19 May 2011

A Pictorial History of the Emblems of the Previous Imperiums.

Not much to say. They aren't particularly good, but I didn't stress as they are just sketches. ("Best is the enemy of good enough.") There are a few still missing but this the collection of Imperial Badges throughout history.

Emblem of Volcker's Imperium.

18 May 2011

A report from the files of the Imperial Intelligence Services on the Thersis Confederation.

The Thersis Confederation is another human interstellar state in Subsector Orses, rim and trailing from the Seventh Imperium. Currently they do some cross border trade on the frontier. Below are some notes on the Confederation.

17 May 2011

Being a Concise History of the Institute as of the 2nd Century of the Permatic Imperium.

The Institute was founded in 2735 of the Common Era on planet Terra of the Sol system (Sector Hex 1827), the homeworld of Man. In the 1st Imperium Year 15, the Emperor Rufus Cornealius Augustus personally Awarded "A Permanent Charter to the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute for Services rendered to His Majesty Rufus Cornealius during the Transitional War" making it an member of Imperial Institute and University systems and associations.

A Diligent Chronology of the Permatic Imperium.

Here is a second level summation of the various points in the Seventh Imperium's history. It spans from the year 1969 to 2534 of the Common Era (when records get extremely hard to source and accurate dating thus becomes more difficult) to the current Imperial Year 200. It is believed to mostly accurate and reflects current understanding of events according to most Imperial University, Institute and Ministry of Information & Communication's Psychohistory Department scholars.