26 April 2011

Updates, again.

So, first off welcome all one of you Followers. :D

It is nice to know that I am not just posting into the empty uncaring aether.

Now on the boring parts.

So I have been messing about with my first ATU (Alternate Traveller Universe) and building my first Sector. After many, many questions and prompt answers from the Admin of the awesome Traveller Map I have finally printed out a copy of the FAR STARS Sector of my ATU. I found a few more errors than I had thought there were and had to cull some extra/duplicate worlds, but I think I have a final total. And the grand total of Worlds in the Sector is 643. Those with UWPs generated...ummmm, like maybe two dozen. Yeah, for a Referee I am sort of lazy.

But fear not, I have my first Seventh Imperium Capital generated a small world with a whopping TL-H. Traveller is big on Hexadecimal numbers and I dig them too, but in case you were wondering that is Tech Level-17 which is getting awfully close to that magic TL-20 where in we get to mess with technologies that are darn near magitech. Not quite, but for those that know Traveller it is one TL higher the OTU's (Original Traveller Universe) Sylea, the capital of the Third Imperium.

And yes as you can see if you have bothered to read all the previous posts I once again advanced the timeline. This time though I figure it is nice and far into the future so as to allow for a TL-17 or better world to exist. Which makes the Ref's life so much easier when generating UWPs as I don't have to mess with adjusting it to the Max TL of the Second Imperium which was going to be TL-12 or TL-13. I am just wondering if TL-17 is going to be the highest TL or if I might find a TL-21 world which as I gather is the max for the Traveller5 system generation system. We will see.

Anyway, I have been working on this for a while and foresee much more work so I am assuming I will have more to post once I have the Sector filled out more. Or maybe even completed.

Then once all the worlds are generated, not just placed with a notation showing the presence or lack thereof of Gas Giants, I will work out the important details like what other polities might be out there, where the major Trade and Communications Routes are and of course the Borders.

Well, off to catch up on all the internet goings on that I missed today while working on the Sector. I hope this missive finds you well and I will post more later when I might even have something interesting to write about. Till then, safe Travelling.


PS: If you are interested here is a link to the Traveller Map Blog which is how I got a hold of the Admin. Interesting note (okay interesting to me anyway) if you put tags (excuse me Labels) in, the system places them in alphabetical order, not the order you typed them.

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