13 July 2012

Metagame: Traveller5 ACS and HMS Herald.

So, one of the many projects I am working on is the HMS Herald Class Starships book. Yeah, like a for real Supplement for Traveller5. Right now I have the basics that were originally used for a Citizen's of the Imperium Private Traveller5 Forum play by post.

Now that I am doing something for real, I am wondering if I am missing anything now while I do the port over from the OTU over to the Permatic Imperium. So here is a nice teaser shot of my lovely starship and the outline as it stands. If you think I am missing something or something should be cut this is your time to say so. Otherwise, I am going to assume that it is pretty much on target and run with it. Okay, I plan on running with it anyway, but right now without further modifications.

And now the outline.
  1. Credits.
    • Author.
    • Artist.
    • Others.
  2. Standards and Assumptions.
    • Dating systems.
    • Astrogation.
    • Environmental (the Terran standard).
    • Permatic Imperium (Psi and Non-Organics).
  3. A Brief History of Daarnulud Design Burueux.
    • Pre-Jump Age (the Famili Daarnulud),
    • The Jump Age (Daarnulud Design Bureaux).
    • DDB Through the Imperiums.
  4. A History of Herald class starships.
    • First Design (HMS Herald of the Imperium).
    • Second (M/V Lion Rampant).
    • Third (ISS Sable).
    • The Current Design (HMS Herald of the Marches).
  5. Specifications.
    • Hull.
    • Engineering.
    • Avionics.
    • Armements
    • Quarters.
    • Operations.
    • Cargo.
  6. Smallcraft and Vehicles.
    • Ship's Boat.
    • Diplomatic Limo.
  7. Deckplan and Description.
    • Insert from .txt file.
  8. Datasheets.
    • Insert from .pdf files.
    • Admiralty Form 1.
  9. Sample crew.
    • Bridge.
    • Staff.
    • Payload.
    • Drives.
    • Sensors.
    • Weapons.
    • Operations.
  10. Adventure Hooks, Library Data and Rumors.
    • Players serve as crew on a Herald class ship..
    • Players gain a Herald class ship.
    • Players encounter a Herald class ship.
Appendix A. Using Herald class starships in other TUs.
  1. The OTU.
    • Insert from old draft.
  2. Your TU.
    • Old or new?
    • Privately held.
    • High end products.
    • Does custom work.
    • Generally based in high interstellar systems.
So that is what is going on in the background. Otherwise, I am still kicking and around. Enjoy and comments welcome.


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