15 July 2011

More Library Data...

More background of the Permatic Imperium, via the Library Data Terminal near you.

Library Data A - Astro U: FS 1133 Astro U  UWP: C 000 889-B  S As Va Ph Na, Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Zone: Amber, PBG 831 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, Bf

Astro U or more properly Asteroid University, is known for its School of Design, Their gravball team is the Rocks and supports are prone to shouting "GO ROCKS!" during matches.

Library Data B - FS 1921 Balican  D 515 420-6  Ic Ni, Nob: n/a, Base: 0, Z: Green, PBG nn0 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, Ic  
This world was bombarded on starting on 431-0182 during an insurgency. The insurgency was so well planned that the insurgents took control of portions of the Imperial starport. The Imperium responded to the seizure with His Majesty's 9th Royal Marines. While the Marines were taking the port back the bombardment of the planet was begun. First by Imperial Navy ortillery directed by Imperial Marine units on the ground during the initial invasion and then later by Imperial Army units in the mid-stages of the invasion. The Army, unlike the Marines and Navy, stuck around to help with rebuilding and the Base on Semazoo (FS 1820 C 302 47A-7 M Ic) sees much recruit traffic from this world from Balican residents who were raised then. 
It is known by those who were in combat as the Bombardment of Balican and to historian and others as the Rebellion of Balican. It is direct cause of there only being some 72,705 sophonts left resident there. Those survivors, are heirs of survivors of the Bombardment get a say in and those numbers are kept very carefully in capital city of Balican get a Vote in World Matters. other persons allowed a Vote by previous Vote

Library Data B - FS 1224 Bohen  C 666 555-7 Ga Ni Ag Pr Ht   923 Ic  
The Baron Bohen has been doing much to increase the value of his holdings and constituents. This world is still roomy as most of the population is spread across it in various agricultural arenas that support the planet. The Baron is said to offer excellent conditions for those who chose to settle there. So far the results appear to be paying off. The Baron is also the leader of the world's feudal technocracy which enjoys the support of the people due to the new wealth created by access to the interstellar markets created by the construction of the starport. Supporting this starport is leading the planet to developing the infrastructure to support starships, currently they have only local planetary travel systems in place. 

Library Data C - FS  0823 Cesabe   C 757 7AB-8 Ga Ag   001 Worlds: D Im 
"Herbert the Stoic rules Cesabe with a gentle hand. He bears the weight of ruling with shoulders of bonded superdense, the people's trouble his own. His tireless efforts have led Cesabe to the stars." While many different beliefs are held by the natives of Cesabe, they all draw together when threatened from outside. For all their xenophobia they still maintain relations with interstellar society though the dockside ritual, traditions and sometimes obscure legal codes can make that more difficult to conduct business here.
Library Data D - FS 0825 INB Denness   A 788 466-D Ni Pa Pe,  Base: N,  Zone: Red, PBG:  611,  Worlds: 6 Im 
This world is entirely given over to the control and use of the Imperial Navy. The high technology base allows for the maintenance of Colonial Fleet Vessels and is also an Academy with ANM Schools present, some of which are conducting research aimed toward helping worlds reach their full agricultural potential. This does not actually benefit the base as the efforts are too small scale, but most worlds do not have the Navy Logistics Command keeping them fed either. As this is a Navy world the locals are a homogeneous, xenophobic group that communicates in its own "secret language" that outsiders can not penetrate.

Library Data E - "Empires of Man, Size" Some say that the original copy has a small note in the spin-rimward corner "here there be monsters" though this has never been confirmed by any historians of the piece.

"The Scale of the Empires of Man" Unknown artist. Circa 87 PIY.

Library Data F - FS 1929 Fort Etour (formerly Pixiant)  B 403 86A-E Ph Na, Nob: n/a, Base: M, Z: Green, PBG nn1 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, Im.
This fortified world is named according to Imperial tradition for the first Army casualty reported when the Insurgency of Pixiant officially was turned over to the Army. The world lost its name and became a Fortress World when the Crown's forces were required to put down a local rebellion that had resulted in the death of Baroness Harkness, several knights and Imperial officials.
Library Data H - "The meaning of the Heraldry of the Order": The three golden suns on top signify the three Empires of Man, they shine on a field of imperial purple. These were the great ages of the Imperium and Man. The ermine represents the sovereign to whom the order owe their oaths, allegiance, and charges. The sovereign is guiding light of the Imperium and the order is there to preserve that light. The golden beacon on the purple base represents the pages, squires, knights and officers in the service of the order itself, and their charge to act as "a Beacon of Inspiration to the Citizens and Subjects of the Imperium". This gives the characters some concept of the conduct expected of them for the return of the patronage of the order in "this most just and Holy cause on behalf of the Triumvirate of the Church of Abraham and the Emperor."

Library Data I - IRAD: A ship's "serial number" or "VIN" is a designation officially known as an Imperial Register of the Admiralty Designation. This is the ship's official identification, license to operate, and declaration of responsible parties. This is part of the so called ship's Black Box. It is the key to all sorts of information to the curious and diligent Traveller and much can be learned about a ship with this designation in hand. Of course it is an amazingly long and drawn out thing to say on comms and even in person so it of course has been shortened to its convenient acronym, the IRAD. For those who know the dropping of an IRAD in certain circles can be the start of rumors about the ship that bears it, good and bad.

Library Data I - Iridium Card: An Iridium Card is accepted at all Imperial banking institutions, all Class A and B Starports, most Class C Starports and is considered to be the sign of untold wealth. Iridium Cards are issued to Imperial Ministers, Nobles, MegaCorp executives and other wealthy individuals and are said to have no limit. While this may be true a cardholder trying to buy ten thousand fusion rifles will attract notice in a few circles. One could expect agents of the Treasury to show up asking questions followed closely by investigators for Ministry of War in such a case.

Library Data L - FS 2004 Last Known X 225 000-0 Gas Giant present. This nonaligned world lies in the Dark Stars in the currently accepted direction of Ancient and Lost Terra.
Library Data M - "Military, Rule 22": This rule cited most often regarding actions such as the Rebellion of Balican where it apparently was cited by a Ministry of War document denying the use of Cadet Corps of the ANM School during the Rebellion of Balican. It is for this reason it made its entry in the the Library. 
The original scholars of the topic of the "Bombardment of Balican" first had to thread there way through the torturous labyrinth that is the Imperial Bureaucracy when queried about some pieces of Imperial law. Then after that they were often only given any real help after the Bureaucracy has sent them the ritual number of times to the Ministry of War who of course transferred the problem to the AMN, who after investigation by internal review passed it back to High Command who then when to the Admiralty, who turned in the end to the Imperial Marines. Eventually the after the CO of the Royal Marines refused to see to the mater, it bound back up the chain to the original researchers and the user of this Library owes them for its existence. 

Rule 22 was established during the reign of His Majesty Zhi Peng the Careful, who was known for having his paperwork covered. When forced to act the Imperial Will came backed by some hefty volumes of real low tech paper in instances of very serious charges such as treason or grave malfeasance. Even those cases where the impact was generally thought to be negligible, the Bureaucracy churned out many a page. Thus it was decreed by Imperial Edict that there shall always be some exception allowing any negative action taken contrary to law to be denied by Imperial Ministers or their Agents when acting in His Majesty's name. This has led to Imperial Ministries Press Offices scouring for multiple instances of a similar nature  looking for "the catch" as it is called when one finds the exception demanded by invoking Rule 22. Journalists generally understand that the rule is used to gain plausible deniability and often won't mention it unless no other avenue is permitted. In the end it is often thought to mean that an instance of negative conduct in one case is proven to be a false claim it may very well be true somewhere else and the Imperium would like the issue to disappear.

Library Data N - FS 0824 Nalingr   D 476 574-6 Ag Ni   703 Ic   
This agricultural, non-industrial world is populated by hundreds of thousands of a very strange culture with esoteric occult practices. Despite the difficulty in understanding the culture of those that chose to settle Nalingr they are still open to outside contact and seem to enjoy it. This Imperial Client is choice world to conduct trade on. Agricultural products can be picked up often in exchange for some offworld technologies, especially entertainment and farming tools and systems.
Library Data R - FS 1623 Ressempo   A 454 6CA-D. 
Millions of sophonts call this is pre-high population, pre-agricultural world home. It is 6427 Kilometers in diameter and is small by most standards. Ressempo's volume is 0.133 T-Standard and the local gravity is 0.5 G. It is clothed in a thin atmosphere requiring the use of auxiliary breathing system for base humans not used to such thin concentrations. Just under half the world is covered with surface water, it is devoted to local use and may not be dipped with out special permission of the rulers (not even their personal vessels or Imperial ships refuel from these waters). The rulers are a charismatic oligarchy led by the present Imperial Peerage currently resident on Ressempo. The local peerage are a Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire, a middle aged Baronet and an an elderly and seasoned Viscount. The law forbids Citizens to possess weapons and this is enforced the Extraterritorial Line. Ressempo's infrastructure supports an effective biological technologies and allows some export of such products through the Imperial Starport. The Starport has shipyards and excellent services from vending machines to ImpNet Terminals, many funded by the TAS or IPA. There is a Navy Base and a Scout Way Station present, as well as an Institute presence. It considered a rather Important within the Permatic Imperium.

Library Data S - FS 1223 Shesser   E 685 200-7 Ga Lo Ht   Amber 800 Ic  
Shesser is known in the Imperium as a planet of hustlers who take great pleasure in dealing with Travellers but have to be watched or they will cheat you some way.
AMBER: The local "starport" is a Navy rated Beacon. The Scouts had to stop leaving the standard Astrogation Beacon as the locals would strip them down for parts. The current Beacon is buried in a nuke hardened bunker. It is defended by a section of Marine-bots held in a vault within silo for emergencies. Travellers are warned to stay clear of the Beacon when landing and planetside.
AMBER: The sophonts on this world hold to no standard laws. Law such as there are can be very quick and arbitrary. There are no Imperial Authorities currently resident planetside. Travellers land here at their own risk understanding that the Imperium will make every possible effort to recover you or your remains.
Library Data S - Snargufl├╝ge: Furred reptilian found on cold, desert planets. 
Concept by a Player.

Library Data T - Trogdaath: A Trogdaath (the word is used both for single and multiple instances, it is said to be named for the sound the first person punched by one made.) a large lemur like creature with fur ranging from deep blues to dark purples. These creatures are nocturnal by nature. They are commonly found on high gravity worlds and are known for their "boxing", a method of defending themselves from predators. This practice has led to the popular saying "I'd rather box a Trogdaath!" indicating that the chances of surviving a "boxing match" with a Trogdaath while a painful and possible fatal even with proper safety precautions, is still less dangerous game then the other choice. 
Concept by a Player.

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