24 August 2010

A History of the Empire....

Man this is turing out to be a longer project than I expected or intended. Still I think I have the serious History of the Empire, Volume One. First though a final, final proof and then to pass it on to the Board and then some sleep. Had unexpected company which cost me some work time.

Poor players I told them the start date for the Campaign was probably 2432 AD. Ooooops.

Turns out to be a bit later than that.

Well of to finish this Task.


23 August 2010

The Birth of a New Interstellar Empire.

So I have once again started to try and run Traveller. This time using Traveller 5 and after all the collecting of the Spinward Marches and other OTU (Official Traveller Universe) stuff, I find myself running an ATU (Alternate Traveller Universe).

I have sketched out some basic history and a new area full of worlds for the players to explore.

One of these days I might get around to posting the basics, but for right now, have to connect with the Real World and watch the news.