19 April 2012

Library Data T & N - Terra & New California

Recovered from the depths of "the Stacks" the after at great effort and diligence, we present these fragments of Old Empires history. These entries allegedly date form a First Imperium Imperial University Library. 

 Worlds of the Empire and beyond.

TERRA/Sol [0000] A 877 A6C-B. 

In Imperial Year 20 this world is the Capital of the Empire. Terra's starport has had its war damage repaired and just recently been reclassified as a Class A Starport. Terra's Size and Hydrographics don't change enough to alter their original values. The Atmosphere shows the lingering effects of the ecological disasters of the 21st Century and First Space War and the end of 1st Interstellar War. The Population of Terra is on the low end of the high population worlds spectrum which reflects both the recent war casualties, but also Terra's policy of deporting the excess "useless" population to its colonies. Terra is currently occupied by the Empire and that is reflected in both the Government Type and the extreme Law Level.

12 April 2012

A quick note on Capital Punishment in the Permatic Imperium.

It should be noted that in the Permatic Imperium, if a sophont is to be executed the Imperium will make a copy of the subjects reconstruction mapping data before the sentence is carried out. If it later comes to light that the sentence was incorrect, the Imperium recreates the sophont from the last back up and compensates them for time and resources lost.