18 October 2012

Update: More from Adventure A: The Abonai Venture!

Below is another example of the work going on these days. It is one of the Scenes from Act 1 where characters hustle for Patronage and get that last minute gear if they can just squeeze out another fanarking Cr 100. It features a Navy officer handing out jobs on an otherwise unassuming agricultural world. Sure the Imperial Navy did just stop off there after topping off on fuel and vouchering a sizable chunk of the products in the port for shipment to waiting customers, but as far as anyone knows Bohen isn't on the usual IN logistical routes.Not that it matters, Citizen, you said something about being interested in slavers did you? 

Act 1. Mustered Out, Appointments with Patrons.

Scene: Captain Everett Wellington, IN (KCE). Our heroes have heard tales of slavery and are running them down. Following up on these tales in certain circumstances results in a quiet encounter with the Imperial Joint Intelligence Service. They get more detailed SITREP and a Limited Imperial Warrant.

Slavery is still against the Imperial Charter and HIs Majesty wishes to put a stop to Abonai's use of it on a world of the Imperial Domains. The Navy wants the Depot. If the crew takes the Warrant the Navy will see to refueling the ship, rearming it within their limits, and other logistical assistance. IJIS itself will also give the characters some basic support such contact with Free Traders who have done business there and contacts with the Abonai rebels in the belt.


Captain Everett Wellington, IN (KCE). Captain Wellington is a protege of Admiral Neville Worthington. The Admiral holds a high-level office in the Imperial Navy's Logistics Command and is rumored to involved in the Navy's intelligence arm. The good Captain was groomed by the Admiral for his current billet with Imperial Naval Intelligence (Spinward). In this position he is tasked to gather, digest, analyze and report the latest intelligence with an eye for operations in the Free Spinward States. He is not only looking out for threat coming from one of the Free States, but he is also keeping an eye out for movements in to the area by Parthian forces and intelligence agents attempting to penetrate or test the Realm's defenses. He is serious about his work and doesn't have much of social life as far as anyone knows. He is also very closed mouthed and is skilled in dodging questions he can not answer due to the security constraints of his position. 

The actual Chart of the Far Stars Sector (circa 0200 PIY) proudly displayed on my wall.
And this is my new wall art. Cost an arm and a leg, lots of ramen, tuna and cheese in my future, but totally worth it right now. Not at all finished, but it does have the Permatic Imperium, the Parthian Remnants, and the Buffer States completed. The Thersis Confederation, the Free Spinward States, the Boothe Cluster and the Dark Stars still need to be finished, from generating UWPs and Extensions to getting Boothe's player to roll up Starports, Bases and TLs for his Discovery Worlds. The map also helped me as I thought it would visualizing what is happening on the large scale. I had an epiphany regarding X-Boats and why they have no Maneuver Drives (and am using a really good one off of the CotI T5 Private Forum), how armed forces can be moved about, and how His Imperial and Royal Majesty plans on taking back those worlds inside the Red Line. So yeah, it cost me, but much like many things in life, it is worth so much more because of that cost.

Also, it just looks cool. And it represents more Traveller Star System Generation than I have done up till now. Before when I had the new rules I did up some starships and generated a Subsector to the spinward of the Marches. Here I am working with a whole Sector, multiple states and powers and I am still not finished. Yikes, this playing for a living is hard work. 

In other Adventure news, I have the UWPs and Extensions done for most the worlds in the Adventure (and two that are reachable, but are not part of the Adventure, I only did them since a bit of them shows on the local map as it stands). A few already have write ups and need a bit more fleshing out. The others need a lot of work and almost all of them need their Stellar Data generated. And this just a mere dozen worlds of an entire Sector's worth. 

So next on the list is generating all the System Data, do a small write for each world, flesh out any significant Worlds such as ABonai Belt, do at least one Scene for each one and do write ups of major NPCs. Just the quick list. There are other things. Like I need some art and stuff.

Another bit added is the mysterious COSDET, mentioned in a later Act. It has a brief outline of the unit and a TOE for those into such things. 

Well, catch ya on the flipside.

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