30 April 2013

Update: Back in Action.

So Gentlebeings,

Once again I am busy as all get out. So what is going on here behind the screens you may ask?

Well, let's see, first off still working on getting all you Travellers in the 5th Edition a Character Record Sheet out soonish (looking like about mid-May) hopefully just in time for most folks to use in their games. Of course we are still working on the HMS Herald of the Marches as well, which is coming along. M/V Lion Rampant 2 is also being worked on. Plus there are still some NPCs to be Generated for Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque Campaign.

In addition to that it turns out my original Traveller5 Play by Post game on the Citizens of the Imperium website's now closed Private T5 Beta Forum was more interesting than I had realized as I got roped into running another one. Which is cool as I always meant to do more for the first game, but then I got pulled in the Star Chamber and in the end got my first professional gaming credit in the Massive Black Book (MBB). Two actually since I am also credited as an Imperial Shipwright. :D

Since it turns out that quite a few folks were still interested in me running a PbP game, I let myself be talked (is that the right word when we are typing on a forum?) into running another PbP on CotI. This is why you haven't heard from me in a while. It turns out running a PbP game takes a lot of time to get up and running. Right now I have two Scholars (one a Linguist, one a Cyberpsychologist), one ex-Royal Marine (who is responsible for making all characters in the Royal Armed Forces take a Mod -1 to all their Target Numbers in CharGen) and my first non-Organic character, a Robot (who is making me actually read the Robots chapter of T5). There may be an AI character who will be the Brain of the new DDB Lab Ship that the players are looking to get for their Travels.

So, the start of the Campaign is the characters have been Personally Invited to the Winter Ball on Permatic [FS 1725] at the Palace where one of their number is about to be Elevated to the Rank and Title of Baronet as well as be Knighted in the Order of Maltese. This will begin with a flashback of the Imperial Courier Lord Stephen Vilecashar in his Livery hand delivering the Invitations to the various characters. After that, there will be the traveling to Permatic (for those not already there), the Elevations and taking and giving of the Oaths of Fealty to His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor of the Permatic Imperium Vladimir II. From there a State Dinner and then the Winter Ball itself. Then we shall get to their meeting with His Maj and their new Mission. Which right now is looking to be Exploration along with some Trade and Commerce, perhaps with some bits of Military Action here and there as needed, as this was how the Voting broke down in the Poll I posted.

So, if my posting rate seems a bit laggard to you, my dear Readers and Followers, please excuse me as I am really working rather hard back here Behind the Screens. I have not forgotten you as I think this Update shows, just damned busy, as its late posting also shows.

Well, I got to go and get all that work I just mentioned done, so I will close here.

Oh and welcome to my new Followers. Thanks for the support and encouragement.



  1. I'm liking the sketch a lot! Brings the Imperium to life, a little snazzy pomp for the nobles/officials. Poor chap seems to be having a problem with space pirates nicking his feet though! :)

  2. Look you. It wasn't space pirates, he has a rare syndrome and he would like it if you stopped staring at his legs like that. :p

    Thanks. It was just a quick bit to add a bit of color, and I do like to illustrate my games.


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