23 August 2011

Updates for August.

Not much to tell, working a bit more at the bill paying job, so less time to spend on this one. Plus I think my connection device is broke again. *sigh*

Excuse the AAB (Library DataBase) being down, but I am doing a consolidation of all the entries and adding some new stuff. Please be patient and know that if you are there will be new stuff to read.

Well, back to work, game is tomorrow. Possibly some Space Combat skirmishes.


09 August 2011

Some Psychohistorical Perspectives of the Permatic (Seventh) Imperium [circa 200 Permatic Imperial Year]

Here is the Introduction to The 10,000 Years of Star Empires of Man: The Factors Leading to the Foundation of the Permatic Imperium authored by Baroness Laurel hault-Daarnuludka, PhD. Laurel is a Visiting Professor with the Institute's Department of Psychohistory, as well as being a noted and tenured Professor of Imperial Histories at the Imperial University of Quelw. The history is published by Zebra University Press the most recent edition is the 4th (6 Annotated Volumes) and it is on its seventh media run (in multiple TLs, formats and with various options depending on market).

Also found below the Introduction is a chronology used by Professor hault-Daarnuludka while she was researching and writing her well received history.