08 March 2011

Boring update stuff.

So for those who might actually be reading this, when we last joined our faithful Referee he was thinking of setting his game in the era of the First Empire (also known as the Terran Empire) but due to a potential player voicing an opinion when presented with a choice and my own leanings, I have set the game in the era of the Dawn of the Second Empire of Man as our faithful heroes will venture beyond the borders of the Empire to see if they can bring the old worlds of the First Empire into the fold of the Second.

Plus as Larry (the aforementioned player) pointed out there is always the possibility of finding Relics of the First Empire or perhaps even the old Terran Federation worlds (though according to the History databases the Federation never got this far out).

I am thinking of setting it many millennium past the initial start date and will be further messing with the actual Common Era date by having a calendar switch or two. So while to the Players it will be 98 Imperial Calendar (2nd), the Common Era date will be possibly as late as 10,000. *shrugs* It was good enough for Mister Herbert it is good enough for me. :D

I have set the current Imperial Tech Level at C (12) moving into TL-D. I have yet to decide if the First Empire ever got past this level and perhaps left behind some seriously high tech devices, ships, secret projects, etc.. I think they might have had a higher TL but lost it during the Dynasty Wars (which occurred when the last member of House Volcker died without an Heir).

Other than that I am populating a DataBase full of star systems and UWPs complete with the T5 extra bits added such as Importance, RUs (Resource Units), Economic and Cultural Extensions, plus all the usual goodies one should have in a system database.

So that is what is happening at the Institute lately. Hope you find this informative and entertaining even.


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