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Here the curious will find the dossiers (perhaps with redactions and corrections done before release)  of some of the major personalities mentioned in various posts and pages on the Institute Node. These dossiers were complied from the Institute's School of Intelligence, Tradecraft and Foreign Affairs datastores and are held in high confidence.

There are actually seven dossiers for the present player characters. I have not had the time to put together the Admiral of the Imperial Navy who while technically a qualified Naval Aviator is someone you probably don't want to be your Smallcraft Pilot. To that add the Imperial Marshal and the famed Doctor Al Rashid. I will see if I can devote some of that mythical free time to getting their dossiers together and posted. 

I decided to post each dossier separately and then collect those posts here so I can add others in the future as need be such as the Admiral.

Till then enjoy.
  1. Al Rashid, Doctor (Design & Robotics). No one is sure whether this is the Doctor Al Rashid of Rashid Robotics, Ltd. fame or not, but he does bear a striking resemblance. The real question is the good Doctor organic or some updated synthetic immortal? No matter he is the original or not he is a noted design and robotics expert with several contracts with the Imperium and Crown building robots. 
  2. Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm, Merchant Captain. 'Baron Captain Hawk' as he styles himself aboard his vessels and within his Holdings is an ex-Merchant Captain. He owns his own ship the Imperial Merchant Vessel Screaming Penny. He is currently headed to the spinward frontiers of the Imperium in command of the Imperial Star Ship Sexy. The others listed here are said to be in his company aboard the ISS Sexy. Rumor has it that the Captain spends most of his time doing his job while in the custom hot tub installed in his owner's suite. It is noted however that he is always at his station during actions and does inspect the ship with great regularly and scrutiny.
  3. Gorman (Ajax) Boothe, KE, KCB, Scout Leader (Detached Duty). A grizzled ex-Scout (as much as one can ever be said to be an ex-Scout) as ever there was. Born in deep space, exposed to Jumpspace, and his name and deeds are known throughout the Imperium. Man, does he hate that. Boothe is also half of the newly formed Boothe and Sutton Designs which already has pulled in MCr 1.5 for a 'napkin plan' for an improved Class C or even B starport for Baron Bohen. 
  4. Mason Storm, KE, IMS. Sir Storm is a highly Commended ex-Imperial Deputy Marshal instrumental in foiling at least one plot against the Crown by a high ranking Imperial Navy Officer. Viscountess Ellen Whitecliff-Rezuuna and Admiral Neville Worthington of the Imperial Navy hold Marshal Storm in high regard. Yet with this level of support he has only been elevated to Knighthood but no further. Does he have enemies in Court or does he like Gorman just wish to remain in the background? Given his undercover work this is a hard call. Some even say that his lack of elevation is not due to enemies, but to draw them out. But then one hears a lot of rumor, but very little fact when it comes to shadow operations.
  5. Nick Sutton, KE, RMR (LTC). Nick Sutton was born outside the borders of the Permatic Imperium, yet managed to enlist in His Majesty's Royal Marines. The Royal Marines are an elite and exclusive unit in the Permatic Imperium's arsenal and its standards are high so Lieutenant Coronel Sutton's patriotism is considered unquestionable in most circles. It is also said that his Service to the Crown and Imperium directly led to Astro U being taken under the Banner of the Imperium. Nick is the other half of Boothe and Sutton Designs, thus about MCr 0.75 richer than when he Mustered Out. General Helen (Avalanche 6) Velinsino, RM has very good thing to say about Mister Sutton's service in her unit. Nick also has his eye on starting an armaments company for non-leathal and tactical uses. His current project is a gravity grenade. With the current gravitic technologies being used in anti-vehicle mines one can see this as next step in gravitic munitions.
  6. Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern, INR (CMDR). Imperial Naval Reserve Commander Interhaus would really rather be on Active Duty, but sadly with the upper half of his family assassinated (himself nearly killed as well) finds himself Lord of Jowern instead. He owns a Packet Yacht (Type-SY) the Imperial Star Ship DeeJay in honor of a relative (an uncle or grandfather, can't recall which though) which is mounted to niche on the Sexy. He is accompanied by his very able and also ex-Navy Personal Assistant Jenny. Rudolf spends a good deal of time in his yacht with Jenny dealing with the rigors of his new position at Court. He is decidedly uncomfortable with his mid to high position in the Line of Succession to Vlad II.
And of course there are the Patrons.
  1. Magnus von Thornwood, KE, INR (LT). Magnus spends a good deal of his time at Court, the Admiralty or the Moot in about that order. He is rarely seen adventuring, though he does now and again. He is the Emperor's Man and makes sure the Imperial Will is done, though in truth is merely one of many who do. His is in the end a working Noble. He may give Navy, Admiralty (the make the standards and rules the Navy follows) or rarely even mission of some Imperial importance. He spends what free time he has doing freelance work for the Institute (as a Psychohistorian, Sophontologist, and Psionicologist) and DDB (as Imperial Accredited Shipwright).

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