14 June 2012

Metagame Update: Favicons. For the TL;DR crowd. Condensed infonuggets.

So, I decided to change the Favicon for the Node.

First the image was not square.

Second, I crop the cool image. It is something I am thinking of using pro-styles like anyway. Now it is bloody square, hand cropped after various attempts to get it precisely square for use just like the red letters tell me to in order to use it as a Favicon.

Next, I upload the new copy of a square seal/logo I made back in the day.

All seems to be going smoothly. No red letters yelling dire warnings at me. It saves the new file as the new Favicon. I check the blog in multiple reloads and it does not appeared to have changed to my machine.

NiN is cool, Closer (Deviation and Internal) remixes especially so.

So, just in case I never get the Node's Favicon changed, here is the image at something that is comparatively OMG resolution when compared with a Favicon's resolution. Here is an Official [T5 SATU] Fifth Imperium Emblem of some sort. It implies Imperial backing though.

[T5 SATU] Fifth Empire Bilanidin Emblem
This is fanarking as square as I humanly possible you picky program!

one of the tired yet productive Elder ones.

Also, the new blog Header image.

Fun Time!

Go through all the Posts currently on the Institute Node and write down only the words in italics as they actually, naturally occur. What do you get? Return your results at the end of the Term or before.

Professor M. Thornwood. 

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