29 July 2011

Updates and Session 3 Log.


New NPC Crew for the ISS Sexy:

  • Platoon Lt. Simmons, Walter. [Ship's Troops]
  • Flight Ldr. Alister (Hondo). [Ship's Fighter Element]
  • Mister Allison (Meat Popsicle). 
Library Data A - Abonai Belt: FS 0624 Abonai Belt A0006B9-E Amber.

This belt is actually a proto-planetary disk for the most part. Not so much an asteroid belt as a swirling chaotic mass of still condensing planet fragments, rocks and dust. Everything is nice and still hot. The actual "worlds" of the system are planetoids pulled up out of the disk and place above it in the HZ. They then hollowed out the rocks and use them for various purposes, one is the mainworld/starport, one is the ASSP (Abonai Safety Space Patrol) Base, the other the AISA (Abonai Interstellar Scout Agency) Station, these account for the largest of the planetoids. There are here and there scattered the various free Belters but they compose a small portion of the population. There is one proto-gas giant in the system, but unlike T-standard systems, this one is actually closer to the primary star than the "mainworld" cluster. 

The belt is ruled by a Non-Charismatic Dictatorship backed with high interstellar level technologies. The ruler uses this high tech level and high law level "to maintain public order". Often "Safety" is touted as the reason for the draconian measures, which is a very serious thing when most of you live in the only habitable location…IN SPACE. Space being brutally unforgiving and killing quickly most residents comply.  If asked about the extreme security measures of the Dictator when they could move to another location, such as planetoid, the average citizen will state "Well, it is Class A though, so it's not like your slumming it with the Belters. Here you have nice things." And they will then go on and on about the conveniences of the port and the nice things they believe they would have to give up if they left.

(360-0199 PIY to 008-0200 PIY)

The crew is mustered out at Ressempo and meet their Patron, a Knight Commander of their Order and INI Case Officer. He hands them all their spiffy new paper work, both for getting drafted into INI and for being brand spanking new Privateers. They shop and get to know one and other. Mostly shopping.

The Baron Bohen is looking for offworld technologies to increase the local tech level infrastructure up to TL-8 from its current TL-7. This was part of the reason the Baron went into debt to construct a Class C Starport. In fact most guests that take up an invitation to the Baron's study, so find this out. The Baron is personally into his liege and other patrons for their investment in the starport. The Baron however is playing a very long game, but is worried he may have to play it in a short time. 

Rudy sent the Baron Bohen a old school paper business card. The Baron's Servo-bot returned with a note written on local paper and pen inviting the Count to dinner at his connivence. Rudy made of point of how he loves doing that. The Marine used his design skills to do the client napkin sketch of a new starport with life support input from the Scout, so as to get a meeting. 

The Scout is keeping an eye out for interesting bits of gossip, for instance while at Ressempo he checked the port listings to see any ship's of note were in port. He said at dinner with the Baron, he would keep his ear open.

The Count went to Martique, known on Bohen as a Tailor of great craftsmanship. There he purchased two suits, one for the Scout and another for the Marine to finished within a day for the Baron's dinner. Rudy paid Cr 1000 for the suits and tipped Cr 200 which got the Marine's suit an upgrade to a better base as "…he would look even better in this." The Captain will be wearing his own outfit as will Rudy. The whole gang is dressed with their KE Red Belt and Spurs as well. The Scout will be sans his symbols of knighthood as he is functioning as the group's driver.

(008-0200 PIY to 025-0200 PIY)

((So I discussed Captain Hawk's ship with him and it turns out the Sexy is chrome black and looks like some thing nice and sleek. Like the ships of Naboo out of the crappy prequels, which I can't lie were some really sexy ships. *shrugs* Right now it is looking like probably two, maybe three decks, ramp drops in the back to the cargo bay. Thinking the fighters and the DeeJay are taking up what ever is left of the lowest deck, that and airlocks, landing gear, lifter access, and so forth. Oh, and the Bridge is located on the lower deck at  prow like the Seaview. Upper decks for staterooms and crew quarters and such, well what isn't taken up by the cargo hold, plus Engineering will probably be up here as well.))

Traveller's News Service [TNS]
A Service of the TAS

001-0200 PERMATIC (FS 1725). 

Representatives of the Thersis Confederation are said to be presented at Court later this week. Rumor has it that the Diplomatic Corps will be discussing the fate of several worlds within the Red Line which the Confederation also lays claim to. 

001-0200 Bohen (FS 1224). 

Bohen recently had elements of IN Task Force 6 drop out of jumpspace, land on it, refuel out of the local waters, and then commandeer most of the recent harvest which was being prepped for shipment to various factors about the Imperium. The Navy took what it needed and left those affected by the situation with vouchers to be paid at either a INB or a Capital World. While this will compensate the producers somewhat it does affect the reputation of the world when it can't meet its contracts with various merchant factors. Also the vouchers rarely compensate the bearer for the actual value that would have been obtained on the market, but merely gives the standard unmodified Blue Book value for the good or service commandeered.

The Baron Bohen has several vehicles in his baronial fleet including a six person grav limo (for important guests), a couple of surplus G-Carriers (a mobile Command Post and a utility carrier), plus a four combat cars (militarized air/rafts). All except the limo are off doing various errands. At this time they are dealing with the recent landings by the Imperial Navy. Mostly they are trying to get new shipments together to fulfill there offworld contracts with the merchant factors. How the Baron (who has only held the fief for some seven years after the assassination of his uncle, the previous Baron, and was elevated out of the Imperial Navy) feels about this is unknown at this time.

Arms of the Baron Bohen. (Elevated 001-0193 PIY)

When we last left our Travellers they had stopped off at Bohen and the Count had sent his card to the Baron, who of course invited him and his guests to dinner. The crew got dressed up and I finally got to describing the place. First off there is a population that is vastly spread out over a decent sized garden, agricultural world. The central city is maybe fifty thousand with a peak during harvest operations of eighty thousand. Bohen Down is pretty basic downport and the startown around it is very small. PCs finally got that it was a pretty small place. The Count downgraded from his 3rd best suit to the 4th best suit. It has a bolo since he can't be bothered with a tie, ties come in at 3rd best. Everyone, but Boothe and Mister Alister wore their red belts and silver spurs of their order. Captain Hawk wore in his captain's uniform. So after Sutton hacked the local TL-7 weather sats and found that the day looked good for open vehicles, everybody piled into the air/raft and drove off to the Baron's place. Everybody being Count Interhaus, Captain Hawk, and Misters Sutton, Boothe and Alister (Flight Leader of the Ship's Fighter Element who got to come to dinner since Boothe is playing Driver complete with uniform and cap). 

The Baron's residence is a working farm/ranch some 50 Km from the central city and the down port. The Party got right to RPing the deals for the Baron and such. The Count purchased the vouchers from the Baron for cash on the barrelhead. Then he redeemed the vouchers at INB Denness (FS 0825) for the standard value (need to calculate those numbers). Then he is going to see if his county can cover the Baron's old contracts and get about a 20% bump on the contracts since he is covering everyone's bacon right now. 

Sutton sold the starport napkin sketch with Boothe's rad new LS system to the Baron for MCr 1.5. I assumed since a starport, even a Class C is still some pretty hefty capital. This being the case the price is a bit of steal for the Baron since a real NA construction blueprint is going to go for at least one billion CrImps base and possibly more depending on all factors. They also stated that if they do end up constructing a port off of real blueprints, they want a home there. The Baron agreed, he figures if they built it they deserve to live there. Plus they designed it, it isn't like he could really keep them out if he wanted to.

Boothe got wasted on 7 glasses of the Bohen Riesling  150 that the Count just happened to grab on his way to the Air/Raft. He hates being outside his ship, a bit agoraphobic. Took a sober up when he got back to the ship. Didn't make him check versus vomiting on the ride back to the ship. He stayed in the background mostly.

Captain Hawk requested reserved priority treatment if he does come back, but he did tell the Baron, if he has his druthers he won't ever. Our good Captain did however agree to put the word out to freighters and colonists that the Baron is looking for more of both. 

Captain decided to think about having spoofing installed next annual maintenance. He has decided to invest in enough Lows to put his crew in. At this point I am going with 30 units and that doesn't include PCs who will hopefully escape and bring help in the Packet Yacht that I still have to build. 

The Captain and the Count adjusted their transponders before Breakout. Our careful crew, which is what you get with people with Captain Hawk's upbringing both culturally and from the characteristics of his home planet Jumped in the system under the disk and behind the GG which is in opposition to the cluster of hab rocks. (Need to look up that old JTAS article on 9+ Atmospheres and see what his homeworld is like with a C.) The Captain runs a tighter ship than most IN commanders do. Sutton on Sensor lead discovered the wonders of early Holodisplay in an active system, lots of noise and echoes. I basically told them it was like color TV in the old days and they need to play with the rabbit ears. They didn't detect much other than what might be their local INI contact and something that might not be a ghost on the opposite side of the bubble.

They closed with the firm contact and watched the contact figure out that the Sexy was for sure heading at them. They know this because Sutton is a Sensors wiz and firmed up the signal right nicely. The PCs transmitted their contact squirts and everybody authenticated. About this time Sutton notices that the ghost is a firm contact and the Count suggests running a solution on it. It is heading at them at a pretty good clip, at least 3Gs. The Free Ship Persistence looked to the Captain for orders because they were told they would be getting advisors and help from their INI control. Hawk confirmed they were and ordered Doctor Feng (the Psi-Brain) to Stutterport them off of the Persistence and everyone re-synchs with reality and runs new solutions. Psi handle it pretty well, but other humans know something got violated in space-time, but can't quite figure what  On this sensor sweep they determined that the contact is probably in their tonnage range. Wether one big ship, some mediums or a lot of small ships, they don't know. The Captain then had the Pilot vector toward the unknown closing contact. 

Next session, Battle Under the Belt! :D 

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