Dept. of Psionicology.



DATE LINE: 2nd Jan 200 PY.


"The Institute is proud to announce that as of this year it has completed the necessary procedures, obtained the clearance of the Admiralty, as well as permissions and waivers from the sponsor (a fine Imperial Navy officer, rumored soon to be attached to the Royal Navy) that they will be offering a new line of cloned psi-ship brains of a limited run to the discerning Naval Architect and client.

The donor is Lieutenant Michael Feng, PhD. of the Imperial Navy Institute who has received Level 3-IN psionic training. He is also a decorated veteran of two major combat actions in the service of the Imperium, receiving both the Starburst of Extreme Heroism and a Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry. As well, Lt. Feng is a Knight of the Order of the Empire, holds multiple degrees in the sciences, including psionicology and has published two award winning papers. He is also a tenured Assistant Professor at the Imperial University of Quelw.

Only 10 of these special order psi-brains are available to the private sector and proper evaluation of potential clients is to be expected.

If you are interested please contact the Institute, Department of Psionicology's School of Naval Affairs for an interview, which includes psionic testing, background investigations and compatibility sessions with the potential ship's brain. If this interview process concludes favorable, the client and architect will sign a contract drawn up with the Institute acting as the Brain's agent. The client then pays the necessary fees. Upon clearance of funds the psi-brain system will be delivered and installed in the Institute certified and inspected ship's computer system. The p-brain will then be linked directly to the ship's system, including sensors, drives, basic computing and entertainment functions and if agreed upon, control of weapons. The client is responsible for maintaining the psi-brains life support and will return to the closet Institute registered facility at minimum every 365 standard days for a period of two weeks for Institute functions.

Note these brains, while cloned, are still living brains. They do retain the memories and personality of the original and therefore under the Great Charter of the Fifth Empire of Man, are accorded Citizenship, including the Social Contract of Rights and Duties between the State and the Citizens. The Psi-Brain and may not be sold, transferred or otherwise kept or treated as property. Doing so is a high Imperial crime and brings grave penalties if convicted.

As per the Interstellar Convention of Psionic Institutes, as amended, the donor will receive life insurance paid for one standard century, a minimum Full Copy (Multiple) licensing fee of MCr 3 and of course the gratitude of the Institute."

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