25 March 2013

Update: Probable logo/type for Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC.

Hey folks,

Not much going on right now. Still working on Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque des Sirkas campaign book NPCs, doing a bit of errata hunting (yeah, we tried and catch it all, but you know errata, slippery stuff) and other stuff. Other stuff includes some real world business stuff to be taken care of and gaming business stuff like finishing the UWPs for the Far Stars Sector database (and the starcharts and routes).

So, while I was busy back here behind the screens I thought I would give you a look at is right now the proposed logo/type for Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC.

Proposed Logo/type (084-2013)
Getting to this was a longer process that it would seem. It did take some time, as you may well know from past posts the word Institute has some legal requirements for use and thus I had to pick a new name for the company. I of course went with something nice and metagame, but even there I had a few T-D company names to go through until I decided to just go simple. Besides I am rather fond of the LLC bit as it seems reminiscent of the OTU's LIC (Limited Imperial Charter). Then it was pretty simple to deal with the colors as those too were already chosen, in fact there are written down in both the original HMS Herald folder and now in the almost filled notebook I carry everywhere (along with a pen). After that, logo (in this case the emblem of the 5th Imperium again for metagame reasons, because that's how we roll here :D) and the font to use. The results so far are in my opinion rather nice, almost elegant. However, I am terribly biased having done the work.

Well, I really should be back to work on those aforementioned NPCs. They don't generate themselves, though they do sort of develop personalities while you create them. Like deciding not be Knighted even when they could have been, or choosing to stay in the enlisted ranks of the service as opposed being like most of us followers of Saint Timmii (of the Mini-Maxers) who jump at that Commission Roll, if only for the extra Skill you can squeeze out it. >:D Some of this me getting into character as I generate the NPC. Some come about because of a mistake I made and had to figure out what the results meant. One dude like that was a NPC who has a UPP: XXXA4X, they joined the service and for some reason I read the Int as the Edu when I assigned the Branch and Operations for the Term. Then I was doing the second Term when I read the UPP again, realized that I had messed up and dude shouldn't have ended up in Technical Branch. Ouch. Then I figured they maybe, you know "lied" on their application and really just aced all the Service Exams. Well, guess who gets Mustered Out when the Bureaucracy Main Computers (Sector) at Service HQ run the numbers and do the background checks. Still, it is things like that do make Traveller5 CharGen so cool, the little stories you can build. 

Anyway, this turning into me blabbing about how cool T5 is and not working with it. 

Craig, the Ref, ever working.

19 March 2013

Metagame: More on Orders of Knighthood.

Gentle Followers All (now Seventeen in Number) and Readers (Unknown Numbers), Greetings and Salutations.

So, for those wondering what I might be doing behind the screens, I have answers. For one thing, I finally got Magnus posted to DOSSIERS. Now I can find my character when I need too. Also, as noted in his brief description and in true metagame fashion noted he is a working Noble and most often seen as a Patron. I need to get Ivor hault-Daarnulud off of the CotI T5 Private Forum since that is going to be closed (or made read only maybe, but I need a copy anyway) and add him too. 

Another thing is as mentioned previously I am working (for Sharurshid metagame and pic wise {me in the hoodie, front left}on NPCs for Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque des Sirkas Campaign Supplement (now successfully Funded and working toward some stretch goals). This led me to Knighthoods as one of the NPCs happened to get Knighted as part of his Muster Out of the Imperial Navy. First thing I did of course was make up a new Order of Knighthood in the OTU. >:D I mean really can you blame me? The thing is that made me come up not only with an Order, but also some of the Ranks of Chivalry within the Order. Why? Well not just to put my little stamp (again) on T5 Canon, but also because frankly there ought to be bunches of Orders of Knighthood in the Third Imperium, much less my even older and larger ones (the Fifth Imperium having had a galactic scope). So, I created one, an Order open only to certain sophonts with specific service requirements. If you want to know which one, get Greg's Cirque des Sirkas and find out. :p (Yeah, for the new folks, I am a dick, violate the Wheaton Rule all over the place. And I am far worse with my meatspace crew, the [VR] who get mad props for putting up with it and giving fair exchange while doing so.)

Well, now I had an Order (which I am pretty sure is not OTU Canon breaking) and some ranks within it. This led me to again wonder how will I deal with Orders of Knighthood and their ranks. So for the Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC Alternate Traveller5 Universe (Working Title The Permatic Imperium: Adventuring in the Riftborne Domains) I have jotted some ideas on a mechanic that allows Players and Referees to have a bit more of a Rich Decision Making Environment (RDME) which is so part of Traveller5. I will now share them with you, they are of course subject to change in the final product (which is slated hypothetically for the end of the year, maybe beginning of 2014).

T5 Extended Knighthood Rank Mechanic (with Table).

Mechanic A) If a character is already Social Standing B (by birth or Personal Development, but has not been Elevated to Knight) then they are bumped up from KX to KYX, where KY equals the next higher rank in the Order's rank structure (they can differ) and X equals the Order's traditional suffix, such as a Knight of the Empire can use the suffix "KE" after their name (Example: Sir Scott Smythe, KE). 

If character is Social Standing is A or less then they receive the normal KX. 

If the character already has a Knighthood (KX), then a second receipt of a Knighthood may be taken as the next higher rank in the current Order or may be taken as a second Order (provided none of the rules of the first Knighthood are violated). A third or even more receipts of a Knighthood can be taken as greater rank in the Order(s) in which the character holds membership {See Note 4 below}.

Mechanic B) The player may invoke a one time use of Flux. If they do, they are bound by the results for good or ill. (Unless there is the possibility of a Waiver? Say, TN = Soc N -7 Mod, so a character with Soc B, would be trying to hit 11 -7 = 4, and a Soc A≤ is having to hit 3 or less, not easy to do.) Use Table 1 below for the character's new rank in their Order of Knighthood.

Table 1.
-5 to -3 = Demoted to Page of X {See Note1}. 
Example: Walston Richards, Page of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire, Suffix: None, Unit: none.

-2 to -1 = Demoted to Squire of X {See Note 2}. 
Example: Sarii Vasharkiin, Squire of Sir Scott of the Order of the Empire, Suffix: None, Unit: Page.

     0  = Elevated to Knight of X (Suffix: KX). 
Example: Sir Scott Smythe, A Knight of the Order of the Empire, Suffix: KE, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad  (Alpha Squad, 3rd Co, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+1 to +2 = Elevated to KYX. 
Example: Sir Walther Ivanov Kenisnko, A Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire, Suffix: KCE, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company of Order Troops (3rd Company, 2nd Batt, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

+3 to +5 = Elevated to KZX. 
Example: Dame Sheila Smitters, A Grand Commander of the Order of the Empire, Suffix: GCE, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion of Order Troops (2nd Battalion, 1st Chevalier Imperium).

Note 1: Character must serve either a PC or NPC Knight (and/or their Squire) of their Order for one Term of Penance (4 years). This Term of Service may be simulated during CharGen or may take place after CharGen during post-Career adventuring. 

If in CharGen use the Risk/Reward mechanic, the Controlling Characteristic is determined by Order (for example the Order of the Empire allows Applicants to use any one of C1-C4 they chose). 

If done during adventuring the Referee may decide if the Page is ready to be promoted, either to back up to Knight, or if not quite ready yet Squire. It should be noted that if the player role plays true penance and desire to uphold the Orders of their Knighthood, the Term can be shortened to a time agreed upon by the players (this includes the crew that the Page has been adventuring with) and the Referee. The Knight may be reinstated at that time even if not finished serving the standard Term of Penance.

Note 2: The character must serve a Term of Penance in service of a Knight (but not their Squire) under conditions as shown in Note 1

Most of these Terms of Penance are similar to this example cited in the records of the Order of the Empire, wherein an Applicant Knight was "required to be reminded that the Applicant as a Knight, they are to be both Honorable and Humble and having attempted to achieve a Rank in the Order above their time in Service to the Order and the Imperium shown themselves to be neither and thus are assigned to Sir Mixalot, a Knight of the Order for remedial study and contemplation..." and should be reflected in the character's service to their Patron Knight.

This was the first draft of the T5 Extended Knighthood Rank Mechanic (with Table) though it has been a bit expanded on this page (TL-8) compared to the physically small page of the notebook (TL-2). It then evolved into a bit of time on the DataNets to find some ranks to flesh out the table. So pencil in hand on the opposite page (usually I use pen, but I figured I might want to erase it and use the space for other things) I jotted down some various rank structures. Then I went through them and grabbed some of those and made a few adjustments for my own needs and thus was born version two of the table using the B Mechanic.

Table 2.
-5 = Initiate of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-4 = Novice of X (Suffix: none, Unit: none).

-3 = Page of {Knight/Squire} (Suffix: none, Unit: subordinate ranks).

-2 = Squire of {Knight} (Suffix: none, Unit: Page + subordinate ranks).

-1 = Aspirant Knight of X (Suffix: none or AKX, Unit: Squire, Page + subordinate ranks).

  0 = Knight of X (Suffix: KE, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Squad).

+1 = Errant Knight of X (Suffix: EKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Platoon).

+2 = Knight Commander of X (Suffix: KCX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Company).

+3 = Knight Banneret of X (Suffix: KBX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Regiment).

+4 = Lord Knight of X {See Note 3} (Suffix: LKX, Unit: Squire, Page + 1 Battalion).

+5 = Grand Cordon of X {See Note 4} (Suffix: GCX, Unit: Division).

Note 3: The Rank of Lord Knight of X does not convey a Patent of Nobility holder's use of the honorific "Lord". The Knight should not be addressed as merely "Lord Example", but must either be addressed as "Lord Knight Example" or "Sir/Dame Example" as per preference.

Note 4: The Rank of Grand Master of X (Suffix: GMX, Unit: The Order) is reserved for the use of the Referee, or "GM".

I think this latest table is about as good as it can get. Actually I may just have it be Table 2 (Optional, by Order) and it is only used for those Orders with more ranks than Table 1 (Standard Order, example: KE). This Table also got some additions, it was the first to prompt me to note what size unit a Knight might lead depending on Rank.

So, anyone up for Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC to produce some hard copy Orders of Knighthood? Seriously, if you would buy some, even if it was at some future point after you had the Setting Book in your hands and had run some games in it, let me know. Helps when making up the Product List (which is now in Official Draft 01 status, got sent to Marc for a first look, comments, and approval).

Well, it is unbelievably late for me right now and I think I should hit the head and rank in that order. Though I would like to note before I do that I have now backed the Cirque des Sirkas with a lousy CrImps 15, but I am not all that sure my experiment as a small gaming company will bear fruit and more importantly, CrImps for me to reinvest in stuff.


10 March 2013

Metagame: The Red Dawns and Gaming.

Yep, it's wacky and full of words, kids. Fair warning.

I am tired. And closing my first half century so think I know some shit. We can come back in fifty years and poke fun at what a dumb ass I was. :D

So, about the Red Dawns. I think they sort of parallel gaming these days.

The first is deep, moody, dark, fucking visceral. I mean The Scene for me, I mean in the all time greats in fact comes from the first Red Dawn. The one those of us of the 1980s saw and absorbed some very important, yet valuable things from on the silver screen. Like the scene where they have to deal with the unit traitors. It's harsh, but oh so real. I would do the same damned thing. (Hell, my gaming group regularly discuss this scene and other similar topics and how we plan on dealing with them.) Oh, and then there was the concept that the US could lose a war. Again. To the Commies. In the end it really is a movie about sacrifice. It was cool and it was good.

For the most part they stay in the woods and do their things and fade back in the woods again. In all that they interacted and we got character development to go with the levels in guerrilla actions.

Now, I am watching the new one and I must admit it is own thing. True, the scene in the Subway is pure product placement. But damn if the actors don't sell it. And the touches like "Sandwich Artist" and the bucket really make it shine. The best part comes off screen sadly. Which is the characters explaining to the party why they have a garbage bag covered in leaves and a bucket. That is straight a treasure haul when you have been eating NK rats for two, three, maybe four months solid, rationing the cranberry sauce and the canned peaches for something truly special. It is so "WE raided a goblin cave on way back from wasting the Duke's men!"

Every-Character-Ever's Treasure O-face Personified 

The Camp: What the fuck?

The Party: Dudes! We got subs and soda...bitches! 

The Camp: For real? Wait, the bucket is only half full.

The Party: Well, we were running and some slopped out. Shit, we only got half because we chanced walking 200 meters past the line.

The Camp: What the hell flavor is that?

The Party: All of them!

And a good time is had.

(I so want screen cap dude's face and use it to illustrate my point, but I can't so go waste some time and watch it, if only for that one golden Character/Player O-face.)

Naw, in the end I had to share it, but if they ask me to take it down, asshole style or being cool understanding I am not all trying to infringe, but thought it truly constituted fair use, I sure the fuck will. And not because I am caving before their  Mighty Powers [secretly replaced with lobbyists and lawyers], but because I am not cool with stealing other people stuff. Merely showing it others so they can grok what I say. Also, the picture really is just a sound bite for a Player's eloquent three paragraph description and actions in response to the moment. For that you need the GM's set up.

There is also the excellent Call of Duty crack. That makes it a gaming movie. Sucking included.

Another thing I like about is the young women in the unit end up exactly that, the unit and you don't fuck inside the unit. And oh, yeah, they are girls. But first they are in the minds of all, troopers. That I think is an excellent meme to leave to our quite possibly war torn children of our scary dreams we share with the mundane world. Hell, it is just a damned good meme. I like it and I am glad they kept it.

So, all in all, the new is not too bad. The ending though is weirdly a bit of let down. I really liked the original in which they were and remained bit players in a larger picture we only glimpse when the Zoomie is telling just how badly the US is losing. Yet, in the end how it all ended and really how or why it started weren't the important part.

My take is the first is good old funny dice table top RPG,  APOCALYPSE WAR: SHITSBURG, USA! The new one is more computer RPG, APOCALYPSE WAR II: THE NK GADGET (Based on the popular, post apocalyptic tabletop RPG of the 80s!).

Either way, a couple more hours not so wasted.

The Ship's Cat is being very patient and waiting for me to finish this so he can nap in peace, so I will.

Craig, who welcomes his two new Followers. And sleep.

07 March 2013

Dossier: INTERHAUS, RUDOLF. Count Jowern, KE, KM. INR (O5)

Arms of Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern
Arms of Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern.

Imperial Navy Pilot Rocket and Stars,
Wound Badge (1 Silver Cluster & 1 Bronze Cluster)
Various ANM Decorations)

Name: Commander Count Rudolf Interhaus, Baronet of Santa Fe, Lord of Jowren, PhD, KE, KM, (INR.). Fame: 4+14
UPP: A34CEE [GP: 000000], Age: 58 (Born 142 PIY), Terms: 1 University, 1 INA Blackwall, 4 Spacer; 4 Noble.

Skills: Administration-1, Animals-1, Astrogation-1, Broker-5, Comms-1, Counsellor-5, Engineer-1 (Jump Drives-3, Life Support-2, Maneuver Drives-2, Power Plants-2), Fighting-1, Fleet Tactics-2, Flyer-1, Guns-1, Languages (Unknown-11, Unknown-10, Unknown-9), Leader-4, Liaison-3, Ortillery-2, Pilot-2, Strategy-3, Sensors-2, Survival-1, Tactics-5, Teacher-3.

Psionics: Ψ = D  [3rd Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-18, Self-18. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-18, Perception-18. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-18, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-18.

Papers: Permatic ImpU PhD (Counsellor/Teacher); MA (Broker/Language), w/ Honors, INA BS (Tactics/Leader) w/ Honors, 5 ANM Certs (Pilot,), 

Unit(s): Engineer

Decorations: 4 WB

Muster Out Gear: Life Insurance (IN Paid), Knighthood (KE), +1 Psi, StarPass, 1 Redeemed Ship Share (ISS DeeJay), 3 Proxies, Knighthood (KM), Ebony Cane, Magnum Accelerator Revolver-F (TL-A, Cr 330, Range: 3, Mass: 0.825 Kg, Burden: +1, Bullet-3), IN Officer's Cutlass-F (TL-5, Cr 400, Range: 1, Burden: 0, Cut-2), Cloth Armor (TL-8, Cr 250, Mass: 1 Kg, AV 14 Insulated-6), Model/4 Computer, (KCr 475), Iridium Card, "People for that."

Remarks: When LCMR Interhaus was 38 (001-162 PIY), members of his family including his parents and siblings were killed when rebels attacked the structure the Royal Party when on their were standing on the balcony. This to attempt to assassinate the Emperor and other Imperial personages was to further a coup involving it is rumored High Officials. This attack was in the form of an advanced missile targeted just below the balcony. Rudolf is the sole surveyor of that attack of people who near the Emperor when it happened, a fact remarked on in the passing. Haus motto;
Sub novus procuratio.

Homeworld: FS 0832 Jowren  A 584 369-8 N Lo Pe {0} {C250) [14AA], Nob: Interhaus, Base: N, Zone: Red, PBG 602 Worlds: 7, Stellar: Primary; F6 V Near; BD (Orbit 6) MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Colonists RU 120, Ic  

Jowren is a cold, medium-sized close satellite one orbit outward from the habitable zone, with a diameter of 7,830 km and a circumference of 24,590 km. It has a dense atmosphere with a standard gas mixture and a pressure of 180 kPa at sea level. It has seas of water covering 40% of its surface, and its surface gravity is 0.75 G. It has a year of 831 24-hour days; its actual day length is 12 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 5 C, with a temperature change of -5 C per kilometre altitude.

Jowren has a transient population. It is is a captive government, and its laws prohibit the possession of weapons outside the home. Its tech is equivalent to the space age.

The Title of the local ruler here is the Lord of Jowren. The Lord is better thought of as the mayor of Jowren, the population consists mostly of a few hundred Citizens and thousands of Imperial convicts or exiles. Add to this military personal on leave and one soon sees why the Lord of Jowren is often drawn offworld.

This world of the Buffer States lies outside the Red Line and is directly between the Imperium and the rimward portion of the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is 0.625G.

RED: This system is the hereditary fief and personal holding of the Lord of Jowren, currently Rudolf Interhaus. While this world is technically outside the Red Line, it is noted as inside the Purple Line. Permission from the Lord of Jowren or the Steward of Jowren to land on any world or refuel in their waters (including gas giant skimming) or conduct any business there. Imperial Citizens are advised to seek entry visa ahead of time with the Imperial Order of the Maltese chapter house located 

HW Skills: Flyer, Fighting.

HW Remarks: This world of the Buffer States lies outside the Red Line and is directly between the Imperium and the rimward portion of the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is 0.625 G.

HW Rumor:  Not much can be found out about the Count. His IN jacket is full of holes, so one can prove some thing in the patter trail he is a ghost. Some say it is because he is a Count, and not born an Imperial Citizen, but an outsider. Yet for some reason Vladimir still elevated him to his current station and his family line is said to back to the first Crown of Imperium, Rufus Augustus.      

Dossier: HAWK, DARIN. Baron Redsm. Merchant Captain.

Compass and Star of Merchant Guild (Ship Owner)
Compass and Star of Merchant Guild (Ship Owner)

The Master and Commander of the ISS Sexy
Owner of the IMV Screaming Penny
Four Rings of a Captain

Name: Captain Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm, KE. Fame: 5+1D (City-World Complex).
UPP: 86C9CC [GP: 000000], Age: 54 (born 146 PIY), Terms: 7 Merchant, 2 Noble.

Skills: Animals-3, Art-1, Admin-1, Streetwise-1, Computer-2, Comm-2, Engineering-1, Fighting-0 (Unarmed-1), Flyer-1 (Aeronautics-1, Fixed Wing-1), Gunner-1 (Bay Weapons-1, Turrets-1), Hostile Environment-1, High G-1, Jack of all Trades-1, Languages (Unknown-8), Merchant-2, Pilot-3, Seafarer-1, Steward-1, Strategy-2, Trader-2, VaccSuit-1, Zero G-2.

Psionics: Ψ = N  [X Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-0, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-0, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-0, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.




Muster Out Gear: +1 C4, +1 C3, 24 Ship Shares, Title: Baron, Rank: Captain, Knighthood (KE), (KCr 100).


Homeworld; FS 0925 Redsm  C ECA 755-B Fl Oc Ht Bw {+1} {67B5) [98B5], Nob: none, Base: T, Zone: Amber, PBG 913 Worlds: 7, Stellar: Primary; F9 V MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Exotics RU 462, Im

Redsm is a cold, large water planet one orbit outward from the habitable zone, with a diameter of 22,080 km and a circumference of 69,360 km. It has a dense, corrosive atmosphere composed of a chlorine-oxygen mix and a pressure of 230 kPa at sea level. It has an average depth of 9,200 metres, and its surface gravity is 2.2 G. It has a year of 1,316 24-hour days; its actual day length is 33 hours. There are 4 moons. Average temperature is 23 C.

Redsm has a population in the tens of millions. It is is a feudal technocracy, and its laws forbid assault weapons and concealable firearms. Its tech is equivalent to that of an average interstellar civilization. 

HW Skills: Hostile Environment, Seafarer, High G. 

HW Remarks: This world is some 22,625 Km in diameter, it is almost twice the size of a T-Standard world. The great mass of this world creates a harsh realization for Travellers used to Terran standard worlds that gravity is a force to be respected with a local surface gravity of 1.75 G 

HW Rumor: Here is world also said to be settled by the great and honorable race of heavy worlders born in the ancient days of the First Empire and some say back to Pre-Jump Terra itself grew the seed that became the starfaring offshoot of Terra's bosom, the mighty warriors of Bibiccia. Tales tell of a secret language spoken only by real Bibiccians and their trusted circle. Gaining access to this secret language requires either having a "proven Bloodline or by Tie of Duty or Bond to the Tribes of Bibiccia" which is commonly accepted among the current culture as living some many terms in service of a heavy world. This language started its life as a battle language during one of the many wars of the Old Empires.

Dossier: BOOTHE, GORMAN (AJAX). KE, KCB. ISS (Scout Leader)

Banner of the Imperial Scout Service (Detached-Titanium)
Banner of the Imperial Scout Service (Detached-Titanium)
1 Titanium Discovery Cog (1 Artifact Discovery)
1 Golden Discovery Star (3 Discoveries each) | 1 Silver Discovery Star (2 Discoveries each)

Name: Scout Leader Gorman (Ajax) Boothe, BS, KE, KCB. Fame: 24 (Empire wide) 
UPP: 39998B [GP: 000000], Age: 50 (born 000-0150 PIY), Terms: 1 College, 7 Scout.

Skills: Astrogator-4, Counsellor-2, Driver-0 (Grav-2, Wheeled-1), Engineer-9 ( Life Support-6, Maneuver Drives-1), Gunner-2 (Turrets-1, Screens-2), Heavy Weapons-0 (Ordinance-1), Medic-1, Pilot-1, Scout-1, Survey-3, Survival-3, Trade (Gravitics-3, Mechanic-1), VaccSuit-7, Zero G-5.

Psionics: Ψ = A  [3rd Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-15, Remote-15, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-15, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-15, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-15, Teleport-0, EShift-15, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.

Papers: TK College: Bachelor of Life Support Management Systems  (Life Support/Counsellor) w Honors.



Muster Out Gear: Grenades: 2 each (Frag, Flash-Bang, Smoke, Concussion), 6 IISS Discovery Knighthood (KE), Knighthood (KCB), Land Grants (Income per Grant = KCr 10/yearTC [Ga Pa Ri Rh R]r), Power Cells  All (KCr worth), Sensors: (KCr 50 MPs at TL), TAS Life Membership, TAS Fellowship, Wafer Jack, KCr 35.7.

Remarks:  Sir Gorman is not merely a Knight of the Empire, he is also a Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon a very small yet  prestigious order whose membership is composed entirely of exceptional Scouts, whether a member of recognized private Scout Service or the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service. 

While most Citizens of the Empire think of this a high honor, the Scouts themselves as whole, being free of pesky rules and regs sort of crowd, pretty much dread such an "honor" even though as Knighthoods go its Orders are pretty short, sweet and loose legally and require little effort on the part of the Knights. Most Scouts if convinced to speak of their hated Order, will tend to say it is the publication and media hype when they have to show in Court, in a *gasp* "fanarking made up uniform'" looking presentable. Say what they will, they all show up. All except McHenry who was (after several investigations by several Ministries) ruled to be MIJ or Missing in Jump.. His Majesty has issued a Decree that should McHenry found, "the individual in question is to be very well treated and shall immediately and with great haste brought before HI&RM Vladimir II, High Lord of Permatic, etc, etc., to explain his absence, debrief and then be knighted."
  • It is said in some circles mostly Scout bases and way stations and some rather interesting circles at Court and a few board rooms is that McHenry who while famous in the service had some how deflected all the fame that he should have received. Rumor has it while a fine Survey Scout, he is one of the worst on a First Contact Team. These same back channels say that Vladimir the Second got wind of the scheme and had McHenry brought be for him, a deal was forged, and McHenry would be declared "MIJ", leave the Scouts and disappear. If anyone discovered and the jig is up, Vlad has the most over-hyped, ostentatious knighting ceremony planned and primed.

Gorman is a co-discoverer of the infamous "boxing" Trogdath. He does not like the publicity that has come with this distinction nor does he welcome questions or questioners. He has his reasons and with they have some basis in fact.

He is a bit introverted and was exposed to Jumpspace for a considerable length of time during his career with the IISS. He and his "lucky red vaccsuit" were subject to numerous questions and tests at the hands and probes of the of Scouts decontamination and medical sections who cleared him fit for duty. Those Scout exams were by the standards of what followed them, shockingly brief and incomplete. Most of the other exams were done by scientists from the Jumpspace Institute. The popular conspiracy ImpNet nodes maintain that there were "other agencies" not mentioned in official records and who can not discovered using conventional means that did strange things to the "poor Scout Boothe". These same nodes often also claim that he is a "Third Stage Psionic" which the reader can as an example such nodes' veracity as a source of accurate information about the man. Imperial sources refuse to comment on such speculations on general basis and will likely get routed into the Imperial Bureaucracy's black hole for inconvenient, time wasting, annoying and sometimes requests for genuinely dangerous or classified information, Rumor has it that he became something of a "Jumpspace philosopher" during that exposure. This generally will end with the requester getting a very heavily redacted copy of whatever records they have requested. He was at last report on his way to a secret mission for His Imperial Majesty serving as ChEng aboard the ship of Captain Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm, KE, the ISS Sexy on the frontier of the Imperium. 

Boothe is an extremely skilled Engineer with a ground breaking knowledge of life support systems. He holds a Bachelor of Life Support Management Systems  (Life Support/Counsellor) with Honors from Astro U. He holds an Astrogator-4 rating with the Scout Service and can handle most other starship tasks. He has exceptional vaccsuit skills which he gained by benefit of his birth and upbringing aboard an ancient family owned and operated battle class long duration exploration-merchant starship. He has honed those skills to razor sharpness ever since. 

The Boothe Cluster on the Trailing edge of the Permatic Imperium is named for Gorman though he is really upset that it is. He was however due to the accident that led to his exposure to Jumpspace he was promoted to Scout Leader of the Expedition of what was then known as in Imperial documents as OPERATION: TRAILING CARRIAGE. It is now generally referred to as the Boothe Expedition which naturally annoys the hell out of Boothe

Homeworld: On Course to FS 2103 (Deep Space ) IRAD: M/V C571687-B. A civilian Battle Class Starship often used for long term deep space voyages carrying cargo, freight, passengers to distant colony worlds or extra-Imperial missions of exploration and recontact.

HW Skills: VaccSuit, Zero G.

HW Remarks: (UWP as Ship for a Deep Space born PC: B 571 687-B) This is a commercial vessel with routine facilities. It is 51065 tons and the atmosphere is standard but tainted with age and use. Passengers have Difficult Task to avoid picking up some damned variant of the space flu, while the crew only suffer that fate when they spend liberty somewhere other than the ship or an often seen port. The ship is populated by some 600 hundred crew and families with an extended relations across the starlanes. The ship is run by the Administration Department of the vessel and they keep the safety of the ship, crew and passengers by having a zero-tolerance rule of no projectile weapons aboard not in the hands of Ship Security and other trained Crew. The ship was built in the days of the Interregnum and thus is built on a early interstellar tech level. The TL-B ship has seen the end of the Interregnum and the rise of the Permatic Imperium and families are still being born on it. 

HW Rumor:          

Dossier: SUTTON, NICK. KE. RMR (O5).

Banner of 9th Royal Marines,  His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Sqdn.)
Banner of 9th Royal Marines,  His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Sqdn.)
Royal Marine Pilot Wings and Stars
Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry | Wound Badge (Bronze Cluster)
The Rebellion of Balican | The Insurgency of Pixiant III
Artillery | Driver: Grav | Launcher | Engineer: Power Plants
Exotics | BattleDress | Ordinance
Name: Lieutenant Coronel Nick Sutton, RMR, MA, KE, Knight of the Empire. Fame: F (Greater System).
UPP: 5BD8BC [GP: 000000], Age: 45 (born 0154 PIY), Terms: 1 INA Blackwall, 4 Marine; 1.75 Post Graduate.

Skills: Design-8, Driver-0 (Grav-2), Gravitics-1, Engineer-0 (Power Plants-2) , Fighting-4 (Artillery-2, BattleDress-2, Exotics-3, Launcher-2, Unarmed-1), Forward Observer-1, Liaison-1, Medic-1, Ordinance-2, Physics-2, Sapper-1, Sensors-4, Strategy-3, Tactics-5, Trade (Explosives-1), VaccSuit-1, Zero G-1.

Psionics: Ψ = N  [X Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-0, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-0, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-0, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.

Papers: INA Bachelor of Military Science (Tactics/Sensors) w/ Honors, IMCC Bachelor of Large Unit Deployment (Strategy/Liaison) w/ Honors, IN Flight School Graduate, 7 ANM Certificates for Artillery, Driver: Grav, Launchers, Engineer: Power Plants, [REDACTED-BattleDress, Ordinance-REDACTED], Astro U Bachelor of Design (Design/Physics) w/ Honors, Astro U Trade School Certificate for Explosives, Permatic Imperial University School of Design Master of Design (Design/Medic) w/ Honors.

Unit(s): 9th Royal Marines, His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles, 84th Assault Squadron (Flight Ops)

Decorations: 2 Wound Badges, 2 Campaign Ribbons, Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry

Muster Out Gear: , RM Officer's Cutlass-G, <>, High Passage, Wafer Jack, Knighthood (KE), Knighthood (TK), AdvGeoComm-D, Handcuffs, <>, Spectrum Enhancer Goggles-F, Ultimate Portable Tablet Comp-F, Proximeter MP-F, Food, 3 X-Mail Wafers, 2 #2 Power Cells, 7 MemChips-F (Languages), 3 MemChips (blank), Tool Chest-F, Water Purifier-F, 5 rolls of Duct Tape (500 m), Welding Torch-F, Emergency Beacon, 3 Surveillance Device-A, Mirror-A, 20 Chem Lights-B, Backpack-F, 1 dose of Restricted Combat Drug-H, Med Scanner-F, <>, Real Nice Suits, <>. 1 collection of Resident Citizen of Astro U papers (includes an Astro U Birth Certificate)..


Homeworld; FS 1133 Astro U  C 000 889-B  S As Va Ph Na {unknown} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Zone: Amber, PBG 831 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: ?, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Bf

Pasted Graphic 7.tiffPasted Graphic 8.tiff

Astro U is a small planetoid, with a diameter of 14 km and a circumference of 40 km. It has no atmosphere. It has no surface water, and its surface gravity is 0.05 G. It has a year of 610 24-hour days; its actual day length is 12 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 2 C, with a temperature change of -60 C per kilometre altitude.

Astro U or more properly Asteroid University, is known for its School of Design, Their gravball team is the Rocks and supports are prone to shouting "GO ROCKS!" during matches.

Astro U has owned, administered and all ways been in possession of the system for over two centuries. No one really remembers when there wasn't an Astro U here. The Board of Regents oversees the both the University system and the systemwide infrastructure that supports it. 

It should be noted here that this system has had good relations with the Imperium for over fifty  years now and the two polities have citizens which may maintain dual citizenship as it is a mecca for designers who travel here for advanced design education and many of its inhabitants have left for honorable and fruitful careers in the Imperium.

Before Astro U was a a university, it was a mining facility. Four friends from the Imperial World of Reboo [FS 1130] wanted change and excitement. The start up funds were easy for them to come by and the first four years were marginally profitable. After all the then accessible ore and minerals were mined the friends found trouble; they spent too much money on land grants, tools that could not do the job, machines that could not reach the target points, everything they bought seemed to be worthless.
Well, not completely worthless, the four first mixed and matched carrying units, then drilling machines, the the drill bits and other tools. Soon they were working with different alloys and coatings. It was a good thinking to design and set up fabrication facilities on close by rocks. When others heard of the innovative tools their company turned from mining to designing and selling tools and other mining equipment. 

As shipping and fabrication costs rose, the company went strictly design and they expanded their operation, designing just about anything. Other companies, colleges and even the military were ordering designs and sending people there for seminars and learning weekends. Since they had used up most of the nearby asteroids, making housing specifically designed for the rock it is on was a learning challenge for one work group. Things continued on this way for some time until -32 PIY when the four initial founders received honorary degrees from the Imperial University. The next year Astro U was established.

AMBER: This system lies outside the Red Line and Travellers are advised not to exit the Imperium. Leaving the Imperium may place the Traveller and members of their party in a position in which the Imperium has recourse and is unable to assist the Traveller(s). Travellers exit the Imperium at their own risk. 

Astro U has a population in the hundreds of millions. It is is a civil service bureaucracy, and its laws prohibit the possession of weapons outside the home. Its tech is equivalent to that of an average interstellar civilization.

Astro U has owned, administered and all ways been in possession of the system. No one really remembers when there wasn't an Astro U here. The Board of Regents oversees the both the University system and the systemwide infrastructure that supports it. 

HW Skills: VaccSuit, Zero G.

HW Remarks: This asteroid belt is outside the Red Line and is trailing Jowren and thus farther from the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is highly variable.

HW Rumor: