10 December 2012

Update: I don't want to go on the cart!

I'm not dead yet.

I haven't posted because, I hate the keyboard on my "not a tablet computer". Also, the dread HD crash took my dear Victoria and then the net went down and so on. Basically, that damned Real Life crapped on me there for a while.

Still, things are looking up and I will be back up and running soon.

And last, a very big "Aw, shucks. I was just doing my job, but thank you." to Kobold for putting me on his "these blogs are cool, but small" award (I forget how to spell the proper title and just woke up) list.

Seriously, I am rather chuffed to have once again inspired someone. I am glad to see your going to be keeping up with your Travller universe. I should be popping by to cath up very soon. After I post another batch of notebook ideas I jotted down, well wrote down, I don't have a Parker Pens Jotterat the moment. I do love that pen. All future looking when I was a kid. Love that brushed aluminum.

So that is the haps, right now here at the Intstutue. I'll be back.


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