17 May 2011

Being a Concise History of the Institute as of the 2nd Century of the Permatic Imperium.

The Institute was founded in 2735 of the Common Era on planet Terra of the Sol system (Sector Hex 1827), the homeworld of Man. In the 1st Imperium Year 15, the Emperor Rufus Cornealius Augustus personally Awarded "A Permanent Charter to the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute for Services rendered to His Majesty Rufus Cornealius during the Transitional War" making it an member of Imperial Institute and University systems and associations.

During the five hundred plus year reign of the Great House of Volcker over the Grand Empire of Man and the Stars the Institute spread its resources and facilities throughout the Imperium. Many Associate Institutes could be found on exotic worlds, worlds with unusual societies or technologies or cybernetic use and those with existing psionic institutes.

It is millenniums long associations with what the Imperium at the time called non-human life forms that made the Institute help lead  the Cybernetic Rights movement by using its connections in the Imperial Moot and Court. This eventually led the Empress Lizabella Fortuna* to revoke the Institute's Charter in CE 6553 and seize what assets she could. The Empress of the Iridium Throne gained much but in the end lost her life and Imperium. The remaining Free Institutes (as those that escaped the clutches of the Empress began calling themselves) went on to give much aid and comfort to the Mainline Humans, Psionics, Cyborgs, Cybernetic Life Forms, as well the Uplifted fighting for "the Human Rights for Cybernetic and Manufactured Life" during the Cybernetic Uprising. 

It is in the reign of the great and honorable 5th Empire of Man that Institute established campuses on Permatic, Quelw, Feners and a world designated only as G510 on current Imperial Astrogation Charts. Other Institute facilities are said to be found scattered among the dying embers of the 6th Imperiums (Spinward & Trailing). Worlds X-E0711 and X-C0401 for instance have physical data noted on the current maps, but no explanation can be found from the standard sources. Perhaps they represent the lost locations of Institute facilities of the 6th Spinward Imperium or even earlier?

An Institute Campus of the 7th Imperium is often closely associated with an Imperial Research Station. Examples of standard Institute facilities are at IRS Beta where the Imperial University of Quelw (Schools of Medicine, Psionics and Psychohistory) is partnered with the Institute (Departments of Psionicology and Psychohistory) studying the possible vectors and treatments for the "Death Plague of Planet 0308" and with the support of the Imperial Navy at IRS Alpha (which is also home to the Imperial AM Creation and Storage Facility) on Permatic which is investigating the standardizing of Imperial ships with Anti-Matter Plant Arrays.

*Empress Lizabella Fortuna is known to have seen only Mainline Humans as fit to be Imperial Citizens and felt that lesser beings should be happy to be counted as Subjects and not Imperial Property.

The Proceedings and other records of Institutes from both sides of the Cybernetic Uprising can be distinguished  by being labeled as either "Imperial Institutes" if the Imperium had control of the Institute in question or "The Free Institutes" for those that declared themselves sides with the dispossessed of the 4th Imperium.

It is believed if these AM Arrays can be standardized it will result in greatly increasing the logistical value of Imperial starships by granting them extra "on-station" time and freeing up additional tonnage. The freed volume will mostly likely be used for on board Imperial Marine contingents, for transporting large Imperial Army units to battlefronts or Scout basing structures for Contact Teams, as well vast tons of supplies.

Sources: TDI Records Department, the Imperial Ministry of Information & Communication; Psychohistory Department's Archival Services, 7th Imperium Year 200

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