09 July 2012

Metagame: On the Nobility and Resources of the Imperium

So here is some information regarding the nobility of the Permatic Imperium, a list of noted Emperors and Empresses of the various Imperiums and a bit noting the Resource Units available to the Imperium. Boring infrastructure stuff. Sorta.

Key for the Table. 

The Base Codes are: N=Navy, S=Scout, D=Depot, W=Way Station, R=Research Station,  C=Imperial Consulate, T=TAS Office. 

The Noble Codes are: B=Knight, c=Baronet, C=Baron, D=Marquis, e=Viscount, E=Count, f=Duke (minor), F=Duke (major), I=Interhaus.

Ix=Importance or how the world ranks on the Imperial stage.

RU=Resource Units.

Zone Codes are: R=Red (Interdicted), A=Amber (Caution), G=Green.

Color Codes are from the TravellerMap News: Yellow=Rich and Agricultural, Green=Agricultural, Purple=Rich, Grey=Industrial, Rust=Corrosive/Insidious/etc., Black=Vacuum, Blue=Liquid Water, White=Other.

Worlds of the Imperium with Nobles.

Hex Sub Name UWP Base Nob Ix RU Zone Color
0832 M Jowren A 584 359-8 N I* 0 120 R blue
0724 I Colony A C 629 765-8 D D 0 648 R blue
1327 J SUPSULA A 522 BFD-8 N BEF +4 4320 A blue
1624 J SAUCIL B 744 973-C TC BEF +4 3840 G grey
1419 F Saburi C 300 ACB-C none BEF +3 1620 G grey
0827 I Ireaded A 510 3DD-5 none BEF I +2 2240 G grey
0927 J QUELW A 75A A99-G TC BE +3 1296 G blue
0930 J Sphic E 635 EEG-3 none BE +1 390 G blue
1428 J Ories C EEA ACE-D C BE +2 1296 A rust
1725 K Permatic A 365 C8A-H NWRCT BE +4 5280 G blue
1230 J Schea E 5A0 BDB-3 none BE -1 810 A white
1825 K Muzil C CEA 887-B S Be +1 630 G rust
0829 I Vinhan Belt E 000 8BB-3 S Be I -2 392 R belt
1818 G Ecrayod C 310 883-8 S BDe +2 756 G white
1722 K Frita C 772 89A-5 none BDe 0 420 G purple
1623 J Ressempo A 454 6CA-D NS Bce +3 1950 G green
1720 K Ferione B 244 898-8 S Bce +3 1680 X unknown
1130 J Reboo B 204 744-B MT BD +3 1458 G black
1321 J Criden E 697 7BE-5 none BCD -1 132 A green
1224 J Bohen C 666 555-7 none BcC +1 264 G green
0820 E Typr E 558 720-3 none BC I -1 455 G green
1726 K Pacias E 564 620-2 none BC 0 450 G green
1723 K Mingsrea C 255 6AA-4 none BC 0 400 G green
0924 J Atell C 854 785-3 S BC +1 216 G yellow
0830 I Colony Disessi B A95 564-7 N BC I +1 168 G green
0824 I Nalingr D 478 574-6 none BC I -1 120 G green
0823 I Cesabe C 757 7AB-8 none BC I +1 108 G green
0825 I INB Denness A 788 466-D N Bc I +3 1248 R blue
1119 F Codignol B 765 420-6 none Bc +1 270 G blue
1128 J Heridis C 745 744-B SR Bc 0 126 G green
0828 I IRW Fulim B 584 495-5 N BC I +1 312 G blue
1026 J Feners A 765 000-8 NSRC B +2 140 G blue
1825 K INB Exuatol A 272 467-E N B +2 720 R blue

RU Budgets:

Total RU For Noble Worlds = 34,477 RU.
Total RU For Other Worlds = 7,326 RU.
Total RU For Permatic Imperium = 41,803 RU.

Noble & Holdings (Worlds):

Emperor (Soc H) = 1: HI&RM Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa II, High Lord of Permatic, Prince-Regent of the Riftborne Domains, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, and Lord of a Thousand Stars.

Archduke (Soc G) = 1: Archduke of the  of Far Stars (Kirosowa).

Duke (Soc F) = 4: Vladimir Franklin Weiss, Duke of Lysander (Core); Duke of the Trailing; Duke of the Rim (Kirosowa); Duke of the Spinward (Daarnulud).

Duke (Soc f) = 16: Walter Interhaus, Duke of Ingen, <5043 RU>, Duke of Kylin (Kirosowa).

Count (Soc E) = 9: hault-Daarnulud, Rudolf Interhaus <120 RU>, Calais.

Viscount (Soc e) = 6: Zhi-Lawrence.

Marquis (Soc D) = 5: de Maelstrom, de Normandy.

Baron  (Soc C) = 10: Wilfred von Ryer (Bohen), Baroness Harkness (KIA), Mentosh, Lancaster, Hawk, Baroness Laurel hault-Daarnuludka, PhD. (Laurel is a Visiting Professor with the Institute's Department of Psychohistory, as well as being a noted and tenured Professor of Imperial Histories at the Imperial University of Quelw.)

Baronet (Soc c) = 6: Agnes hault-Smith (Bohen), Smith-Volker.

Knights (Soc B) = 31: Richard A. Haus (KE), Arkirasan, Windsor-de Bois, Han, Singh-Black, West, Felglen, Jones, Sutton (KE), Boothe (KE, KCB), hault-Smith (KE),  Storm.

Peerage (Soc X) = X: Lord Appleton (the Admiralty), Lady Lecey Minfenii, a Deputy Secretary for Information Affairs, the Prime Minister Shen William,

Houses of the Imperiums.

House Akiilaar, Great House of Volcker.

List of Emperors of the Imperiums.

First Imperium: Emperor Rufus Cornealius Augustus (of the Great House Volcker), Rex Imperator, Lord of the Twenty Stars, Prince of Terra, Archduke of the Old Expanses, Warden of the Marches, Protector of the Domains of the Thousand Worlds, Defender of the Faiths, &c, &c.. (Was known to liked fishing.)

Second Imperium: Empress Vashti al-Vlada of House Akiilaar, (b. 4723, d. 5081 CE), Empress of the Sapphire Throne, believed to have died in an accident, actually died of withdrawal from anagathics.

Fourth Imperium: Empress Lizabella Fortuna, last Empress of the Iridium Throne of the Fourth Imperium.

Fifth Imperium: Emperor Rufus XVII, last known Emperor of the Fifth Empire (Commander of His Majesty's Own 5th Valiant Imperial Star Armada.)

Seventh Imperium: His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa the Second, High Lord of Permatic, Prince-Regent of the Riftborne Domains, Emperor of the Permatic Worlds, 1st Duke of Kylin, 2nd Count Permatic, Lord of a Thousand Stars, etc. (HI&RM Vlad II has survived at least one known on New Year's Day of the 162nd year of his reign.)

Other Nobility.

Parthian Empress, Archduke Arsacid, Regent of Fonest

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