03 July 2012

[T5 ATU System] Colony A at Far Stars 0724 (Details).

Well, my loyal first Followers, as you might recall I had stated earlier that I was going to detail the system of Far Stars 0724 known in the charts and mapped as Colony A. I have generated the system and you can feast your eyes on this, the system orbits with the worlds and satellites. It of course is not to scale but it includes the UWP of the worlds and the planetoid belt. Below the first image is the system data and brief notes, which you got to see first as I just made them up for this here post. :D

[FS 0724] Colony A | System Details | Orbits and Worlds.
Primary Star: K4 V.

Orbit 0.  Name: World 3. UWP: Y 775 000-0. Satellites: 0. An uninhabited StormWorld.

Orbit 1. EMPTY.
Orbit 2. Name: Colony A. UWP: C 629 765-8. Satellites: 0. MainWorld and HomeWorld to the Voodgi, the Native Intelligent Life. It was originally labeled as World 0 as was the trend for Initial Survey Data during the early Sixth Imperiums period. During that age worlds were labeled according to the probability of being a Main or HomeWorld, this world is labeled World 0 and the other worlds are labeled according to order in system survey scans. It is occupied by the majority of the Abonai 1st Planetary Army (A1PA) reinforced by elements of the Abonai 2nd Space Force (A2SF).
Colony A-2. Deep Scan from ImpNet.Scout.Surveys.Node.0724.datestamped.233-0197.

Orbit 3. Name:  World 1. UWP: Y GFA 620-9. Satellites: 0. A BigWorld. It originally had a Class G Spaceport, but their spaceport was destroyed in the opening of the Abonai invasion. It is currently occupied by units of the Abonai 1st Planetary Army. These units are Army Naval Task Group Cee (TL-C) and  Army Air Force Four (TL-D), they are mostly concentrated on what was once the world's spaceport. The units have been reinforced and have their own smallcraft and vehicle basing platforms. Task Group Cee also contains remote and manned submersibles to keep the natives from launching subsurface attacks against the basing complexes.
Orbit 4. Name: Large Gas Giant T04. UWP: X TFA 000-0. Satellites: 5. 
  • Orbit F. UWP: H 99A 000-0. An uninhabited IceWorld.
  • Orbit G. UWP: G CDA 232-8. A BigWorld. This world is too minor for Abonai forces to bother with. The world has no organic smallcraft and the tiny population are contained in small underground enclaves with the poor quality downport occupying the top level of the structure. 
  • Orbit H. UWP: Y 220 100-6. An InnerWorld. This world consists of an Abonai Planetary Army monitoring station. It monitors the gas giant traffic and coordinates with the local Abonai space forces when unauthorized vessels attempt to refuel by skimming the gas giant.
  • Orbit T. UWP: Y 7C5 000-0. An uninhabited StormWorld.
  • Orbit W.UWP: Y 789 000-0. An uninhabited InnerWorld.
Orbit 5. EMPTY.

Orbit 6. Name: Large Gas Giant P06. UWP:  X PFA 000-0. Satellites: 2.
  • Orbit C. UWP:  Y FEA 369-8. This BigWorld was used by the Voodgi as penal colony. The policy has continued by the Abonai forces. The Abonai Planetary Army's 17th Military Safety Patrol (TL-B) maintains what amounts to a light division on the world and has imported a some high value prisoners taken during the war and occupation of the system.
  • Orbit F. UWP: Y 8EA 000-8. A StormWorld, it was inhabited by a mining company but it was evacuated during the early stages of the invasion and following war. It was also during that period that the satellite's landing beacon was destroyed by the outgoing company personnel.
Orbit 7. Name: World 2. UWP: Y 577 000-0. Satellites: 2.  A RadWorld. Some sources mostly some of the Shadow Nodes of the ImpNet say this is the actual location of an Old Empires Dump site. This is refuted by both the Imperial Offices and fact that the Abonai 1st Planetary Army is concentrated on the MainWorld. Also the MainWorld remains the focus of public memetic gathering of more current information. 
  • Orbit T. UWP: Y 100 ADF-B. This Worldlet has been avoided by the Abonai forces in the system and locals don't mess with the Abonai mostly keeping to their world and some times sending ships out to Jump points and no one knows where they go from there.  
  • Orbit W. UWP: F 100 401-9. A Worldlet populated by a wide variety of natives, Abonai and others. The worldlet's lack of government and extremely low Law Level keeps the Abonai presence to a minimum of occupation forces and mostly consists of the A1PA's  17th Military Safety Patrol's (17MSP) detached units. The 17MSP generally keeps their off duty forces in line and enforce discipline, the Chief Warden don't take to slackness in his Exterior Forces.
Orbit 8. Name: Belt-08. UWP: Y 000 6AA-9. This planetoid belt originally used a 600 meter planetoid as its Class G Spaceport. That planetoid was destroyed in one of the first strikes by Abonai space forces as they dove toward the gas giants for refueling before moving in to assault the MainWorld.

Orbit 9. Name: Last World. UWP: Y EB9 777-7. This motley collection of factions originally had a Class G Spaceport. maintained by the MainWorld's Space Traffic Authority. It was not destroyed during the initial phase of the war, but later during the influx of forces following the establishment of secure beachhead on the MainWorld.

Orbits 10-19. EMPTY.


To Use: Roll 2D, consult Table for results (details and further rolls).

2. A group of Imperial vessels. 

Size = 2D x 100 tons x Number = 1D.. 

TL = 11 + 1D .
Actions: Roll Flux. 
Positive. This group is composed of warships who will be patrolling in deep in the planetoid belt. They have been there about a week. They will respond if aid is requested by an Imperial vessel. This aid is conditional on the ability of the Imperial Navy group and is at the discretion of the group commander. The commander is under orders not to engage any vessels  and gather intelligence and remain undetected in the system if possible
Zero. These ships are Imperial merchants who may have speculative goods for trade. They will not have any news having recently arrived in system and will be eager for more recent information than they arrived with.
Negative. A group of privateers engaged in commercial raiding against the Abonai Space Forces (possibly in coordination with Voodgi Space Authority Force boats), Free Spinward States shipping, and if one is present, a Parthian ship. They may not like other ships interacting with them. 
3.. A Voodgi smallcraft transiting the outer orbits. 
Size = 2D x 10 tons.  
TL = 8.
Actions: The vessel will avoid all contact with non-Voodgi starships and smallcraft.

4. A group of insurgent Voodgi Space Authority Force boats. 
Size: = 1D x 100 tons x Number = 1D. 
TL = 8.
Actions: The boats will make contact if hailed by an Imperial ship. They will attempt to convince the Imperials to help them defeat an Abonai boat or ship.  Otherwise they will lurk and attack any wandering Abonai vessels that come into their range.
5. A Free Trader. 
Size = 1D x 200 tons. 
TL = 9 + 1D.
Actions: Roll Flux. 
Positive. The ship is outbound an may have news and speculative goods for trade. 
Zero. The ship is refueling or Jumping out-system. 
Negative. The ship is inbound and will be looking for news or reports on current conditions.

6 - 8.  An Abonai Space Force Vessels. on Patrol.  
Size = 3D x 100 tons x Number = 1D. 
TL = D or E.
Actions: Roll Flux
Positive. A group of starships outbound. to the Abonai B Jump point  They will avoid combat if possible.
Zero. A group of tenders and auxiliary vessels which will attempt to avoid combat. They will attempt to escape and call for combat forces to come rescue them if attacked.
Negative: A group of system defense boats who will stop and investigate any intruders. This means any Imperial ships heading toward the gas giants, inhabited world or the mainworld.

9 - 10.  A Free Spinward States starship. 
Size = 1D x 100 tons. 
TL = 8 + 1D.
Actions: Roll Flux. 
Positive. It is a privateer preying on Abonai forces. 
Zero. It is a merchant ship and maybe willing to trade. 
Negative. It is a warship and may be hostile.

11.  A Parthian starship. 
Size = 2D x 200 tons.  
TL = G.
Actions: Roll Flux. 
Positive. This is a civilian ship which will avoid interaction. 
Zero. This is a scout ship that will Jump if engaged. 
Negative. This is a Parthian Navy ship that will defend itself if attacked or it may Jump out-system.

12. A Starship of the Satellite in Orbit T of World 2 (Orbit 7).
Size = 2D x 100 tons.
TL = B.
Actions: This ship will not make any response to other vessels in the system, it will move at its best possible maneuver potential (generally about 4 G). It will either be outbound to a Jump point or it will have exited Jump and will be transit to the satellite and will land inside the downport.

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  1. Okay, did some more work and now have a custom System [FS 0724] Encounter Table. Check it out above in the section marked EDIT. It is pretty rough right now and I haven't really checked the Dice chapter for probabilities. Also, it may get more detail, modifications to the dice rolls, and data strings for some example ships. But that is for later. Here ya go!


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