19 July 2013

Update: Pretty Pictures and Stuff.

So as they say, shit happens and well, I am catching my share. Things in the real world are all sorts a screwed up and may be getting worse. Or better, but probably a combination of both.

Anyway, still working on Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque character gen and vetting. And now with transcription added to the task. But it does pay and I do get to claim some Professional Gamer income on my next tax returns which will rock.

Real life jobby-job (Tee started that one) is possibly going sideways on me, but we'll see. And the heat for us here in the supposed temperate, not tropical Northlands is freaking ciller (having an Eddie Murphy flashback, deal or laugh, either way, I am leaving it. :p).

Again though, I have been scribbling in the notebooks and have some pictures with data. This one is on the Imperial Currency, Credit Coins to be specific. While these coins (as well as bills which I will have to do up later unless some one volunteers for the job, or I can get them to volunteer. Tee-hee.) are seen throughout the Imperiums, they are mostly confined to TL-8 or less worlds, or low population worlds. Most TL-9 societies will have a mix of analog currency and digital currency. By TL-C+ one rarely sees hard currency. Well, unless one is hanging out in the really poor or worse complete low life areas. For some reason the black and grey markets are not too keen on the digital stuff. Then again, some folks down there won't take currency. Information, favors, markers, trades of goods or service, yes, but not currency, but then you don't hang out in such places do you now Citizen?

Enjoy, and know that I may be slacking on the posts, but I am still working back here and I do remember that some of you actually read this stuff. By the way, thanks again for that, keeps me doing it.

Anyway, without further boring reading stuff, I give the Imperial Credit Coins (first draft). This is a guide to the Imperial Credit Coins. It is issued by the Imperial Treasury and in their universe has waaaay better images for the coins. Maybe even "amaze the Natives" good. Of course I have a Referee Only section for the important bits, but I don't think I will post that just yet.
CrImp Coins are created by a sophisticated TL-G (16) process using a unique alloy consisting primarily of the proper "base metal" (Copper for fractional CrImps, silver for Cr 1-10, gold for Cr 25, 50, 100, and platinum for Cr 250, 500, 1000.) Imperial Cr coins do not tarnish. Or at least none that have been minted and circulated since the year 0 PI have shown any sings of aging.
Imperial Cr coins are favored currency on the lower TL, pre-Jump worlds for their workmanship, detailed embossing (the front) and engraving (the back) and non-variable standard weight/mass as much as they are for their monetary value.
Some low tech worlds have begin using the coins as a standard of measure in local dealing civil and criminal. For example, merchants on Dicudl [FS 1831] E 243 677-3 Ni Ic use CrImp coins as the base international exchange currency.
[T5 ATU] Permatic Imperial Treasury - Mints - Currency (Coins) Guide
[T5 ATU] Permatic Imperial Treasury - Mints - Currency (Coins) Guide

One of the first things, Rick (a friend who was there since the beginning) said that I shouldn't necessarily make them round. I can't remember which of us came up with it, but I am thinking of something like the scoring sticks in Mahjong, which are super cool. 

Last, a mis-struck Cr 52 coin.
Find below an example of a rare mis-struck Credit (Imperial) coin, in this case the rare Cr 52 or the Dyslexic 25. These coins were minted and circulated due to sophont error in data entry. Many lots got out into general circulation and remained in private hands, mostly wealthy collectors or speculators. They usually fetch around KCr 300 when they can be found and purchased or loaned.

To find a Dyslexic 25.
Duration: 2D days.
7D (5D Uncertain) < Edu + Skill (+1 if TL-C+, +2 if High Pop)

Value: Cr 52 * 1D * KCr 2.
Example: 52 * (1D = 3) * 2000 = Cr 312,000

To conclude the transfer, loan or sale, use the Personals (T5 Core Rules, page 184).
Permatic Imperium Mis-Cast Cr 25 Coin
Permatic Imperium Mis-Struck Cr 25 Coin

Well, it is late for me and I have to go to real life job tonight. *sigh* Forgive the lack of proofing this time, as you know normally I put several rounds in of it, but again, tired and work. And fanarking hot!



  1. Hi Craig, It's your sister. Hoping you are well. Missed seeing you when we were home this summer. Drop me a line when you can, or you can follow my blog: "Sand In My Boobs". With love from your little sis, Gen =)

  2. Holy crap! Image seeing you here?

    Heya! Hope things are good with you.

    I for some reason did not get notified when this went up. Hmmm, now I must check settings and the other threads... What else have I been missing?


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