13 December 2011

A sad ass excuse of an update.

So, I know I have been sort of lax in getting something up lately, but is is for good reason.

I have this world, a universe that I have been working on for some time now. Nineteen-eighty seven C.E. to be exact. For the truly interested, behold the power of the Internet.

Shermann, set the Wayback Machine to early 21st Century!

SLED | Special Law Enforcement Department

For ease of discussion and those that choose not to follow the link, it is a supers world based on this reality where the PCs are Federal Special Agents with the United States Special Law Enforcement Departemnt the newly created Agency, that has primary jurisdiction for all crimes involving Powered Individuals (PIs).

Talking to a friend of mine, Rustin H. Wright I got tore down creatively. He stated instead of using the cliched 10K history, it should be understood that given today's technology and interconnected communications and data networks that a mere 1000 years would change Humaniti, possibly beyond our recognizing it as being human. Throwing powers in to the mix should accelerate the changes as well. Especially as technology gets a boost to combat and compete with the Powered Indivduals' Abilities. So Rustin has convinced me to scap the Permatic Imperium of the Year 10,000 and take SLEDworld 1000 years out and see what I get and use that as my Traveller 5 ATU game world. So I am in the process doing that right now. Behold my work so far.

To start with, Terra's UWP: H* 877 976-8 (Earth circa 2000 CE in SLEDworld)
* While normally a Class H Spaceport has no Highpor, Terra does, however in all other ways it is a equal to a Class H Spaceport.

One thing already long established in my world is that cold fusion works well. (I used to have, and hope I still do, the original two cold fusion papers). This actually mirrors Traveller's Fusion+ technology introduced in T4 (Marc Miller's Traveller). This would allow Beam Weapons to be fielded earlier than they seem to be in our world. Energy Weapons may still take a longer time to develop and field. Or at least it will till energy manipulation technologies gain from the study of Powered Individuals with those powers.

Another oddity for a Trveller Universe is the fact that they don't develop Jump Drives till after the traditional TL-9. Who needs it when you have Telepods and powerful teleporters?

I figure that the first T-ports will base off of the newly created space station. From there I am considering they construct one or even several space elevators. Once a beanstalk is up and running, robot asteroid miners can be deployed to begin mining ores for refinery bots sent out later. As the Belt is being mined Luna gets titanium mining bases. The beginnings of a shipyard infrastructure are constructed, either at the end of the beanstalk or at the Lagrange Points, maybe at multiple locations in the system. Eventually they get to Mars, set up a Research Station at Venus devoted to Planetolgy and field testing Hostile Enviroment equipment in practical conditions. In addition to this Robot and Terran crews begin missions to exploit Titan for hydrocarbons. This process continues until the Solar system has been conquered and its resources are fulfilling the needs of Terra and the population of the Solar system. Then, if not befoe, Humaniti sets it sight on the stars.

Medicine, Biology, and Geneering TLs shoot up as the world's nations attempt to replicate HRV-1, the virus that geneers humans granting them their new Abilities. This in turn spurs Computers and Information Management Systems. End result, all of Humaniti has a chance to live longer, healthier, and somewhat more interesting lives. Virtual Reality and Cyberspace (Thanks again, Bill!) come on to the scene once the networks become distributed throught the globe ubiquitously and then the system. VR makes a great way to pass the time on those long Watches outbound to the deep Solar system. Play games, training under simulated condition and monitoring actual functions, components, bots and sleepers in Low Berths (or as they are known in the Spacer lingo, "peopsicles").

Part of the TL advancements experienced by Terrans will be the advancement of Robotics from theories to practical applications. This occurs in a variety of sectors such as the aforementioned mining, refining and basic exploitation of the Belt and Luna, police and military applications, and exploration of the system. Also there will be robot probe ships outbound to the nearby stars and their worlds which have been found by the increasingly better vantage points and technologies by this time. In time Robots become one of Humaniti's new best friends along with the uplifted animal and chimera species of Terra.

With the number of Artificial Intelligence programs running currently on Earth, you can imagine that with all the above factors it is pretty probable that Terrans develop AI out of the various tasks Humaniti will need to have vast data crunching, high speed, precision monitoring and control that computerized minds can accomplish better.

At some point both Humaniti and the AIs will branch out and create a new species, the Race of Homo Cyberneticum Sapiens or the cyber-bioroid. Cyberoids are geneered humans which are gestated with implanted cybernetic systems which grow and mature in function as the organic systems develop. The cybernetic race begins with the augmented humans and their exploration in to the realms of early cyberspace via HUDs, datagloves, agent and data management software.

While all this technology is being created and advanced the Terrans are stil making things, fighting, trying to make money, basically do the stuff we have been doing for the last hundred thousand years already. And one of those things is breed. A lot! I mean we got seven billion humans on Earth now and that went up from about six when I was a kid. This becomes relevant as PIs breed true, the genes for powers are transmitted to the child. I don't recall stating anywhere permanent yet wether HRV-1 creates a recessive or dominant gene. I am not sure which way to jump on this one, recessive won't stop PIs from being born but it does slow the rate. If it is dominant then the PIs will become a serious population in their own right and may be reclassified as a distinct subrace of Humaniti.

This is where things stand in MATU. Raality is being sundered and Spacetime altered. Hope you enjoyed the entry and if you have any different takes on how things would work out, or perhaps you have ideas and suggestions regarding how things will play out on the societies, cultures and nations of Terra, please leave a comment below.


07 October 2011

Just a quick note from Reality.

Sorry I haven't posted much in a while, as noted I was having some issues with my internet. Good news is that I have now got that squared away and should be back to posting about the Permatic Imperium and its neighbors soonish.

Not today though, have a backlog of stuff to deal with plus work later, but soon. I am currently working on a post about Synthetic Persons in the Imperium I am hoping to have finished by next week. Stay tuned Travellers.


21 September 2011

Library Data C - Citizens' Tax.

The Citizens' Tax is a tax levied upon items deemed to be of a military nature. This includes all forms of Dress and most Armor, weapons or defenses that meet MILSPEC standards, including all installation and vehicle class weapons, screen generators of any class, any anti-vehicle or anti-flyer weapon system, any ENBC device, and certain software.

The standard levy is 100% of the listed price of the item per unit. This tax is levied by the Imperial Treasury with a majority of the proceeds going to the Ministry of War and Minisrty of Justice with the rest disbursed as directed by law.

The tax is named for the Citizen's right to bear arms in most circumstances. Being in the presence of the Crown, on the Holding of a High imperial Noble, or while inside most Imperial facilities are the well known and enforced exceptions to that right. It is acknowledged openly that the rate is prohibitively high and is said to balanced by the fact that Subjects are guaranteed no such right. Another point is that it is only applied to military items and other armor and weapons are not taxed at any where near the extreme rate.

Active Duty Marines and Soldiers are not charged the Citizens' Tax when making private purchases, however Retired or Reserve Forces sophonts are required to pay it. If a Retired or Reserve member is reinstated they are again exempt from the tax. They lose this benefit when they lose Active Duty status. A licensed Mercenary company is also exempt from the Citizens' Tax, but they do pay a 5% Corporate Tax on their purchases.


And as you can probably tell I am using the remote blogging function. I am having problems with my Internet hardware and am on the mobile device till I can get the CrImps together to replace it.

While I do that I think about the Imperial tax structure. Full on infrastructure wonk.

Well off to prepare for my game and replay some old school Starcraft.


A test.

Greetings Sophonts.

This is a test of certain possible upgrades to the Institute's systems.

Should this test go as planned the next post should have a new AAB entry, the Citizens' Tax.

Would like more info? Let us know. Are we covering subjects you find useful, entertaining, or informative, or are we missing a much loved subject you would like to see covered. Perhaps you have some thing to start the discussion.

If so contact us and we will strive to meet your needs. We can't read your minds across the distance. Also it would be extremely rude and potentially unlawful and dangerous, so we as a habit tend to ask first. (Note: PsiBullet service may not be available in your area. If not speak to your local Psionic Service provider or Institute Representative to arrange connection requirements and applicable fees.)


01 September 2011

23 August 2011

Updates for August.

Not much to tell, working a bit more at the bill paying job, so less time to spend on this one. Plus I think my connection device is broke again. *sigh*

Excuse the AAB (Library DataBase) being down, but I am doing a consolidation of all the entries and adding some new stuff. Please be patient and know that if you are there will be new stuff to read.

Well, back to work, game is tomorrow. Possibly some Space Combat skirmishes.


09 August 2011

Some Psychohistorical Perspectives of the Permatic (Seventh) Imperium [circa 200 Permatic Imperial Year]

Here is the Introduction to The 10,000 Years of Star Empires of Man: The Factors Leading to the Foundation of the Permatic Imperium authored by Baroness Laurel hault-Daarnuludka, PhD. Laurel is a Visiting Professor with the Institute's Department of Psychohistory, as well as being a noted and tenured Professor of Imperial Histories at the Imperial University of Quelw. The history is published by Zebra University Press the most recent edition is the 4th (6 Annotated Volumes) and it is on its seventh media run (in multiple TLs, formats and with various options depending on market).

Also found below the Introduction is a chronology used by Professor hault-Daarnuludka while she was researching and writing her well received history.

31 July 2011

Nothing too major.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for your Patronage of the Institute and I hope you are entertained. And of course, well informed on the goings on of the various Empires of Man. 

29 July 2011

Updates and Session 3 Log.


New NPC Crew for the ISS Sexy:

  • Platoon Lt. Simmons, Walter. [Ship's Troops]
  • Flight Ldr. Alister (Hondo). [Ship's Fighter Element]
  • Mister Allison (Meat Popsicle). 

13 July 2011

Digging Deeper in the Sandbox...

And so with an unsure hand I place this chart in the Archives. It shows the latest standard astrogation chart for the Permatic Imperium using Data distributed on New Year's Eve of Imperial Year 200, the Bicentennial of the Imperium. It shows that the common Astrogator does not even know the true Imperial Designations for the Subsectors.

08 July 2011


So, just to keep everyone in the loop, our intrepid heroes have chosen to pursue Rumor 11 from the previous Library Data and Rumors post. So I am in the midst of working up an actual, written up before the game started, Adventure.

Things I think that need fleshing out include:

  • The Dictator of the Belt.
  • Some Lieutenants, most likely the Commander of the Secret Police.
  • Some Rebels, both Contacts and eventually some Leader types.
  • Guards for the Depot.
  • The Depot itself.
  • Some various NPCs of the general sort.
  • Encounter Tables, for all locations; Starport, Depot world, Space, stuff like that.
So that is what I am doing for now. Sorry nothing of earth shattering proportions yet. First they would have to open the Depot, then the Nova Bombs come into play. >:D


24 June 2011

The Sandbox!

So here is a Holodisplay of the Permatic Imperium and its surrounding environs. There are a few worlds known to the Imperium on the fringes of the Imperial Domains (The Red Line, inside which the Imperium claims but does not yet actually hold these worlds) and coreward a rival interstellar state within the Red Line and attempting to hold worlds inside the Imperial Claims (The Purple Line, where His Majesty's word is Law and is backed by TL-H force). The aqua border is the County of one of the players who after his career in the Navy, joined the Peerage is now a Count and a Shareholder in the PC's Privateering Company.

23 June 2011

Library Data and Rumors.

First off let me welcome our visitors and Followers (old and new) from Terra and elsewhere.

So, not the post on religion in the Permatic Imperium mentioned earlier, but I do have entries to the Library Database for I, K and P. In addition you will find thirteen Rumors in the standard Traveller D66 matrix format. Someday I figure I should have a full D66 Matrix and not just these current entries. As usual please feel free to comment and contribute.

22 June 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Yeah, I am falling behind in posting recently, but really I do have a good reason.

That reason being that I am in the midst of setting up my actual real live players with characters and a really nice ship. And by really nice ship I mean a TL-G, Anti-Matter powered, 1200 ton, Privateer ship, complete with a 100 ton Yacht in a hold, five Fighters in their hangar and a 57 ton Utility Cutter. Also a Platoon of Ship's Troops. Oddly though, no Low Berths. On the other hand they do have a nice Medical Section, a Garden and recreation facilities.

19 May 2011

A Pictorial History of the Emblems of the Previous Imperiums.

Not much to say. They aren't particularly good, but I didn't stress as they are just sketches. ("Best is the enemy of good enough.") There are a few still missing but this the collection of Imperial Badges throughout history.

Emblem of Volcker's Imperium.

18 May 2011

A report from the files of the Imperial Intelligence Services on the Thersis Confederation.

The Thersis Confederation is another human interstellar state in Subsector Orses, rim and trailing from the Seventh Imperium. Currently they do some cross border trade on the frontier. Below are some notes on the Confederation.

17 May 2011

Being a Concise History of the Institute as of the 2nd Century of the Permatic Imperium.

The Institute was founded in 2735 of the Common Era on planet Terra of the Sol system (Sector Hex 1827), the homeworld of Man. In the 1st Imperium Year 15, the Emperor Rufus Cornealius Augustus personally Awarded "A Permanent Charter to the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute for Services rendered to His Majesty Rufus Cornealius during the Transitional War" making it an member of Imperial Institute and University systems and associations.

A Diligent Chronology of the Permatic Imperium.

Here is a second level summation of the various points in the Seventh Imperium's history. It spans from the year 1969 to 2534 of the Common Era (when records get extremely hard to source and accurate dating thus becomes more difficult) to the current Imperial Year 200. It is believed to mostly accurate and reflects current understanding of events according to most Imperial University, Institute and Ministry of Information & Communication's Psychohistory Department scholars.

29 April 2011

On BattleDress and Fusion Rifles.

Since I am in the process of messing about with the Traveller5 rules right now, I have been creating my own ATU.

I was just now perusing the TL charts to see what sort of technologies there are and how those might effect my ATU. I have already started dealing with the interesting angles of an Imperium dominated right now by a tightly knit conglomeration of Anagathic taking Nobility (and possibly Psionic as well) combined with the Artificial Persons in the form of the Sentient AIs and Androids. Robots are not limited by puny organic restraints, so it can make for some interesting interactions if played right by the robots. I imagined one striding off a starship twice the height and such of normal humans. Yes, my Empire might just be playing gods and monsters amongst the lesser barbarian worlds, slowly bring them up into the Imperium's fold as good and true Citizens and Subjects of the Seventh Great and Honorable Imperium of Man.

26 April 2011

Updates, again.

So, first off welcome all one of you Followers. :D

It is nice to know that I am not just posting into the empty uncaring aether.

Now on the boring parts.

08 March 2011

Boring update stuff.

So for those who might actually be reading this, when we last joined our faithful Referee he was thinking of setting his game in the era of the First Empire (also known as the Terran Empire) but due to a potential player voicing an opinion when presented with a choice and my own leanings, I have set the game in the era of the Dawn of the Second Empire of Man as our faithful heroes will venture beyond the borders of the Empire to see if they can bring the old worlds of the First Empire into the fold of the Second.