27 April 2014

Update: Still Alive & Working.

So, just another quick note dear Readers.

It looks like the County Ories may have a new Count named and in CharGen, this makes four PC Nobles in my meta-verse: Count Jowern, Count Ories, Baron Redsm, and Baronet Pecias. Yep, the Great Game of Houses is starting to take shape.

I am doing some more professional writing (jamming on it tomorrow in fact) and have a new art project, a Ranger Warrant Card that gets issued to all Scouts who elect to take a Term in the Ranger Branch. I got a player who is one so, I thought it would be cool to do one up. Also, I really should start working up the various Patents for my Nobs. Armed Services personnel already got the second draft spiffy Medals that I thinking of asking Ian if he might do them up proper, but I don't know if he is comfortable with cloth. Well, virtual cloth anyway, for the ribbons.

Well, very long, hectic and tiring day. Sorry, no pretty pictures or long ass rambles today. Maybe later. Till then, travel safe.


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