31 July 2011

Nothing too major.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for your Patronage of the Institute and I hope you are entertained. And of course, well informed on the goings on of the various Empires of Man. 

Long day of work and I am catching up on stuff. Oddly enough that led me to a few of my own Library Data entries. I knew that day would come, that is why I stopped being a lazy Ref and started writing things down during, before and of course after the game. While I was here it seemed like a good time to let you all know I do dig have six people who might actually be reading this. It's like being almost gaming-net famous for me. 

Shit, right now you all out number my players by two already. *shrugs* Some people just don't game well with large groups. I think my new Timmii limit for serious games should be about four. Bonus there is that is just enough to crew the "escape pod", the Count's Packet Yacht. 

Which actually, brings up another thing. Since the Sexy is an old, oooohh, I keep forgetting she isn't new, she is a second or third of the line ship. Damnit. Anyway, the ship being of an older class with an upgrade in some parts ("Say, how old are those fusion turrets again? >:D), and the Count's packet yacht being able to be niched into the hull, the most sensible place to dock it would be the lower hull of the Sexy. 

Since the ISS DeeJay is a basic Traveller Type-S (Scout/Courier), normally the one hardpoint is on the dorsal ridge of the hull. Now since the Imperial and Royal Navy (yes, there is a difference) have these vessels running around as Q-ships and some just outright openly sporting all twelve hardpoints filled with MILSPEC goodies back in the day, it makes since that they might want to support a variant of the Type-S. 

That would be the Type-S/I, also known as the Scout/Inverted. This variant of the Type-S has the sole hardpoint mounted on the ventral ridge allowing it to be used in combat while the Type-S/I still in its hull niche on a carrier vessel. Creating a thirteenth hardpoint if you will. In addition the turret is not sticking up inside the hull taking valuable tons. On the down side the landing gear is twice that in tons and gear of a standard Type-S due to having to keep the turret out of the dirt. Long legs and probably thick too. 


Also, for the curious the difference between the Royal Navy and the Imperial Navy: 

The Royal Navy is part of His Majesty's personal forces (the others being the Royal Marines and Army. They are usually there to make a point. That point being you personally pissed off someone and that someone either has the ear of Crown or is wearing the Crown. The Moot can not order the Royal Navy into harm's way, but they can petition its aid from the Admiralty. The Moot can not stop His Majesty from committing the Royal Navy to harm's way.

The Imperial Navy belongs the the Empire, not the Emperor. The Moot can send the Imperial Navy into harm's way and those orders are lawful and must be carried out. The Moot can withhold the Imperial Navy from harm's way, even against the will and desire of the Crown. 

The Royal Forces are generally considered elite forces. While they are generally better trained and disciplined than the Imperial Forces, the truth of the matter is most of the Royal Forces were already veterans or sophonts of some caliber when they joined. The Imperial Forces on the other hand manages to maintain more than its fair share of quality sophonts and tend to pick from the best of the Imperium. Many a Noble has been elevated from the Imperial Forces. His Majesty does not bestow such Honors on  the members of the Royal Forces nearly as much as he does for the Imperial Forces.

Well that it is for today. Pathfinder this week, and then the week after, we find out who and what is closing with our crew.



  1. Could you not solve some of your design issues if the turret of the Type S/I was retractable? I seem to recall a CT ship design that had a pop-up turret - well, the implication is that the Q-Ships use something like that.

  2. Hmmm. Good point. For some reason I plain blanked on pop-ups.

    Right well, there goes that idea. Shot quick and sunk.

    We go with the pop-up turret for the Count's vessel and problems solved. Cool.

    Thank you Kobold for the reminder to take the simpler route. Lots of other things on my mind.

  3. Been thinking about this again. I may still keep the Type-S/I and equip it with a ventral pop-up turret. Can't lie that moment in Star Wars when the Falcon dropped that blaster and wasted them stormtroopers was just too cool. *shrugs* It happens.


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