13 November 2012

Metagame: Library Data N - Neo-Oregon, a Lost World.

Another bit from the notebooks to tide you over while I am busy putting things together still. Enjoy.

Rumor: The Miner's Union and the Coral Artist Guild are fighting for control of the best metal veins.

Rumor: Neo-Oregon is not so much a colony as an outlet for those who have difficulty with New Californian society. It is a home to rebels, "wild mountain men" and free-thinkers. Also it is where a Confederation Judge oversees the outcast societies with an iron law.

Adventure Seed: One of the sides of the interstellar trade relations blocks of New Cali, either the Guild or the Union (possibly a third party) has discovered the Imperial Scout Vasily Gregoravich, kidnapped him and are planning on ransoming him back to the Empire for advanced technology (the Empire is TL-B). Problem is that the local confederation of pocket empires left over from the last war of the "Old Empire" not only did not share their higher tech with the new Terran colonists, they forbade them from having those techs with out permission of the "Old Ones". The "Old Ones" have only allowed the Terrans two planets, the one which they originally landed at and another one, Neo-Oregon, they have been allowed to colonize (one parsec rimward of New California).

Remarks: Another Imperial Company from the Federation days is Kickstarter Worlds Corporation (KWC). They specialized in setting up colonial infrastructure for future colonists to use while exploiting planetary resources.

One note not in the notebook is the fact that I had to change KWC's name now that I am aware of the Kickstarter site and its real world use. It used to be Kickstarter, but the rest of the info was the same. Just though it should be shared. 

Craig the Busy.

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