07 March 2016

Everything is a bloody learning experience.

For once I am going to be lazy, even though I know I will regret this action later when I want to reference something I foolishly mention only here in this post some months down the road. Seriously I use my own tags when I am hunting down things. Like maps, world entries, stuff like that.

Some day I must get and learn to use decent database software. Someday.

Anyway, things happening, HERALD Class Starships had yet another cover snag, but then that makes the twelve copies with the racing stripe extremely rare for future collectors and since about eight of them have some form of personal inscription the value goes up further. :) I wish. No, strike that. Already uttered those fatal words, okay not fatal but man be careful of wishes kids, GMs love messing with them, got to watch the words, especially the missing ones. 

So, I got some cool new art and some very bright illustrations for the ISV SOMETHING COOL, because while some might think Rob Caswell invented the variant paint scheme plate, he just revived it. Airplane books used to do that crap all the time, hell I have this comic, which someday I will complete my collection of called Tigers of Terra and that had cool variant and paint scheme plates too. Dig that stuff, so I got some for the Cool.

Basically working on stuff, doing overtime at bill paying job and trying to handle a task that I let myself get talked into because..well, lots of reasons. So all in all, still alive and kicking and working.

Hope this finds you well, thank you for reading, and travel safe.