01 July 2015

Update: I am still alive and kicking. In other news, Ship's Cat still dead.

So things have been less than productive here since the death of my beloved Reznor, but I promised him His Name in Books so I carry on and try to get back to being a productive human being and small business owner. 

To that end many things to report. But few I can talk about. :p

Yep, got me some of them there secret projects that folks sometimes get to shadow brag about. Can't say much but suffice it to say I am writing again, Shipwrighting and doing other such professional creation. 

What I can talk about is my physical T5 License is on it way, in fact should be to Marc so hopefully, fingers crossed or your other favorite superstition I might even have genuine product out by say maybe GenCon...maybe. But as the Great Don McKinney says "No Dates!". 

This means getting more stuff ready to start serious work. Some of it is done, not sure if I mentioned this but the Voodgi are done as far as pro artwork goes and they look properly alien. I love the ugly little buggers. And Tim Osborne is awesome and really helped me get them out of my head as they should be. (And he is paid finally too, what with kitty cancer putting a huge hole in my pocket. Them kitty narcotics ain't cheap kids, I really feel for the human population that has to deal it.) His drawing made me realize how humans interact to the Voodgi visually and probably a bit culturally. 

Other things I have been messing with is the Permatic Imperium and datamining the starcharts. 

This is one of the final products of that datamining. I decided to see what trade between the ports of the Imperium looks like and if any patterns might show. The rules are on the pick and I killed my crappy hand drawn hexes since SciFiInterfaces.com taught me to kill anything that interferes with the user's ability to get use out of the interface. Also, they were pretty crude and ugly. 

Now that I have this chart I will now have to reevaluate the worlds of the Imperium and figure out where the Imperial Treasury, the Imperial Star Port Authority, and the Ministry of Trade & Commerce will be upgrading the ports. Which might also cause upgrades to Population and TL, Governments may change if they are too harsh, but otherwise probably little modified. 

So, that is that and I will close here. Enjoy. Comments by humans or machines not trying to sell me crap I neither want nor can afford are of course welcome as always.


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