24 June 2011

The Sandbox!

So here is a Holodisplay of the Permatic Imperium and its surrounding environs. There are a few worlds known to the Imperium on the fringes of the Imperial Domains (The Red Line, inside which the Imperium claims but does not yet actually hold these worlds) and coreward a rival interstellar state within the Red Line and attempting to hold worlds inside the Imperial Claims (The Purple Line, where His Majesty's word is Law and is backed by TL-H force). The aqua border is the County of one of the players who after his career in the Navy, joined the Peerage is now a Count and a Shareholder in the PC's Privateering Company.

The Capital is on the small hot world, clothed in a standard human atmosphere and half covered in oceans and seas known as Permatic. PermaStarOne is usually the first point of contact one gets and is the Class A Highport for the world. The Highport also has the range of Traveller's Aid Society facilities and services expected of such a high traffic starport. It serves as the hub of multiple spacelanes throughout the Imperium. It also has multiple shipyards and Daarnulud Design Bureaux maintains a yard here where they do most of their custom work. The Melnauka Downs is the Downport portion world's starport which is located in outskirts of Melnauka. The City, as Melnauka is generally referred to, is a sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis and it can be a bit overwhelming even to sophonts from high interstellar tech worlds due to the extreme technological base that it has maintained throughout galactic history. The Crown District of the city contains the Moot, the Palace, the Ministerial Headquarters and various Bureaucracy required to run the Imperium. Other Districts contain entertainment and leisure areas, living zones, parks, industrial zones, and the various infrastructure needed to keep such vast city functioning. 

It has a Navy Base (which has a large shipyard of its own), a Scout Waystation (servicing the many Express Boat Routes, Active, and Detached Scouts, and the collating the data brought in), and Imperial Research Station Alpha (said to contain a working Fifth Empire Anti-Matter Creator which generates the AM required to power the Navy's Ships of the Line). Of course there is a Institute Branch Headquarters there as well as the Permatic Imperial University. Permatic itself as opposed to the Imperial Capital is run by a civil service bureaucracy and due to the high population, in addition to its status as Capital of the Imperium, the law level is a bit high. The Imperial nobility are the Baron Melnauka and Count Fellsea who represent the world in the Moot and oversee Imperial affairs for His Majesty regarding Permatic

Sector Hex: FS 1725. UWP: A 365 C8A-H. Bases: N W RsA. Trade Class: Hi Ht Cx. Words Belts GG: 900. Allegiance: Im.

There is of course a Referee's Only copy of the charts with all the Routes and Borders and Interstellar States on it, but I can't post it here lest player see it and get a hold of information that would spoil that joy of discovery when they figure it out for themselves. 

Well, off to hit the rack, hope you enjoy this little bit of background and mapping fun.
Standard Astrogation Chart of Surveyed Space (Holodisplay—200 PIY Edition [Public Distribution])


  1. Amazing map - how did you create it?

  2. Here at the Traveller Map Post page:


    And here is the page for the blog which has some neato stuff:



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