24 June 2011

The Sandbox!

So here is a Holodisplay of the Permatic Imperium and its surrounding environs. There are a few worlds known to the Imperium on the fringes of the Imperial Domains (The Red Line, inside which the Imperium claims but does not yet actually hold these worlds) and coreward a rival interstellar state within the Red Line and attempting to hold worlds inside the Imperial Claims (The Purple Line, where His Majesty's word is Law and is backed by TL-H force). The aqua border is the County of one of the players who after his career in the Navy, joined the Peerage is now a Count and a Shareholder in the PC's Privateering Company.

23 June 2011

Library Data and Rumors.

First off let me welcome our visitors and Followers (old and new) from Terra and elsewhere.

So, not the post on religion in the Permatic Imperium mentioned earlier, but I do have entries to the Library Database for I, K and P. In addition you will find thirteen Rumors in the standard Traveller D66 matrix format. Someday I figure I should have a full D66 Matrix and not just these current entries. As usual please feel free to comment and contribute.

22 June 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Yeah, I am falling behind in posting recently, but really I do have a good reason.

That reason being that I am in the midst of setting up my actual real live players with characters and a really nice ship. And by really nice ship I mean a TL-G, Anti-Matter powered, 1200 ton, Privateer ship, complete with a 100 ton Yacht in a hold, five Fighters in their hangar and a 57 ton Utility Cutter. Also a Platoon of Ship's Troops. Oddly though, no Low Berths. On the other hand they do have a nice Medical Section, a Garden and recreation facilities.