20 December 2012

Metagame: Yet More From the Voluminous Notebooks.

 Greetings all,

As we await the probably not end of the world this Friday, I figured I better post something since come Saturday, it's going to be just another December day (though probably unseasonably warm here for the Northlands). And since life will go on and I will be jus that much closer to having my Traveller5 book and associated goodies (TAS, Knighthoods, Title, T-shirt, Jump Drive, loads of dice. The works, baby!), I should get back to work.

So, while I figure out what I need Bill to draw, I will once more post some of the stuff I have written down in the notebooks. As usual, the entries are brief and varied in nature. I hope they meet with your satisfaction. Enjoy.

Jump Stuff.

Flight Plans are registered with the ISPA Traffic Control, who then check your plan to see if the Jump Line is clear of expected traffic for the week. A Jump Plot may be rejected by Traffic Control if the plot intersects a previous or an expected plot which crosses the filed plot  All plans are given a clearance to help prevent collisions upon arrival in the next system. They still happen though, no system is perfect. 

Jump time is unknown It can be predicted, but never nailed down till after the big red button has been pushed. And even then it can sometimes be wrong. Sort of like the estimate you get when the computer is doing a long and complex action. 

Right now, I am leaning toward Up and Out for leaving the system and Down and In for arriving. 

Planetary Assault forces tend to make running Jumps, while Battle Squadrons tend to make zero vector Jumps.

The Diver's Chair.

While thinking about what kind of Relics of the Old Empires, I decided I need some non-uber ray guns or teleporters. (Besides, they already have these, they are called Psionics.) I though of a Diver who lead a team through a Dump for a failed quest, but they did bring back a chair. When asked why, they claimed "Because it is the most comfortable chair I ever sat in and I wanted to keep that feeling." What other properties might it have? Perhaps a Rumor Chart would be in order.

The Old Federation. 

The actual name for the old Terran Federation was the The Federal Union of Terra, the Belts and Colonies.

Friendly Fire Bullets.

High TLs munitions that can tell friendly or neutral units from hostile ones. They divert from their flight path, abort or do not deliver their payload or effect to friendly units.

Some Customs of House Interhaus.

A custom of the House of Interhaus are the Canes of Authority. There are only three and they are crafted from ancient materials from Terra (or so it's said). The Ivory cane is the symbol of the Leader of the House of Interhaus. The Jade cane is received for the House's hair (the first child) and he Ebony cane is carried by the Spare or second child. A saying of the House "When the Spare becomes Leader, there is despair in the world."

Well, hopefully that will keep you entertained and further educated about the Permatic Imperium. I should probably get some sleep in here as i have to up and about tomorrow. 


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