08 July 2011


So, just to keep everyone in the loop, our intrepid heroes have chosen to pursue Rumor 11 from the previous Library Data and Rumors post. So I am in the midst of working up an actual, written up before the game started, Adventure.

Things I think that need fleshing out include:

  • The Dictator of the Belt.
  • Some Lieutenants, most likely the Commander of the Secret Police.
  • Some Rebels, both Contacts and eventually some Leader types.
  • Guards for the Depot.
  • The Depot itself.
  • Some various NPCs of the general sort.
  • Encounter Tables, for all locations; Starport, Depot world, Space, stuff like that.
So that is what I am doing for now. Sorry nothing of earth shattering proportions yet. First they would have to open the Depot, then the Nova Bombs come into play. >:D


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