19 May 2011

A Pictorial History of the Emblems of the Previous Imperiums.

Not much to say. They aren't particularly good, but I didn't stress as they are just sketches. ("Best is the enemy of good enough.") There are a few still missing but this the collection of Imperial Badges throughout history.

Emblem of Volcker's Imperium.

Emblem of the Second Terran Empire.

Emblem of the Solar Empire.

Possible Emblem of the Fourth Imperium.

Emblem of Empire V.

Emblem of the Spinward Sixth Imperium.

And that would be that.

1 comment:

  1. Missing are the Emblems for the First and Second Terran Federation (which might actually be mislabeled here as the 4th Imperium's).

    Also in need is Emblem of the Galactic Republic. Plus other players if any, like the Institute's logo, major companies, etc..


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