30 January 2016

Metagame: The Actual Imperium.

First off, welcome back and thanks for reading (even if you are new here).

Second I am reading this: http://twilightgm.blogspot.com/2015/11/remote-control.html and it does raise an interesting point, back in the LBB days, the Imperium went from distant and thus unable to do much about pesky "Travellers" doing all sorts of hinky stuff, along with MegaCorps, minor Nobles and of course the odd Mercenary unit or Merchant Prince to much more powerful and involved government that was closer than it was when it made its appearance in Imperium and LBB Traveller.

Which is cool. And seems a smidge of a problem with The Imperium standing not one Hop away with ridiculously high tech goodies to pull out their ass. I have established not only does The Emperor of the Permatic Imperium have Hop ships, He has antimatter power plants and creators, transmat on the local scale on board His Personal Flagship, HMS Blackthorne, all His Marines have BattleDress and could all be armed with Fusion Guns and other high tech crap. His Commandos carry Disintegrator Rifles and have biomechanical skin suit BD.

Which is cool stuff, but may make things hard to get away with.

Truth is that the full Imperium is out there. Remember, Vlad II claims the Title, Prince-Regent of the Fifth Imperium. There is a reason for that.

And leaving that alone for now since it seems some of my player may be paying attention here. Hence the Metagame tags. Thus we all understand that using the info may have bad consequences. Things are sometimes secret for reasons, not always bad either.

So, another thing is that I am thinking again of moving the Riftborne Domains while I still can. Once the location goes to print I am stuck with whatever goes out the door. And I found my TL chart and it shows the Fifth Imperium at its height with a Standard TL of 23, which means a high end of 25 and low end of 21. This means that Leap-1 (1000 parsec/leap) starships which means the Galaxy is some 30 weeks across which makes the Capitol of the Fifth Imperium much closer than I thought to being able to span the Galaxy.

The solution of course it to remove the Riftborne Domains from the Galaxy entirely and the Cross Rift Missions becomes not the rift between spiral arms, but the rift between the Galaxy and the various local satellite galaxies and clusters. So now it hovers in a limbo state somewhere off the Arms on the way to some other perhaps as of yet unnamed location. Keeps some of the mystery.

Anyway, got other stuff to do, such as working to get Herald Class Starships into a real printed book format one of these days. And trying to get some sort of rough complete draft of the setting book.

So, here my fellow Travellers and readers, I close.


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