20 November 2014

Imperial Scout Vessel Something Cool.

Not much to say, winter is here snow and all, been sick, did some OT at non-gaming job.

In gaming life, well, as I said been sort of busy. On the other hand, nice thing about being sick I'd you can still be productive even I'll as shit. In this case a starship project that started as the ship for some players on my CotI (Citizens of the Imperium) Play by Post which the Detached Scout Ranger had possession of, the ISV Something Cool. At first it was just an answer to a quick question that made me realize I need to male up versions of the standard starships that Players can get as Muster Out Benefits. The ISV Something Cool is the first of them. 

It is you basic TL-G Imperial Scout Service starship, the old 100-ton, Type-S, Scout/Courier that in the OTU of the Third Imperium is that much loved funky wedge, but here is a slick lifting body airframe with cool gull wings because Ian Stead is all cool like that. 

I suspect I will end up with a bunch of them one day and then comes a Starships of the Permatic Imperium: Common Starships. Till then check out the styles.

Got deckplans and some nice black and white pics as well. :D 

Well, off to figure out what I am doing for the couple hours till sleep. Enjoy.


PS: Players can email me for a copy of the deckplans, but no posting them. You know just in case any of them are around and curious.

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  1. Hey Craig, have just found your site and this scout post, if i may, i would like deckplans and an image of the ship Ian Stead designed. i love his work.


    see you on coti thanks jay


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