21 April 2014

Update: Working on paper.

This is a very, very brief post. Mostly the picture below of a CrImp 1 note in progress. Then off to see a documentary about a Dune film since I am all sorts of nerd like that.


See I told you I would do more with currency in the Impermium, and behold I sort of deliver. :D



Movie was awesome and explains to me why the fanark it rains on Dune at the end of the standard by which all optical versions of Dune must live up to, the much loved and hated Lynch version.

Meanwhile some progress on the Imperial Treasury Note. (yeah, a bit late I remembered the proper mint term for a paper currency unit. Well, by modern US standards. For the coinage, I have decided to look out side the US as there are more low TL worlds in my Sector Data than I thought. I am thinking of using the database I have built originally for 200 PI, instead as the base Year 0 or 100, 150 or even -50 PI just before Vlad shows up. The Edendextu would still be ruling the roost and if there is NIL on Quelw they too have a small space empire. Comments, dear reader?

Anyway, tomorrow is a very busy day full of work and not a lot of time play with currency for the rest of the week. So, realize there is still some bits missing, but it is much better than the above.

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