24 October 2014

The Vision Thing.

So gentle readers,

Yes, I live still even though not posting a lot. And while not posting I have been working. Bought and paid for one ship, M/V Screaming Penny artwork and blueprints, also have another one in the works. Also, I have put some time into the Traveller5 SophontMaker and now have one Minor Human Race, the Bibickians (a heavy worlder race) and two different Native Intelligent Lifeforms of the Far Stars, both the previously featured Voodgi and the Edendextu of Permatic [FS 1725]. 

Yet more things done, starting work on taking all the stuff here and in the DropBox and notebooks and putting together a Setting Book for the Permatic Imperium. And here I hit the real work. The fine Don McKinney has looked over my initial Far Stars sector data and suggested that I "leave room for the Death Star" and not over detail the sector. I fear he may be right, even though my love of detail rails against the idea. Turns out though that I may have an out, those lovely new Hop Drives (10 parsecs per trip) and some interesting thoughts on TL-G+ (16+) by my Patron at Court, Robert Lord Eaglestone which suggests that once the Fantastic Drives hit the standard Traveller sectors might not be so important. Since I have had such drives in my Traveller Universe since I first saw them in Beta I think I shall do up the Far Stars as Don suggests and then figure out what the rest of the Riftborne Domains look like under the new exploration and settlement model.

So, know that I am still alive and working, just trying to figure out how to apply my vision. Which is also leading me decide if certain types of government are going to be stricken from the Imperium and one will have to travel in the ex-Imperial worlds to find a solid Religous Dictatorship. And I use that one as an example since I am also thinking of moving my Permatic Imperium "Past Such Silly Superstitions" as religion and dictatorships in general as well. I mean I do have an empire in which all sentient species are free persons, even non-organic and created species. Now, the bad guys (and yes, my empire is a goody-goody light empire, so thus the good guys) might be tyrrants and twisty high priests because you always need a good villain so for all you lovers of might makes right and don't question the gods can still have your "fun" just do so outside the Imperium for your own safety. :)

Oh, and last a big "hello" to my spammer bot from M88 who sometimes does write things that almost look like a human wrote them and two or three that I was tempted to respond to till rational thought returned. 

And for those who read the whole thing behold an early sketch of the ISV Something Cool. Not the actual look at the moment, but it is pretty and I may design a ship to match it someday. Still, I thought it was cool and Ian Stead deserves some plugging. Also pictures are cool.

Enjoy and be well.


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