06 November 2012

Metagame: A Tiny Infonugget Regarding the Imperial Armed Forces.

Greetings All,

So, this weeks exciting bit is that I have found the dry erase markers and used them to highlight all the bases on the large printed map on my wall. This allows me to rough out the numbers of Armies and Navies the Permatic Imperium can field. Right now these numbers represent the numbers as of 150 PIY. There may well be some increase in the numbers of both in the intervening 50 years till the Imperial Bicentennial  The Scout Bases don't get counted as of yet. I am not sure how the structure their assets right now.

Another bit i the very crappy draft of an Imperial Army uniform, in this case Class As. Check it out.
The Class A Uniform of the Permatic Imperial Army. (circa  150 PIY)
The Class A Uniform of the Permatic Imperial Army. (circa  150 PIY)

When the Army isn't wearing their Class As (which have some armor and protective capabilities inherent), they are at minimum waring Combat Armor-G or BattleDress-H. They tend to have more slug throwers than the Imperial Marines, but they also have to integrate System level units.

As for the numbers they can field, well there are nine active duty Imperial Armies with three Reserve Armies.  The only Corporate Army is halfway from Capital to the border with the Parthian Remnants. 

The Imperial Navies number sixteen, though I am not sure those are Armadas, Fleets, Task Forces or Groups or even Squadrons. I suspect that they are not Armadas, and I am leaning away from Fleets as well, There also two Corporate Navies. 

Imperial Scout Bases and Waystations number around twenty-three with one Corporate Scout Base.

Well, got stuff to do that is all important and real life unfun stuff, like shopping and bills. Also voting. 



  1. If you're working towards a total of your armed forces, I would tend to ignore the Scouts - unless your scouts take on a more Paramilitary role than the traditional 3I model.

    While the Scouts may deploy large tenders, most of their vessels (again in the 3I model) tend to be lightly armed. Of course, dispersed structure tenders may be redeployable to carry monitors, fuel bunkerage, or troop pods but, traditionally, most scout tenders tend to be under 5000 dtons and closed structures for hauling/servicing X-boats and so not a lot of use elsewhere.

  2. Yeah, but if no can see inside the closed structure think of the interesting things one could shuttle safely covered as just another Scout Service tender moving X-Boats.

    Oh, Vlad's Scout Tenders are not light on the armaments and defenses, it discourages people from trying to snatch the winning Space Lotto numbers. In the core of the Imperium it is mostly a hold over from the first century when things weren't so stable. It was during this time that the Imperial Marshals and the Scouts worked together to keep law and order. Back when the only Imperial service around to deal with crimes were the Scouts, Protocols stated the Scouts should do what they can to maintain and expand civilization. So, the Scouts ended up with limited law enforcement powers to investigate and arrest. They were a tad more heavily armed then too.

    Yes, in the Permatic Imperium, the Imperial Scout Service a more paramilitary service. I find this in keeping with the role. It is amazing the number of covert agents that get seconded to military intelligence from Scout contact teams. I am thinking of letting Scouts take a Term of Agent Career or even letting folks who take the Agent Career to have been Scouts with Intelligence or Contact groups. I will of course have to go back and compare the skill sets.

    Basically, the Scouts have a rep as being a bunch of crazy, rock counting, alien meeting, mail carriers. In truth they do a lot of the real intelligence gathering of the Imperium. They also in times of war function as true Scouts, seeking out the enemy, forewarning of their movements and doing commando type stuff. They function as a large uncounted pool of recon/special forces troops. Also, they can be used as skirmishers.

    Oh, last thing, it would be twenty-four Scout bases. I missed one and on a route too. (Remember kids, getting sleep is required when working on big projects.)

    So that is the basics of my Scouts at the moment.


    1. Nice write up, and makes a lot of sense. Agent/Scout sounds like an interesting career - bit like Texas Rangers or C19th US Marshals.

    2. Thanks. Glad it makes sense to someone besides me. As for your references, pretty much dead on.


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