service here and the Order maintains a Chapter House here. the local Baronet Agnes hault-Smith is said to be a Patron of the Chapter House and has a Page of the Order on her Household Staff.

Jowren [FS 0832]:
A 584 369-8 Lo Pe  

{0}  (C250) [14AA], Nob: (Interhaus) AB, 

Base: Navy, Zone: Red, PBG: C02 , Stellar: F6 V + BD (Orbit 6), MW: Planet, Hz: 0, 

RU 120, Ih.

  Size: 8064 Km Atmo: Dense Hydro: 46 % liquid H20 Pop: 6722 Gov: Captive (Imperial Navy Penal Colony) Law: High Law; No Weapons outside Dwellings TL: Semi-conductor Age Local G: 1 standard (high metal content).

The Title of the local ruler here is the Lord of Jowren. The Lord is better thought of as the mayor of Jowren, the population consists mostly of a few hundred Citizens and thousands of Imperial convicts or exiles. Add to this military personal on leave and one soon sees why the Lord of Jowren is often drawn offworld.

This world of the Buffer States lies outside the Red Line and is directly between the Imperium and the rimward portion of the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is 0.625G.

RED: This system is the hereditary fief and personal holding of the Lord of Jowren, currently Rudolf Interhaus. While this world is technically outside the Red Line, it is noted as inside the Purple Line. Permission from the Lord of Jowren or the Steward of Jowren to land on any world or refuel in their waters (including gas giant skimming) or conduct any business there. Imperial Citizens are advised to seek entry visa ahead of time with the Imperial Order of the Maltese chapter house located 

Thersis Confederation. 

This is another human interstellar state in Subsector Orses, rim and trailing from the Seventh Imperium. Currently they do some cross border trade on the frontier. Below are some notes on the Confederation.

In order to qualify for Membership in the Thersis Confederation a Member must maintain a minimum of a Class C Starport and a baseline TL-9 infrastructure. A Member is also required to maintain some form of Confederation Defense Forces Base.

Standard Base is either Navy, Military, or Depot which are has a combined infrastructure capable of supporting both the Navy and Militia. If a base is present it is presumed to be supplied not for only regular use, but potential combat use thus will have extra supplies in deep storage for emergencies.

  • Z = Navy Base: Must have TL-9+, Port B+.
  • F = Military Base & Navy Base: Must have TL-C+, Port B+

A prospective member of the Confederation (also known as an Applicant State) will have some form of early Confederation infrastructure either militarily basing, maintaining consent trade and commerce or through official diplomatic channels.

A Military Base is most often composed of some local volunteers and Confederation Militia cadre and equipment, including organic Lift capability. Cadre will be equipped with Confederation Standard Issue which is a minimum of TL-C. Native Troops will most likely be armed with local weapons when able or imported arms and equipment.

  • M = Military Base: Must have TL-7+, Port F+.

   An Embassy Center is usually this is the first step in true membership in the Confederation and will result in a Starport C and a Confederation Defense Forces Base, when ready for Full Membership.

  • E = Embassy: Must have TL-8+, Port C+

World under study or protection of the Thersis Confederation are usually Restricted or Advisory Zones and have a Confederation Interstellar Scout Service infrastructure in the system.

    • V = Exploration Base: TL-Any, Spaceport G+ (supplied by CISS).


The Bremishe Exception is the legal term used to attempts to justify quite a few things in the Confederation. Most of them fail yet Bremishe is still a Full Member of the Thersis Confederation as outlined in the Articles of Confederation. This Exception came the usual rules regarding Full Contact with a Non-Spacefaring Civilization due to what was supposed to be a routine patrol run of a Confederation Navy Bravo Squadron from Porcous to Wringsh. 

Bravo Squadron consisted of the cruiser TCF Persistence, its escorts and various tenders. Quite late in its transit through Jumpspace to Wringsh, the squadron was precipitated out of J-Space and into N-Space in the outer system of Bremishe with massive damage to the Jump Drives and some to the Power Plants. Fortunately enough of the Maneuver Drives were spared damage for a majority of the squadron limp to the then unknown world of Bremishe. In orbit of the world's satellite was an Old Empires Starport which has not seen service in some time. 

The Natives of Bremishe had not seen contact with starfarers in some centuries, and the local rulers were not so happy to see an interstellar navy, crippled or not arrive out of nowhere. Facing the might of the Confederation's Navy and its Marine contingent was enough for the natives to lend aid to the Navy's attempts to bring the old starport on line so they could repair their vessels and return to base. While the Navy was never quite able to bring all the systems online and running in nominal condition (making the station once again a functional starport), they did get it to function as a Class F Spaceport, which was enough to repair sufficient ships to report to both Wringsh and Procous. This brought aid from both stations as well as from the Capital Depot in the Thersis Belts as both bases had reported the squadron overdue.

First the matter made it to the Admiralty Court, then the Department of Native Affairs and so on down the line until eventually the matter ended up on the floor of the Confederation Assembly and in the end while Bremishe did not match the normal requirements under the Articles of Confederation, the Assembly voted to honor Treaties drawn up between the Confederation, represented by the commander of Bravo Squadron and the rulers of the Bremishe, the Most Royal House of Deversti, ruling oligarchy of Bremishe. 

The Treaty specified that by signing the document the Confederation was "granting the world of Bremishe, Full Membership in the Interstellar State known to the House of Deversti (in the form of His Majesty Volstok the Third) as the Thersis Confederation, an Interstellar State composed of many starfaring worlds(represented by Captain Willhelm Victor Sandhurst of the Confederation Navy Bravo Squadron), and they pledge eternal peace and friendship between the two signatories' States and are hereby bound by the actions of their respective Agents."  


Procous is a world run, staffed and supplied entirely by Thersis Confederation Department of Defense employees and service members assigned to the Joint Forces Logistics Command. What it was before current days is lost in the mists of records and time. The population of 546,902 sophonts are governed by the rules and regs of the ConDoD manuals, the law level is low but that is because the punishments can be harsh and a certain decorum is expected of service members. 

Currently it is setup as a forward base if a war should break out between the Seventh Imperium and the Confederation. It is also the site of the second Confederation Research Base, Station Baker, which is still examining the vessels, equipment (and it is said the sophonts) of the infamous Bremishe Incident. 

Thersis Belts Union.

Free Spinward States. 

This is the name for the various unaligned interstellar states and other worlds that were lost in the Interregnum. Some will greet the new Permatic Imperium with friendship and follow the Imperial Banner once again. Some worlds await the return of "the Star Gods and the Grand Last Battle against the Great Enemy of All Humaniti." Still others have no wish for a larger empire comes and take their pocket kingdom and will defy the will of those upstart Imperials flagrantly, some by with diplomacy and clever words. Some will resist by way of might of arms.

Abonai Belt [FS 0624]: 
A 000 6B9-E As Va Ni  
{unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, 
Base: unknown, Zone: Amber, PBG 001 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, 
NIL: unknown 
RU unknown, Fs.

This belt is actually a proto-planetary disk for the most part. Not so much an asteroid belt as a swirling chaotic mass of still condensing planet fragments, rocks and dust. Everything is nice and still hot. The actual "worlds" of the system are planetoids pulled up out of the disk and place above it in the HZ. They then hollowed out the rocks and use them for various purposes, one is the mainworld/starport, one is the ASSP (Abonai Safety Space Patrol) Base, the other the AISA (Abonai Interstellar Scout Agency) Station, these account for the largest of the planetoids. There are here and there scattered the various free Belters but they compose a small portion of the population. There is one proto-gas giant in the system, but unlike T-standard systems, this one is actually closer to the primary star than the "mainworld" cluster. 

The belt is ruled by a Non-Charismatic Dictatorship backed with high interstellar level technologies. The ruler uses this high tech level and high law level "to maintain public order". Often "Safety" is touted as the reason for the draconian measures, which is a very serious thing when most of you live in the only habitable location, the Starport Abonai Main. Space being brutally unforgiving and killing quickly most residents comply.  If asked about the extreme security measures of the Dictator when they could move to another location, such as a Free Belters Association planetoid, the average citizen will state "Well, it is Class A though, so it's not like your slumming it with the Belters. Here you have nice things." And they will then go on and on about the conveniences of the port and the nice things they believe they would have to give up if they left.

Only some of the Rebel cells are pro-Imperium, some such as the Independent Belters League and the Free Belters Association wish to be left alone and little desire to absorbed by the Empire. While some factions will not actively hinder the Imperium more radical elements of the Abonai rebellion, others are actively hunting "traitors to the cause" (said by the faction of former Abonai natives that left and often merely serve on starship crews or stay with in the Empire or elsewhere in the Free Spinward States.

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