17 May 2011

A Diligent Chronology of the Permatic Imperium.

Here is a second level summation of the various points in the Seventh Imperium's history. It spans from the year 1969 to 2534 of the Common Era (when records get extremely hard to source and accurate dating thus becomes more difficult) to the current Imperial Year 200. It is believed to mostly accurate and reflects current understanding of events according to most Imperial University, Institute and Ministry of Information & Communication's Psychohistory Department scholars.
Subsector Jeroicko of the Seventh or Permatic Imperium

Spaceflight Age. 1969 to 2123 CE documented.

Pre-Jump Age. 2124-2532 CE documented.
Jump Age Begins: 2533 CE documented.

First Terran Federation: Said to last several centuries, ±400. 
<2534-2933? CE>

Formation War: Lasted about 50 years documented. 
<2934?-2983? CE>

Siege of Terra: Lasted around 20 years documented. 
<2984?-3003? CE>

Volcker's (1st) Imperium: Believed to have lasted at least 400 years. 
<3004?-3403? CE>

Dynasty Wars: Generally believed to have lasted at least 100 years. 
<3404?-3500? CE>

Second Imperium: Was considered by most scholars to have lasted 800 years. 
<3500?-4300 CE?>
<Empress Vashti of House Akiilaar (died 4300? CE) of the Sapphire Throne, believed to have died in an accident.>

Second Terran Federation: Said to have spanned at least 200 years. 
<4301?-4500? CE>

Galactic Republic: Is thought to have been in existence for some 300 years. 

Solar (3rd) Imperium: Believed to have lasted a few Centuries, about 300 years. 
<4801?-5100? CE>

Fourth Imperium: Believed to have lasted approximately 700 years. 

Cybernetic Uprising: What records there are show the Uprising to have lasted about 20 years. 

Great and Honorable Fifth Empire: Is believed to have lasted at least millennia. 
<Emperor Rufus XVII, last known Emperor of the Fifth Empire>

Age of Pocket Empires: Believed to have lasted at least 300 years.

Sixth Mighty Imperium: Believed to have lasted as long as 12 Centuries.

Sixth Mighty Imperiums (Spinward & Trailing): Believed to have lasted at least some 300 years.

Interregnum: Believed to have lasted at least 200 years.
Permatic (7th) Imperium: Has survived the Interregnum for  207 years this year.

  • it is commonly held that the Seventh Imperium was founded in 9800 CE and  the current year is 10,00 CE, thus leading to it to be known in some circles as the 10,000 Year Imperium. 
  • The claim of being "the 10,000 Year Imperium" is believed by most to be a product of the Ministry of Information & Communication's Propaganda Section of the Psychohistory Department.
  • Seated on the throne on Permatic is His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa the Second (Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, High Lord of Permatic, Prince-Regent of the Spinward Imperial Domains, Archduke of the  of Far Stars, Prime Spacelord of the Admiralty, Lord of a Thousand Stars., etc.).
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