10 December 2014

Update: I'm feeling much better now.

So My Dear Readers (and it turns out I do have them, not just Spambots),

I have been decidedly non-productive this month. First I got a nice wet, phlemy respitory infection. While I was ill I found a new D&D game I just had to have over at GOG.com, a module I had heard of since the days of yesteryear, The Temple of Elemental Evil. Is fun and unlike Baldur's Gate (good old THAC0 AD&D of my youth) the ToEE is 3.5 cheeserific! Damn if it isn't fun to drop 3rd Level Spells in one round. And "Crafting Magical Shit For Your Party" Feats. Sure I am a mid-10th Level Wizard and the Bard, Pali, Cleric and Rogue are all 12th moving on to 13th, so my spells aren't as impressive (though I do have my Spell Pen with Greater coming next), but damn my party busts shit in its ass like it owes us money! 

That is the fun parts of the month. Bad part is that after some 22 standard years of being pretty healthy the Ship's Cat has an infected tooth and a hole in his face from where the guk blew it out. Not cool, so off to go deeper into debt and the St. Paul Vetrinarian Clinic to find out I am going to have put together several hundred CrImps to get him up to snuff. Good news is that till then he is on antibiotics and has a cone collar for when I am not around or asleep to keep him from opening the hole more. 

And in gaming news I am considering having an Imperial Legion like the French Foreign Legion that like the FFL is used outside the Imperium proper. Yet while it seems sort of cool as my good friend Rustin (H. Wright) is always reminding is that the French are pretty shitty at Empire. Though as Vietnam pointed out they are good at leaving some else to clean up their mess. In fairness to the French I will point out we Yanks should have told the Frogs to take a long hike off on a short pier after Dein Ben Phu (yeah, to lazy to look up the correct spelling, it is late and hey, I am a "lazy American" :)). Still not sure why after that most righteous ass whooping and display of sheer unadulterated hard core soldiering we even put advisors there much less combat troops. No lie, I still think my armed forces are some of the baddest in the world and sometimes The Baddest Asses in the World, but anybody who humps that much arty over mountains on their fanarnking backs is not just not someone to be screwed with. Especially when they then employ it properly too. Got to love those pre-registered targets. :D

Hmm. Maybe no Legion after all? Comments? 

Till next time, 

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