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Library Data A - 

FS 0624 Abonai Belt: A 000 6B9-E As Va Ni  {unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, Base: unknown, Zone: Amber, PBG 001 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Fs.

This belt is actually a proto-planetary disk for the most part. Not so much an asteroid belt as a swirling chaotic mass of still condensing planet fragments, rocks and dust. Everything is nice and still hot. The actual "worlds" of the system are planetoids pulled up out of the disk and place above it in the HZ. They then hollowed out the rocks and use them for various purposes, one is the mainworld/starport, one is the ASSP (Abonai Safety Space Patrol) Base, the other the AISA (Abonai Interstellar Scout Agency) Station, these account for the largest of the planetoids. There are here and there scattered the various free Belters but they compose a small portion of the population. There is one proto-gas giant in the system, but unlike T-standard systems, this one is actually closer to the primary star than the "mainworld" cluster. 

The belt is ruled by a Non-Charismatic Dictatorship backed with high interstellar level technologies. The ruler uses this high tech level and high law level "to maintain public order". Often "Safety" is touted as the reason for the draconian measures, which is a very serious thing when most of you live in the only habitable location, the Starport Abonai Main. Space being brutally unforgiving and killing quickly most residents comply.  If asked about the extreme security measures of the Dictator when they could move to another location, such as a Free Belters Association planetoid, the average citizen will state "Well, it is Class A though, so it's not like your slumming it with the Belters. Here you have nice things." And they will then go on and on about the conveniences of the port and the nice things they believe they would have to give up if they left.

Only some of the Rebel cells are pro-Imperium, some such as the Independent Belters League and the Free Belters Association wish to be left alone and little desire to absorbed by the Empire. While some factions will not actively hinder the Imperium more radical elements of the Abonai rebellion, others are actively hunting "traitors to the cause" (said by the faction of former Abonai natives that left and often merely serve on starship crews or stay with in the Empire or elsewhere in the Free Spinward States.

  1. ADG [Adirdika Daarnuludak Gimaka].
    • Speciality Services: Financial services for various noble houses, megacoprs, and reliable mercenary units and privateers.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • QREBS:

Admiralty List:

  1. INS Elephant Island 
  2. INS Void Tracker
  3. INS Example 1 MDSN
  4. INS Example 2 ENSN
  5. INS Example 3 SULT
  6. INS Example 4 LT
  7. INS Example 5 LCDR
  8. HMS Imperial
  9. HMS Permatic
  10. ISS Sexy
  11. ISS DeeJay
  12. ISS Serimaddaga Idibi
  13. FBANS Persistance

Ancient Vilani Jinx:

2: Destroyer of houses,
4: Ruiner of kingdoms,
5: Upsetter of balances.
7: Why do you try?
10: In vain the bit is placed in your mouth.

FS 1133 Astro U:   C 000 889-B  S As Va Ph Na {unknown} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Zone: Amber, PBG 831 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: ?, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Bf

Astro U has owned, administered and all ways been in possession of the system. No one really remembers when there wasn't an Astro U here. The Board of Regents oversees the both the University system and the systemwide infrastructure that supports it. 

It should be noted here that this system has had good relations with the Imperium for over fifty  years now and the two polities have citizens which may maintain dual citizenship as it is a mecca for designer who travel here for advanced design education and may of its inhabitants have left for honorable and fruitful careers in the Imperium.

Astro U or more properly Asteroid University, is known for its School of Design, Their gravball team is the Rocks and supports are prone to shouting "GO ROCKS!" during matches.

AMBER: This system lies outside the Red Line and Travellers are advised not to exit the Imperium. Leaving the Imperium may place the Traveller and members of their party in a position in which the Imperium has recourse and is unable to assist the Traveller(s). Travellers exit the Imperium at their own risk. 

Astrogation Beacon (Navy rated): These are the beacons that Marines give their lives to the Empire to place. The Army follows them down once the beachhead is secured. They come with a sect of four Marine-Warbots. The MWb-15 comes armed with a mounted improved plasma gun and an arsenal of military programs. Standard deployed Marine-bots come with robust electro-cyber warfare systems, point defense measures and rugged armor. They may be equipped with lower technologies when deployed on Imperial Client worlds. The Beacon itself is built in to drop silo designed to home in on landing zone coordinates supplied by planetside Marines. It comes with equipped with gravitic lifters for landing and some maneuvering and a burrowing system to set itself deep in the local surface. They broadcast on multiple bands and can be used as a local relay net for most forms of Imperial traffic and signals. The are capable of reaching deep space with their CommPlus systems and mid-system advanced Communicators.

Astrogation and Jump Transitions: Astrogators can if particularly sensitive can confirm their course plot at the moment of transition into and out of Jumpspace. While many people have experienced the momentary, sometimes nausea inducing, wrenching sensation as the vessel and its contents slip from N-space to  J-space and back to realspace, few have the sensitivity to actually use that sensation to diagnose a course. For those Astrogators that are sensitive enough can detect that the "direction" of the wrenching coincides with their plotted Jumpline. Often the first moment an Astrogator knows the ship has Misjumped is when the wrenching is radically off their plotted Jumpline. 

Library Data B -

FS 1921 Balican:  D 515 420-6  Ic Ni {unknown} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Z: G, PBG nn0 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: ?, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Ic  

This world was bombarded on starting on 431-0182 during an insurgency. The insurgency was so well planned that the insurgents took control of portions of the Imperial starport. The Imperium responded to the seizure with His Majesty's 9th Royal Marines. While the Marines were taking the port back the bombardment of the planet was begun. First by Imperial Navy ortillery directed by Imperial Marine units on the ground during the initial invasion and then later by Imperial Army units in the mid-stages of the invasion. The Army, unlike the Marines and Navy, stuck around to help with rebuilding and the Base on Semazoo (FS 1820 C 302 47A-7 M Ic) sees much recruit traffic from this world from Balican residents who were raised then. 
It is known by those who were in combat as the Bombardment of Balican and to historian and others as the Rebellion of Balican. It is direct cause of there only being some 72,705 sophonts left resident there. Those survivors, are heirs of survivors of the Bombardment get a say in and those numbers are kept very carefully in capital city of Balican get a Vote in World Matters. other persons allowed a Vote by previous Vote.

Bayami General, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Air/Rafts, mass transit, personal vehicles, also vaccsuits.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1227 B 000 612-4 NS GG Ic.
    • QREBS:
  1. Blue Smoke Spacers.

    • Speciality Services: Luxurious, discreet and safe charted travel for high level clients.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • QREBS:

FS 1224 Bohen

The Bremishe Exception is the legal term used to attempts to justify quite a few things in the Confederation. Most of them fail yet Bremishe is still a Full Member of the Thersis Confederation as outlined in the Articles of Confederation. This Exception came the usual rules regarding Full Contact with a Non-Spacefaring Civilization due to what was supposed to be a routine patrol run of a Confederation Navy Bravo Squadron from Porcous to Wringsh. 

Bravo Squadron consisted of the cruiser TCF Persistence, its escorts and various tenders. Quite late in its transit through Jumpspace to Wringsh, the squadron was precipitated out of J-Space and into N-Space in the outer system of Bremishe with massive damage to the Jump Drives and some to the Power Plants. Fortunately enough of the Maneuver Drives were spared damage for a majority of the squadron limp to the then unknown world of Bremishe. In orbit of the world's satellite was an Old Empires Starport which has not seen service in some time. 

The Natives of Bremishe had not seen contact with starfarers in some centuries, and the local rulers were not so happy to see an interstellar navy, crippled or not arrive out of nowhere. Facing the might of the Confederation's Navy and its Marine contingent was enough for the natives to lend aid to the Navy's attempts to bring the old starport on line so they could repair their vessels and return to base. While the Navy was never quite able to bring all the systems online and running in nominal condition (making the station once again a functional starport), they did get it to function as a Class F Spaceport, which was enough to repair sufficient ships to report to both Wringsh and Procous. This brought aid from both stations as well as from the Capital Depot in the Thersis Belts as both bases had reported the squadron overdue.

First the matter made it to the Admiralty Court, then the Department of Native Affairs and so on down the line until eventually the matter ended up on the floor of the Confederation Assembly and in the end while Bremishe did not match the normal requirements under the Articles of Confederation, the Assembly voted to honor Treaties drawn up between the Confederation, represented by the commander of Bravo Squadron and the rulers of the Bremishe, the Most Royal House of Deversti, ruling oligarchy of Bremishe. 

The Treaty specified that by signing the document the Confederation was "granting the world of Bremishe, Full Membership in the Interstellar State known to the House of Deversti (in the form of His Majesty Volstok the Third) as the Thersis Confederation, an Interstellar State composed of many starfaring worlds(represented by Captain Willhelm Victor Sandhurst of the Confederation Navy Bravo Squadron), and they pledge eternal peace and friendship between the two signatories' States and are hereby bound by the actions of their respective Agents." 

Library Data C - 
Capital of the Permatic Imperium: The capital of the Permatic Imperium is centered on Far Stars Sector Hex 1725. This holodisplay shows only unclassified data and was prepared by the Institute's Department of Astrography and Stellar Studies.

FS 0823 Cesabe  C 757 7AB-8 Ga Ag  {+1} {3768) [4857], Nob: BC, Base: 0, Zone: Green, PBG 001 Worlds: D, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: 0, NIL: Natives RU -378, Im.
Herbert the Stoic rules Cesabe with a gentle hand. He bears the weight of ruling with shoulders of bonded superdense, the people's trouble his own. His tireless efforts have led Cesabe to the stars. While many different beliefs are held by the natives of Cesabe, they all draw together when threatened from outside. For all their xenophobia they still maintain relations with interstellar society though the dockside ritual, traditions and sometimes obscure legal codes can make that more difficult to conduct business here.

  1. Celerity Drive Works, ICC.
    • Speciality Goods: Reliable  gravitics from M-drives through Lifters.
    • Corporate Headquarters:
    • QREBS;
Chronology: A timeline of the history of the Permatic Imperium. It is believed accurate to the second order, which is to say the dates are in dispute and source documents are limited and few. Confidence in the accuracy of this chronology is moderate. The Institute is in possession of a third order chronology (kept in the secure vaults, viewing by appointment only) with both more detail and what are believed accurate dates for the various time periods.

Commander: "Commander is a rank and position known in the Old Empires as a cruiser officer signifying the officer's ability to handle the responsibilities and operations of at minimum a division aboard and are expected to be the Master and Commander of a Cruiser class starship (or like sized vessel). Commanders in the Imperial and Royal Navies are still expected to perform the duties of the Old Empires officers. They should be able to fight the vessel both as a DIVO, up to functioning as the CO of the ship or boat if necessity must. Most officers upon reaching this rank have attended the Imperial Joint Command College at Blackwall on Permatic early in their term as NO4 and are promoted to NO5 upon graduation.

Officers at this stage of their career can go two ways, a Line Post, either as Executive Officer on a Battleship or as the Commanding Officer of a Cruiser, or a Commander may get a Shore Posting, which could result in an Admiralty or Ministry of War post at the Capital. Both routes are a fast track for a Commander eventually being promoted to the rank of Captain, often as a Post Captain of the Line. If they succeed then promotion to Admiral is almost ensured."
Source: Ministry of War Manual for Joint Forces; JFM-O5, edition 190 (IF&RF).

    Corporate Register:
  1. CompanyName
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Examples. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0000 A 123 456-7 NS   000  Im
    • QREBS:

Library Data D - 

  1. DDB [Daarnulud Design Bureaux].
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Excellent quality naval architecture and starship construction.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • QREBS:
  1. DDR [Duluk Dika Rezuunaak].
    • Speciality Goods: Interstellar level, military grade personal and vehicle weapon and armor systems.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • QREBS:
FS 0825 INB Denness:   A 788 466-D Ni Pa Pe  {+3} {85D7) [674E], Nob: Bc, Base: N, Zone: Red, PBG 011 Worlds: 6, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: 0, NIL: Colonists RU -1040, Im. 

This world is entirely given over to the control and use of the Imperial Navy. The high technology base allows for the maintenance of Colonial Fleet Vessels and is also an Academy with ANM Schools present, some of which are conducting research aimed toward helping worlds reach their full agricultural potential. This does not actually benefit the base as the efforts are too small scale, but most worlds do not have the Navy Logistics Command keeping them fed either. As this is a Navy world the locals are a homogeneous, xenophobic group that communicates in its own "secret language" that outsiders can not penetrate.

RED: There is an Imperial Navy Base located on this world as well as other military assets and only outer system transit is allowed. Emergency will be responded to by Navy and Marine forces one or more starship and multiple smallcraft. If refueling and restocking is required it will be transferred to the vessel via specialized craft. If the starship is to damaged to be repaired and sent on its way, the crew and passengers will be taken off their ship in military custody till either their ship is repaired or a passing vessel can take them. 

Library Data E - 
Emperor: Seated on the Imperial throne on Permatic (FS 1725) is His Imperial & Royal Majesty Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa the Second, High Lord of Permatic, Prince-Regent of the Spinward Imperial Domains, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, Archduke of the  of Far Stars, Duke of Kylin, Prime Space Lord of the Admiralty, Lord of a Thousand Stars., etc. He has been sitting on the Imperial Throne for 200 years and was a figure of note before his coronation as Emperor. He has survived at least one attempted assassination and many other intrigues, he said to either very lucky or very skilled, some say both. 
Arms of the Emperor of the Permatic Worlds

Empires of Man (Artwork): This piece is often incorrectly titled as "Empires of Man", but is more properly titled "The Scale of the Empires of Man, 1st-7th". Some say that the original copy has a small note in the spin-rimward corner "here there be monsters" though this has never been confirmed by any historians of the piece.
The Scale of the Empires of Man (Artist Unknown)

FS 1929 Fort Etour: (formerly Pixiant) UWP: B 403 86A-E M Ph Na {unknown} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Z: G, PBG nn1 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: ?, NIL: unknown RU unknown.

This fortified world is named according to Imperial tradition for the first Army casualty reported when the Insurgency of Pixiant officially was turned over to the Army. The world lost its name and became a Fortress World when the Crown's forces were required to put down a local rebellion that had resulted in the death of Baroness Harkness, several knights and Imperial officials. 

RED: There is an Imperial Army Fortress located on this world as well as other military assets and only outer system transit is allowed. Emergency will be responded to by Army Space Rescue forces in one or more smallcraft. If refueling and restocking is required it will be transferred to the vessel via specialized craft. If the starship is to damaged to be repaired and sent on its way, the crew and passengers will be taken off their ship in military custody till either their ship is repaired or a passing vessel can take them. 

Library Data F - 
  1. FaSTCo.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Shipping, Import/Export..
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • QREBS:
Free Belters Association:

Free Spinward States: 

Library Data G - 
  1. Grunteb Biologics, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Medical Organs, medications, cloning, custom life forms.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0931 B 100 615-C S GG Im.
    • QREBS:
Library Data H - 
Heraldry of the Order of the Empire: The three golden suns on top signify the three Empires of Man, they shine on a field of imperial purple. These were the great ages of the Imperium and Man. The ermine represents the sovereign to whom the order owe their oaths, allegiance, and charges. The sovereign is guiding light of the Imperium and the order is there to preserve that light. The golden beacon on the purple base represents the pages, squires, knights and officers in the service of the order itself, and their charge to act as "a Beacon of Inspiration to the Citizens and Subjects of the Imperium". This gives the characters some concept of the conduct expected of them for the return of the patronage of the order in "this most just and Holy cause on behalf of the Triumvirate of the Church of Abraham and the Emperor.

House of Interhaus: The original Great House of Haus goes back to sometime in the First or Volcker's Imperium. It was at the end of the Great Dispossessed Rebellion of that ended the Fourth Empire that the house of Interhaus was elevated to hold the Titles and Holdings of the original Haus which had supported the Empress and thus were on the losing side. Following the Trials, the lesser branch, the Studious House of Interhaus was elevated to the positions of their progenitors. They has since enjoyed much favor with the Crowns of the later Imperiums. Their house motto is "Sub Novus Procuratio".

LIbrary Data: I - 
  1. Ishkhan Company.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and precursor chemicals.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0625 D 5A5 314-5 GG Fc.
    • QREBS:
  1. Inted Minerals, IC.
    • Speciality Goods/Services: Trade in precious metals and gemstones, radioactives, specialty alloys and system resource exploitation services and equipment.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1522 C DC8 511-8 M Im
    • QREBS:
IRAD: A ship's "serial number" or "VIN" is a designation officially known as an Imperial Register of the Admiralty Designation. This is the ship's official identification, license to operate, and declaration of responsible parties. This is part of the so called ship's Black Box. It is the key to all sorts of information to the curious and diligent Traveller and much can be learned about a ship with this designation in hand. Of course it is an amazingly long and drawn out thing to say on comms and even in person so it of course has been shortened to its convenient acronym, the IRAD. For those who know the dropping of an IRAD in certain circles can be the start of rumors about the ship that bares it, good and bad.

Iridium Card: An Iridium Card is accepted at all Imperial banking institutions, all Class A and B Starports, most Class C Starports and is consider to be the sign of untold wealth. Iridium Cards are issued to Imperial Ministers, Nobles, MegaCorp executives and other wealthy individuals and are said to have no limit. While this may be true a cardholder trying to buy ten thousand fusion rifles will attract notice in a few circles. One could expect agents of the Treasury to show up asking questions followed closely by investigators for Ministry of War in such a case.

Library Data J - 
FS 0832 Jowren 
Library Data K - 
  1. Khnamk, Limited.

    • Speciality Goods or Services: Examples. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 2319 D 312 211-8 S 6s.
    • QREBS:
Knighthoods:  There are some general characteristics of the Orders of Knighthood in the Permatic Imperium. Each comes with a specific duty to be performed by the Knights of that Order, in exchange they are granted certain favors by the Crown for their Service to the Imperium and His Majesty. The Orders usually have unique Histories, Armorials, Mottoes, Traditions Rules and Rituals. Listed here are two of the most prestigious Orders a Knight in the Imperium might belong to there are others.

The Order of the Empire (The Dutiful and Honorable Order of the Empire)
Arms of the Order of the Empire
  • Ranks:  Grand Commander (GCE), Knight Commander (KCE), and Knight of the Empire (KE).
  • History: This Order claims its decent from the Volcker Imperium, though it can only be accurately dated by most psychohistorians to somewhere during the Third or Solar Imperium. 
  • Membership: It is open to all Citizens and in some cases a Knighthood is granted to a Subject elevating them to the proper social standing befitting a Citizen and Knight.

The Order of Maltese (The Ancient and Grand Imperial Order of Malta, Rhodes and Stars).  
Arms of the Order of Maltese
  •  Ranks: Grand Master (GM), Grand Commander (GCM),  and Knight of Maltese (KM).
  • Motto: Defenders of the Borders.
  • History: This Order can be dated back at least the Fifth Empire. It should be noted however, that Order of Maltese claims decent from the Order of the Knights of Malta and Rhodes. 
  • Membership: This Order is open to all Members of the Imperial Services which includes including the Imperial Army, Navy, StarMarine Corps, and Scouts. Some Functionaries and Nobles may be granted application to the Order if a they are a Reserve or Retired member of the services. If approved the applicant is granted the Rank of Squire and assigned to a Knight for training.

Library Data L - 
FS 2004 Last Known:  FS 0000 Example  X 225 000-X Ab  {unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, Base: unknown, Zone: unknown, PBG 001 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Ds.

This nonaligned world lies in the Dark Stars in the currently accepted direction of Ancient and Lost Terra. The reason for the name "Last Known" as the mainworld is at this time unknown. It is hoped that some day a Traveller will uncover the meaning and report it to the Institute. It is well known that the Institute pays a minimum of Cr 10,000 for valid, sourced new material (and has on occasion given a reward of MCr 1 for particularly old and authentic materials, though the payout took some 500 days).

Lost Worlds of the Old Empires:

Solomani Rim 1827
A 867 A69-F NW PBG 814 Oe

XX 2224

Library Data M - 
MegaCorps and Major Companies:
  1. Ishkhan Company.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and precursor chemicals. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0625 D 5A5 314-5 GG Fc. 
    • Remarks: This world is mostly populated by the small maintenance staff and an advanced bio-computer collector/refinery system left by the company to do the gathering and refining. While on paper this is a client of the FSS it is actually an Imperial company doing businesses across the border. Being in the Free States the Company can get a way with more than they could inside the Imperial Red Line. What that may be is unknown at this time.
  2. Grunteb Biologics, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Medical Organs, medications, cloning, custom life forms.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0931 B 100 615-C S GG Im.
    • Remarks: 
  3. Nerver & Smith, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Capital Investments, Venture Capital, Bonds and Insurance, Import/Export.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0932 C 86A 210-B GG Na.
    • Remarks: They also have a small privately held shipyard that specializes in watercraft, they mostly do yachts for the N&S Board, Partners and staffs that reside on the world's surface. They have been known to do a watercraft for other clients but when they do the fees are outrageous. The results on the other hand have won several Imperial Surface Racing Association championships. 
  4. Salifei, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Robotics and Automation systems, from Steve-bots to Servo-bots to Miner-bots to Spaceport and Starport Automation Service Systems. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1027 B 122 516-E N Im.
    • Remarks: 
  5. Bayami General, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Air/Rafts, mass transit, personal vehicles, also vaccsuits.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1227 B 000 612-4 NS GG Ic.
    • Remarks: 
  6. Inted Minerals, IC.
    • Speciality Goods/Services: Trade in precious metals and gemstones, radioactives, specialty alloys and system resource exploitation services and equipment.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1522 C DC8 511-8 M Im
    • Remarks: 
  7. Threts, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Smart+ military weapons systems for the Imperium and mercenary units. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1721 A 9C7 216-D S GG Im.
    • Remarks: 
  8. Khnamk, Limited.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Examples. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 2319 D 312 211-8 S 6s.
    • Remarks: 
  9. TeleAstronics.
    • Speciality Goods: High quality J-drives and Power Plants.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  10. Celerity Drive Works, IC.
    • Speciality Goods: Reliable  gravitics from M-drives through Lifters.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  11. Wiseman Yards
    • Speciality Goods: Exceptionally safe smallcraft and vehicles.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  12. Blue Smoke Spacers.
    • Speciality Services: Luxurious, discreet and safe charted travel for high level clients.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  13. ADG [Adirdika Daarnuludak Gimaka].
    • Speciality Services: Financial services for various noble houses, megacoprs, and reliable mercenary and privateer companies.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  14. DDR [Duluk Dika Rezuunaak].
    • Speciality Goods: Interstellar level, military grade personal and vehicle weapon and armor systems.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  15. FaSTCo.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Express and charter shipping and passenger service, courier services, they also have import/export brokerages on all the important worlds along the commercial starlanes.
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
  16. DDB [Daarnulud Design Bureaux].
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Excellent quality naval architecture and starship construction for large commercial, military, and custom ACS and BCS classes.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 1725 Permatic.
    • Remarks: 
  17. Turgardi.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Examples. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0633 C 486 511-7 D  Oe
    • Remarks: 
  18. Wetzler Cyroworks.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Berths of all types from straight up commercial grade passenger Lows to military grade Frozen Watch Capsules to an array of Medical Berths and Capsules.  
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: It is is rumored that this company is working on prototype Stasis technologies at a secret research and development facility.
  19. NaoBond.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Nanoscale adhesives, coatings and clockworks. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: 
    • Remarks: 
Military, Rule 22: This rule cited most often regarding actions such as the Rebellion of Balican where it apparently was cited by a Ministry of War document denying the use of Cadet Corps of the ANM School during the Rebellion of Balican. It is for this reason it made its entry in the the Library. 
The original scholars of the topic of the "Bombardment of Balican" first had to thread there way through the torturous labyrinth that is the Imperial Bureaucracy when queried about some pieces of Imperial law. Then after that they were often only given any real help after the Bureaucracy has sent them the ritual number of times to the Ministry of War who of course transferred the problem to the AMN, who after investigation by internal review passed it back to High Command who then when to the Admiralty, who turned in the end to the Imperial Marines. Eventually the after the CO of the Royal Marines refused to see to the mater, it bound back up the chain to the original researchers and the user of this Library owes them for its existence. 
Rule 22 was established during the reign of His Majesty Zhi Peng the Careful, who was known for having his paperwork covered. When forced to act the Imperial Will came backed by some hefty volumes of real low tech paper in instances of very serious charges such as treason or grave malfeasance. Even those cases where the impact was generally thought to be negligible, the Bureaucracy churned out many a page. Thus it was decreed by Imperial Edict that there shall always be some exception allowing any negative action taken contrary to law to be denied by Imperial Ministers or their Agents when acting in His Majesty's name. This has led to Imperial Ministries Press Offices scouring for multiple instances of a similar nature  looking for "the catch" as it is called when one finds the exception demanded by invoking Rule 22. Journalists generally understand that the rule is used to gain plausible deniability and often won't mention it unless no other avenue is permitted. In the end it is often thought to mean that an instance of negative conduct in one case is proven to be a false claim it may very well be true somewhere else and the Imperium would like the issue to disappear.

Library Data N - 
FS 0824 Nalingr:  D 476 574-6 Ag Ni  {-1} {6557) [94AA], Nob: BC, Base: 0, Zone: Green, PBG 003 Worlds: 7, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: 0, NIL: Settlers RU -300, Ic.
This agricultural, non-industrial world is populated by hundreds of thousands of a very strange culture with esoteric occult practices. Despite the difficulty in understanding the culture of those that chose to settle Nalingr they are still open to outside contact and seem to enjoy it. This Imperial Client is choice world to conduct trade on. Agricultural products can be picked up often in exchange for some offworld technologies, especially entertainment and farming tools and systems.

  1. NaoBond.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Nanoscale adhesives, coatings and clockworks. 
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0000 A 123 456-7 NS   000  Im.
    • QREBS:
Navies of the Imperium:  Also, for the curious the difference between the Royal Navy and the Imperial Navy: 

The Royal Navy is part of His Majesty's personal forces (the others being the Royal Marines and Army. They are usually there to make a point. That point being you personally pissed off someone and that someone either has the ear of Crown or is wearing the Crown. The Moot can not order the Royal Navy into harm's way, but they can petition its aid from the Admiralty. The Moot can not stop His Majesty from committing the Royal Navy to harm's way.

The Imperial Navy belongs the the Empire, not the Emperor. The Moot can send the Imperial Navy into harm's way and those orders are lawful and must be carried out. The Moot can withhold the Imperial Navy from harm's way, even against the will and desire of the Crown. 

The Royal Forces are generally considered elite forces. While they are generally better trained and disciplined than the Imperial Forces, the truth of the matter is most of the Royal Forces were already veterans or sophonts of some caliber when they joined. The Imperial Forces on the other hand manages to maintain more than its fair share of quality sophonts and tend to pick from the best of the Imperium. Many a Noble has been elevated from the Imperial Forces. His Majesty does not bestow such Honors on  the members of the Royal Forces nearly as much as he does for the Imperial Forces.

  1. Nerver & Smith, IC.
    • Speciality Goods or Services: Capital Investments, Venture Capital, Bonds and Insurance, Import/Export.
    • Corporate Headquarters: FS 0932 C 86A 210-B GG Na.
    • QREBS:
Library Data O -
Library Data P -

Parthian Remnants: 

Permatic (The Capital): The Capital is on the small hot world, clothed in a standard human atmosphere and half covered in oceans and seas known as Permatic. PermaStarOne is usually the first point of contact one gets and is the Class A Highport for the world. The Highport also has the range of Traveller's Aid Society facilities and services expected of such a high traffic starport. It serves as the hub of multiple spacelanes throughout the Imperium. It also has multiple shipyards and Daarnulud Design Bureaux maintains a yard here where they do most of their custom work. The Melnauka Downs is the Downport portion world's starport which is located in outskirts of Melnauka. The City, as Melnauka is generally referred to, is a sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis and it can be a bit overwhelming even to sophonts from high interstellar tech worlds due to the extreme technological base that it has maintained throughout galactic history. The Crown District of the city contains the Moot, the Palace, the Ministerial Headquarters and various Bureaucracy required to run the Imperium. Other Districts contain entertainment and leisure areas, living zones, parks, industrial zones, and the various infrastructure needed to keep such vast city functioning. 

It has a Navy Base (which has a large shipyard of its own), a Scout Waystation (servicing the many Express Boat Routes, Active, and Detached Scouts, and the collating the data brought in), and Imperial Research Station Alpha (said to contain a working Fifth Empire Anti-Matter Creator which generates the AM required to power the Navy's Ships of the Line). Of course there is a Institute Branch Headquarters there as well as the Permatic Imperial University. Permatic itself as opposed to the Imperial Capital is run by a civil service bureaucracy and due to the high population, in addition to its status as Capital of the Imperium, the law level is a bit high. The Imperial nobility are the Baron Melnauka and Count Fellsea who represent the world in the Moot and oversee Imperial affairs for His Majesty regarding Permatic

Sector Hex: FS 1725. UWP: A 365 C8A-H. Bases: N W RsA. Trade Class: Hi Ht Cx. Words Belts GG: 900. Allegiance: Im.

Permatic Imperium:  "And so with an unsure hand I place this chart in the Archives. It shows the latest standard astrogation chart for the Permatic Imperium using Data distributed on New Year's Eve of Imperial Year 200, the Bicentennial of the Imperium. It shows that the common Astrogator does not even know the true Imperial Designations for the Subsectors.

So here is a Holodisplay of the Permatic Imperium and its surrounding environs. There are a few worlds known to the Imperium on the fringes of the Imperial Domains (The Red Line, inside which the Imperium claims but does not yet actually hold these worlds) and coreward a rival interstellar state within the Red Line and attempting to hold worlds inside the Imperial Claims (The Purple Line, where His Majesty's word is Law and is backed by TL-H force). The aqua border is the County of one of the players who after his career in the Navy, joined the Peerage is now a Count and a Shareholder in the PC's Privateering Company.

The most glaring error is to the coreward end of the chart where four subsectors are collectively labeled "the Dark Stars". Most Astrogators have forgotten the original names or even that there are alphabetical designation for subsectors A through D. These subsectors are not dark dying stars, but merely the areas where it is thought the light of humaniti spreading throughout space and time is no more. Time has forgot what was there and now they are merely dark, unknown places. Were it not for the traditional marking of the Old Empires Depot locations, maintained in starcharts since the Fifth Empire one would have no idea what is there. It is a sad and terrible moment for all the species of Man.

Then there is "the Line", while at least it keeps to the standard mode it clearly shows the name probably spawns from an old military map. Most likely it was the most notable order for this subsector. This may still hold true to this day if the threats of a great enemy of humaniti strides nearby stars are fact, not fiction. The underlying tone is reinforced by the name "Fallback" and the implications for the commanders who did not need to confuse the multitude of units with such things as names, merely objectives. The need for entire subsectors to be labeled with such names now, names of all they used to contain reduced by the harsh realities of what seems to be an interstellar war going badly. Now this merely one tired psychohistorian looking at the Data, others may get different results.

This theory can be confirmed again when one analyzes the number of Imperial Depots that are charted in the sector. The standard number of Depots for a sector is supposed to be one. One. A single Depot is designed to see to the logistical warfighting needs of the Empire's Sector Forces. This is backed up records from both the Fifth and Sixth Imperiums, in fact this number has been a standard for many millennium and is rarely deviated from. (There have been documented uncommon cases where two or even more rarely three Depots have been positioned in a sector. This uncommon result is only seen in times of transition, but the Depots often remain in place long after their logical function is rendered obsolete.) The number of Depots in our Far Stars Sector is eight times that in mere number with no calculations for the technology base they were constructed and stocked at, or the force multiplier possession of such artifacts from the Old Empires would grant.

The presence of the subsector labeled "Confederation" admits that most starfarers see the Thersis Confederation as a neighboring interstellar state worthy of respect and its sophonts as honorable people. This under the table recognition of the Confederation allows the Emperor and his Ministers to treat with this State to the rimward without resorting to use of force. It is perhaps, a subtle cue that the Crown may wish this to be so as it is apparent to all that His Majesty is preparing the forces of the Imperium coreward and spinward. High Command has most likely confirmed earlier simulations (run by the Department for several Ministries not to named here) and reminded His Majesty that he was already flexing the might of the Empire, he need not over flex.

There is no mention of the Remnants on current unclassified charts (classified charts may contain other information). This is odd since the Imperium has been clashing in the coreward starlanes with them going on twenty years now. On the other hand he is plainly getting the Empire on a quiet war footing to take at least those worlds which lie inside the Red Line. It is quite possible that the Lords of Parthia will wait too long to respond to these actions. If they do, not only will they be forced to concede the worlds to His Majesty, they may be forced under the Imperial Banner and their holding and titles stripped from them.

And to the spin-rimward (in Subsector Nora) lie the so called "Buffer States", a title that does not bode well for those worlds bearing it. They are between the Confederation and the so called "Free States". The Confederation on the surface seems to enjoy trade, exploration, rekindling the light of the stars among their domains. The obvious threat is from the Free States who appear on occasion aggressive and at times prone to harboring Corsairs and Pirates, in addition to throwing their own stellar might around.

The Free States are a chaotic mess of polities to the spinward of the Imperium and it is a dangerous place for Travellers. One could find great wealth and glory for the Empire and then some. Equally easy to find is long cold trek back to the Imperium with empty pockets on someone else's ship and you're the lucky one. If all the worlds of the Free States turned their combined might and resources against the Imperium they have the potential to damage many plans for the Imperium, the Crown and many others in high places.

This is how the stars align in this bicentennial empire."

Procous is a world run, staffed and supplied entirely by Thersis Confederation Department of Defense employees and service members assigned to the Joint Forces Logistics Command. What it was before current days is lost in the mists of records and time. The population of 546,902 sophonts are governed by the rules and regs of the ConDoD manuals, the law level is low but that is because the punishments can be harsh and a certain decorum is expected of service members. 

Currently it is setup as a forward base if a war should break out between the Seventh Imperium and the Confederation. It is also the site of the second Confederation Research Base, Station Baker, which is still examining the vessels, equipment (and it is said the sophonts) of the infamous Bremishe Incident. 
Library Data Q -
FS 0927 QUELW  A 75A A99-G Wa Ni Cp  {+3} {4AC6) [8D7G], Nob: BE, Base: NWRTC, Zone: Green, PBG 010 Worlds: 6, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: 0, NIL: Natives RU -480, Im.

Library Data R - 

FS 1130 Reboo  B 204 744-B Ic Va Pi  {+3} {9794) [8A1F], Nob: BD, Base: MT, Zone: Green, PBG 031 Worlds: G, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: 0, NIL: Transplants RU 567, Im.

FS 0925 Redsm  C ECA 755-B Fl Oc Ht Bw {+1} {67nn) [98B5], Nob: unknown, Base: T, Zone: Amber, PBG 913 Worlds: 7, Stellar: Primary; F9 V MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Exotics RU 462, Im 

This world is some 22,625 Km in diameter, it is almost twice the size of a T-Standard world. The great mass of this world creates a harsh realization for Travellers used to Terran standard worlds that gravity is a force to be respected with a local surface gravity of 1.75 G 
FS 1623 Ressempo (Subsector Jeroicko) A 454 6CA-D Ab  {unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, Base: unknown, Zone: unknown, PBG 000 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Al. 
Millions of sophonts call this is pre-high population, pre-agricultural world home. It is 6427 Kilometers in diameter and is small by most standards. Ressempo's volume is 0.133 T-Standard and the local gravity is 0.5 G. It is clothed in a thin atmosphere requiring the use of auxiliary breathing system for base humans not used to such thin concentrations. Just under half the world is covered with surface water, it is devoted to local use and may not be dipped with out special permission of the rulers (not even their personal vessels or Imperial ships refuel from these waters). 

The rulers are a charismatic oligarchy led by the present Imperial Peerage currently resident on Ressempo. The local peerage are a Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire, a middle aged Baronet and an an elderly and seasoned Viscount. The law forbids Citizens to possess weapons and this is enforced the Extraterritorial Line. Ressempo's infrastructure supports an effective biological technologies and allows some export of such products through the Imperial Starport. 

The Starport has shipyards and excellent services from vending machines to ImpNet Terminals, many funded by the TAS or IPA. There is a Navy Base and a Scout Way Station present, as well as an Institute presence. It considered a rather Important within the Permatic Imperium.

Library Data S - 
FS 1624 SAUCIL  B 744 973-C Hi In CSa  {+4} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: 0, Base: 0, Zone: Green, PBG 001 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Im.
FS 1223 Shesser  E 685 200-7 Ga Lo Ht  {-3} {6218) [606C], Nob: n/a, Base: 0, Zone: Amber, PBG 000 Worlds: 8, Stellar: unknown, MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Transients, RU -12, Ic.
Shesser is known in the Imperium as a planet of hustlers who take great pleasure in dealing with Travellers but have to be watched or they will cheat you some way.
AMBER: The local "starport" is a Navy rated Beacon. The Scouts had to stop leaving the standard Astrogation Beacon as the locals would strip them down for parts. The current Beacon is buried in a nuke hardened bunker. It is defended by a section of Marine-bots held in a vault within silo for emergencies. Travellers are warned to stay clear of the Beacon when landing and planetside.
AMBER: The sophonts on this world hold to no standard laws. Law such as there are can be very quick and arbitrary. There are no Imperial Authorities currently resident planetside. Travellers land here at their own risk understanding that the Imperium will make every possible effort to recover you or your remains.
Snargufl├╝ge: The Snargufl├╝ge is furred reptilian found on cold, desert planets. It's furred coat is used in cold weather clothing.
(Concept by a Player - Dave Martz.)

Survey:  The Last Grand Survey of the Fifth Empire is best dated by Scholars as have been commissioned in 3000 5IY, some 2503 years ago. By commonly accepted practice most academics round this number off to 2500 years. The Scout Service is composing the Bicentennial Survey of the Domains, Member and Client Worlds and Sophonts.

FS 1327 SUSULA  A 522 BFD-8 Hi Na In He  {+4} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: 0, Base: D, Zone: unknown, PBG 001 Worlds: 0, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Im.

Scout Data Format: FS 0000 Example  X 000 000-X Ab  {unknown} (unknown) [unknown], Nob: BcD, Base: unknown, Zone: unknown, WBG 000, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: 0, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Al.

Scout Protocols: The Imperial Scouts are said to have Protocols, but no Regulations. This is not entirely  true, they do mostly fall on Protocols but there is a Book of Regulations for the Service. it is specifically covers a variety of  subjects. 

One them is the Command and Control by the Imperial Navy of the Scout Service during times of War or Emergency (as Decreed by the Emperor or by Declaration of the Moot, by the Orders of the Minster of War, or First Lord of the Admiralty). During such times the Scouts are bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Imperial Navy and Lawful Orders of the senior Navy (or Marine in special circumstances) officer. It should be noted though the Admiralty Court has a strong tradition of being lenient towards the precedence of the Protocols to the point that several judgements have been decided in favor of the Scout and Scout Service Protocols.

An example of the Protocols can be seen in the twenty ton Drop Tank conversions used by some Type-SF crews to expand the space available while on missions. 

The Protocols call for the single use of a Drop Tank as consistent with standard manufacturer's safety instructions. In order for Drop Tanks to be safely and properly utilized a Starship must be equipped with Jump Bubble technology and as long as they remain firmly locked to the hull, Drop Tanks generally won't cause a Misjump. Knowing this numerous crew keep the tanks on during a Jump and have them rigged out with living spaces, galleys, recreation areas, specialized laboratories, or other custom uses at a private shipyard. A few Drop Tanks have been converted into Lifeboats or even crude twenty ton launches by their crews. 

In the Imperial Navy this would be a punishable offense and probably end the career of the poor junior officer who had thought it would be a good idea. In the Scout the local Administrator would shake her head and tell the crew to get that fixed one these days, maybe lay out some company studies suggesting that it might be a cause of Misjumps, but the Protocols don't allow Admin to punish the crew for having done something non-spec to their issued ship unless it causes actual damage or other mishap of some sort.

Also it is a bit of a traditional Scout competition to see what the most outrageous, most useful, most livable, etc. ideas crews can come up with every couple of years or so. The best Pod overall wins, free perils while in station in, a pool of currencies and oddities from across the stars, plus bragging rights for the Term. In addition other traditional honors, rights and responsibilities are given the winner of a particular category. 

Library Data T - 
Thersis Confederation: 
Trogdaath: A Trogdaath (the word is used both for single and multiple instances, it is said to be named for the sound the first person punched in the jaw by one made.) a large lemur like creature with fur ranging from deep blues to dark purples. These creatures are nocturnal by nature. They are commonly found on high gravity worlds and are known for their "boxing", a method of defending themselves from predators. This practice has led to the popular saying "I'd rather box a Trogdaath!" indicating that the chances of surviving a "boxing match" with a Trogdaath while a painful and possible fatal even with proper safety precautions, is still less dangerous game then the other choice. 
(Concept by a Player - Ted Dulany.)

Library Data U- 
Units of the Imperial and Royal Marines and Armies:

HT 1323rd  Lift Cavalry Squadron
IM 23rd Fleet Marines
IN 22nd Attack Squadron.
RM 9th Royal Marines, His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles.
  • 84th Assault Squadron (Flight Ops)

Library Data V - 

Library Data W - 

Words in the High Tongue of the Old Empires:
  • Akiilaar (family name) 
  • Ekhirama (personal name) 
  • Guushir (nickname)
  • Khukek (a surname)
  • Keshiren (an exclamation of joy and insight)
Library Data X - 

Library Data Y -

Library Data Z -  

Notes on the old High Tongue:
"I got to admegulasha, OK infinite wisdom all in one, got it, yep that could be construed as a library. Cool.
Then I get to argu. OK, the Vilani potato, no problems, then I get to how it is literally the root word of wisdom, and hidden or forbidden knowledge....hmmmm.

Conclusion: Based on the etymological evidence presented in the dictionary section "A_AA" the Vilani potato gets you really high. 

I figure from an anthropological stand point this even makes sense. We know, IIRC, all Terran cultures modifies its consciousness with various natural (and now with science/biochemistry artificial ones too) toxic or mildly toxic and in some cases potentially fatal substances.

So the Shugulii basically had to at some point try the various "edible" food items in small bits and then gain knowledge and when according the the ancient lore, the first shugulii told of the taste of the properly prepared argu, that would give nourishment but with minimal side effects. It could possibly be a right of passage among old school shugulii families. "Here, Candidate shugulii, take this raw argu, eat a portion..." If the Great and Wise Tuber gives them knowledge, they pass, if they do it wrong, possibly mad, or dead. 

Almost last point. This means that literally the Argushii Admegulasha Bilanidin means the Wise, Holder of Forbidden Knowledge, Infinite Tuber of the Vilani. Kind of amusing. I am also starting to see the culture and why it is so conservative, I mean even the way the language is used." 
Source: Student Thornwood in correspondence with Professor Eaglestone.

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