***001 TO 007-0200 PIY***

[TNS] Node: Society Pages (360-0198 PI ).

WIRE: TRAVELLERS' NEWS SERVICE. (A Public Service of the Travellers' Aid Society).
DATELINE: 360-0198 PI.
IMPNET NODE: #holiday.ball/societypages.tns.tas.permatic.impnet#.

It has come to the attention of this reporter that the following members of high society have been invited to the Holiday Ball on 001-0200 PI at the Imperial Palace (Crown District, Melnauka) on the Imperial Capital World of Permatic at the personal request of His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir II, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, Prince-Regent of the Riftborne Domains, Lord of One Thousand Stars, etc., etc.:
  • Areri Shashimamikuus, Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of Linguistics at Adishmu University.
  • Sordenrae Ribexis, Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of Sophontology at Van Gulik Institute.
  • Force Commander Sir Valdemar Martel, KM (RMR), 1st Baronet of Pecias.
Invitations will be hand delivered by HI&RH Household Staff in the Imperial Household Livery of red coat with gold trim, white pants with a blue vertical stripe outlining a black stripe along the outer seam, and collared white shirt with a blue and white striped tie and black boots, the coat bears the Arms of Vladimir II on the left breast.

Travel for His Majesty's guests by High Passage and will be arranged by the His Majesty's Office of Transportation aboard the Permatic All Star Lines' Starliner, the ISS Permatic Brilliance. (If the guest is not on a world of the ISS Permatic Brilliance's route, the Office of Transportation will provide High Passage aboard any chosen starship on route to a connecting starport). Guests will be housed in the Rising Star Wing of the Imperial Palace during their stay.

"heard that in the lore of this universe that the best Imperial Dumps are said to have within mysterious relics of civilizations far older than the Descendants of Terra and have gates within black holes. But, then you know Rumors, sometimes they are just another dirtsider scamming CrImps for some local mind altering habit or another. Also, trust me they don't know where the good stuff is or they would be hustling you, noob. Able Spacer my ass..." 
TNS.Server.Permatic. Rumors.Overheard.InADiveBar.Dumps.166-0200

001-0200 PERMATIC [FS 1725].

Representatives of the Thersis Confederation are said to be presented at Court later this week. Rumor has it that the Diplomatic Corps will be discussing the fate of several worlds within the Red Line which the Confederation also lays claim to. 

001-0200 Bohen [FS 1224].

Bohen recently had elements of IN Task Force 6 drop out of jumpspace, land on it, refuel out of the local waters, and then commandeer most of the recent harvest which was being prepped for shipment to various factors about the Imperium. The Navy took what it needed and left those affected by the situation with vouchers to be paid at either a INB or a Capital World. While this will compensate the producers somewhat it does affect the reputation of the world when it can't meet its contracts with various merchant factors. Also the vouchers rarely compensate the bearer for the actual value that would have been obtained on the market, but merely gives the standard unmodified Blue Book value for the good or service commandeered.

The Baron Bohen has several vehicles in his baronial fleet including a six person grav limo (for important guests), a couple of surplus G-Carriers (a mobile Command Post and a utility carrier), plus a four combat cars (militarized air/rafts). All except the limo are off doing various errands. At this time they are dealing with the recent landings by the Imperial Navy. Mostly they are trying to get new shipments together to fulfill there offworld contracts with the merchant factors. How the Baron (who has only held the fief for some seven years after the assassination of his uncle, the previous Baron, and was elevated out of the Imperial Navy) feels about this is unknown at this time.

007-0200 TAS (Central Branch), Melnauka, PERMATIC [FS 1725].

TAS through a Flash Release cast at 1200 hours (T-std)announced the Society's Central Branch Office is happy to accept the standard MCr 1 Application Fee from His Excellency, Lord Rudolf Interhaus of Jowren, KE, KM (FS 0832) earlier today. 

It is said Lord Interhaus' application was well supported and the standard applicant dossier being built has some very nice presentations on behalf of Applicant Interhaus. Lord Interhaus is also a Imperial Count with old family connections in the Moot and possibly the Iridescent Throne itself. 

While serving for a career four terms with the Imperial Navy Engineering Branch he attended many ANM Schools. He is a combat veteran having survived three Sieges, two Patrols, and two classified missions. 

He attended Imperial Joint Command College at Blackwall and graduated with Honors.

Lieutenant Commander Interhaus served aboard four Imperial ships(one as a Midshipman while at the Academy) during action and is reported serving with honor and bravery. Rudolf is a Counsellor with an advanced education, he holds degrees in Brokerage and Tactics and has many Minors. 

It is said that his Application will not be Blackballed and soon Members will be able to get genuinely meet and know Lord Interhaus. 

  • Some Sources say that Vladimir himself is one of Rudolf's Sponsors. 
  • Interhaus is a decorated ex-Imperial Navy officer (he was Mentioned in Dispatches four times during his Career in the Navy) and was Elevated as the only survivor of his immediate family upon their tragic deaths. Count Interhaus was present as active duty Lieutenant Commander with his family during an assassination attempt on the Emperor in 0162. 
  • It has been said, but never confirmed that the Membership Application Committee can direct the TNS Editors to upgrade an Application announcement from the standard daily bulk updated of Applicants or can for KCr 100 upgrade an announcement to Immediate Release or for a fee of KCr 250 to Flash Release.
  • Semi-reputable sources claim Interhaus' Butler has been dispensing at least MCr 0.5 and possibly more in a campaign to improve his chances of an Acceptance and becoming a Lifetime Member of the Society. One source claims that she has spent MCr 0.25 on a TNS upgrade fee, another MCr 0.3 on "wine and dines" for members of the Applicant Committee, and MCr 0.5 on promotions to the general Membership. As usual the TAS PIO won't comment on expenses spent by Applicants and denies "so called TNS upgrade fees said to be charged by the Society on some media nodes".
***008 TO 014-0200 PIY***

    012-200 Crown District, Melnauka, PERMATIC [FS 1725].

    Representatives from the Thersis Confederation (see Library Data D), an Ambassador along with several High Commissioners and their staff, were received at the Imperial Palace by His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir II, the Court, Prime Minister Shen William, selected Members of the Moot and Minsters with the Foreign Office. The reception of the parties official documents (real hard copies and data) were accepted and they were given a tour of the Palace.

    Their Excellencies then toured the Moot Spire and attended a reception for the Houses of the Moot. Later they attended a formal State Dinner with HI&RM, the Court, the Cabinet, Ambassadors and other Diplomats from various states, Guild Masters and invited guests. Meetings with the Foreign Office's Diplomatic Corps are said to be scheduled for some time around the beginning of the third week on 015-0200.

    020-200 Crown District, Melnauka, PERMATIC [FS 1725].

    An unnamed (mid-level) Source in the Imperial Diplomatic Corps reported that one of the subjects and points of contention are the worlds within the Red Line, trailing-rimward of the Capital. While His Majesty does not yet control these worlds, he does send messengers and trade to them in a recruitment drive toward their voluntarily joining the Permatic Imperium. 

    Meanwhile the Confederation Diplomats are rumored to have staked a prior claim to four worlds inside the Red Line (Wringsh [FS 2231], CONFED-2 [FS 2232], Bremishe [FS 2332] and Procous [FS 2431]). Three of these worlds are full Confederation Member Worlds and the last is a Client World. 

    This source also claims that Imperial Diplomats have breached the subject of a Joint Administration Zone in the disputed areas and possibly ceding the already claimed worlds in exchange for a "Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Aid, Trade and Commerce, Defense and Friendly Relations" between the two polities.

    Lady Lecey Minfenii, a Deputy Secretary for Information Affairs with the Foreign Office, stated that "the Office does not discuss delicate on going negotiations with the visiting representatives of interstellar sovereignties." She did go on to say that things were progressing well  and that Imperial Free Traders have been doing legal cross border trade and commerce for  the fifty plus years now.

    ***015 TO 021-0200 PIY***

    010-0200 Bohen [FS 1224]

    The Barony of Bohen's PIO reports today that the Count Interhaus purchased the IN Vouchers (left by the recent visit to the system by TF-6 on their way to INB Denness) at 90% face value and will be brokering the completion of the Barony's contracts. Serious inquiries should send correspondence to the House of Interhaus factors.

    ***022 TO 028-0200 PIY***

    028-0200 Imperial Naval Base Denness [FS 0825]

    Baron Darin Hawk, Captain of the ISS Sexy has been Summoned to the Capital on Permatic [FS 1725] and is to return with the most immediate haste. 

    Forces of the Imperial Navy were reported to have recently departed for the Sexy's reported flight plan end point. The forces witnesses said appeared to have been accompanied by what was described as a DDB Expeditionary Yacht of some 800 tons. The names, registries, manifests, and Jump Plans have been sealed and at this time all Imperial agency are declining to comment on the matter. 

    The reasons for Baron Hawk's Summons or the mysterious yacht have not been disclosed and rumors are everywhere, but facts are in short supply. Some have suggested that the two events are somehow linked, but it is only speculation as no hard evidence of such a link has turned up at this time.

    Rumor (heard from an Imperial Navy Rating)has it that the yacht contains members of the Voodgi (the Native Intelligent Life) of Colony A [FS 0724] who were on Permatic last year in negotiations for admittance to the Imperium and are now being returned home with Imperial Honors have successfully made their bid to enter as a Member World. The native spaceflight infrastructure and possession of an Fifth Empire Depot (said to be still sealed and containing technologies and data from the Great War) virtually assured their Petition would be Granted, though an official announcement has yet to be made.

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