29 April 2011

On BattleDress and Fusion Rifles.

Since I am in the process of messing about with the Traveller5 rules right now, I have been creating my own ATU.

I was just now perusing the TL charts to see what sort of technologies there are and how those might effect my ATU. I have already started dealing with the interesting angles of an Imperium dominated right now by a tightly knit conglomeration of Anagathic taking Nobility (and possibly Psionic as well) combined with the Artificial Persons in the form of the Sentient AIs and Androids. Robots are not limited by puny organic restraints, so it can make for some interesting interactions if played right by the robots. I imagined one striding off a starship twice the height and such of normal humans. Yes, my Empire might just be playing gods and monsters amongst the lesser barbarian worlds, slowly bring them up into the Imperium's fold as good and true Citizens and Subjects of the Seventh Great and Honorable Imperium of Man.

26 April 2011

Updates, again.

So, first off welcome all one of you Followers. :D

It is nice to know that I am not just posting into the empty uncaring aether.

Now on the boring parts.