22 June 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Yeah, I am falling behind in posting recently, but really I do have a good reason.

That reason being that I am in the midst of setting up my actual real live players with characters and a really nice ship. And by really nice ship I mean a TL-G, Anti-Matter powered, 1200 ton, Privateer ship, complete with a 100 ton Yacht in a hold, five Fighters in their hangar and a 57 ton Utility Cutter. Also a Platoon of Ship's Troops. Oddly though, no Low Berths. On the other hand they do have a nice Medical Section, a Garden and recreation facilities.

So please excuse me for being a bit lax in posting goodies for you all, if you would be so kind.

Now for what has been going on:

Players have finished CharGen finally and the tally is:

  • One ex-Navy Count who seems to attract enemy fire and is rich as all get out
  • An ex-Scout but without a Type-S but who is really, really good in a VaccSuit and working with ship systems.
  • An ex-Marine Lt. Col. who of course like all Imperial Marines is a nicely rounded death machine given the right tools, and yes, he is BattleDress qualified.
  • An ex-Merchant Captain who ended up with some retarded amount of Ship Shares (to the tune of 24) and is owner of said 1200 Privateer.
  • And last but not least an ex-Agent and Knight of the Empire who is really annoyed that he didn't get Psi (in MTU Psionics aren't the stigma they are in the OTU).

As usual, they have already plastered me with questions on this and that. Probably the most interesting one is wether a Psi can teleport past a Black Globe. Man did they want one of those, but I had to firmly explain that while His Majesty may let them be privateers and have a Navy rated AM Power Plant they for sure are not getting their hands on such a mighty technology as a Black Globe.

And so with the sandbox created, the PCs generated and a spiffy, sorry streamlined sexy as the owner demanded it be listed as, ship it looks to be about time to see what kinds of trouble they are going to get into.

For those of you looking to see more background of the Seventh Imperium, stay tuned. For even as you read this I am pondering the various religions of Imperial Domains and will try and post something regarding them soonish. Though feel free to post any ideas you don't mind me swiping and using and abusing.

So, that is the latest from the Institute and here's hoping that you find it informative, entertaining or in some way useful.

Laterness fellow Travellers,

PS: Welcome to our 3rd Follower! I swear a few more of you and I might actually feel like I have something of real value here. Thank you all again for your patronage of this little blog. It is much appreciated and makes me actually have to post so as you all feel you are not wasting your time following me.

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