31 July 2011

Nothing too major.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for your Patronage of the Institute and I hope you are entertained. And of course, well informed on the goings on of the various Empires of Man. 

29 July 2011

Updates and Session 3 Log.


New NPC Crew for the ISS Sexy:

  • Platoon Lt. Simmons, Walter. [Ship's Troops]
  • Flight Ldr. Alister (Hondo). [Ship's Fighter Element]
  • Mister Allison (Meat Popsicle). 

13 July 2011

Digging Deeper in the Sandbox...

And so with an unsure hand I place this chart in the Archives. It shows the latest standard astrogation chart for the Permatic Imperium using Data distributed on New Year's Eve of Imperial Year 200, the Bicentennial of the Imperium. It shows that the common Astrogator does not even know the true Imperial Designations for the Subsectors.

08 July 2011


So, just to keep everyone in the loop, our intrepid heroes have chosen to pursue Rumor 11 from the previous Library Data and Rumors post. So I am in the midst of working up an actual, written up before the game started, Adventure.

Things I think that need fleshing out include:

  • The Dictator of the Belt.
  • Some Lieutenants, most likely the Commander of the Secret Police.
  • Some Rebels, both Contacts and eventually some Leader types.
  • Guards for the Depot.
  • The Depot itself.
  • Some various NPCs of the general sort.
  • Encounter Tables, for all locations; Starport, Depot world, Space, stuff like that.
So that is what I am doing for now. Sorry nothing of earth shattering proportions yet. First they would have to open the Depot, then the Nova Bombs come into play. >:D