24 August 2015

[Astrography] The Location of the Riftborne Domains.

So, for sometime now I have been talking about the Riftborne Domains being in the Rift between the Local Arm and the Far Arm and such but I had never bothered to chart it anywhere. I had some ideas about its size and location, but nothing set in clay much less stone.

Well, that has changed. I haven't sketched out the Old Empires locations on this yet so at the moment it is pretty bare. Hopefully that will change, hopefully. Anyway, check it out.

Sometime later I plan on charting the locations of the scattered other rift clusters, the various Imperial Clusters and possibly, but no promises the route of the orignal cross-rift mission that brought the Imperial Mankinds to the Far Stars sector and of course their fatal encounter with the Kay.

Anyway, more work to be done today included a belated post on CotI for my sole player who had been very patient and cool. So, I will close here.