02 August 2012

Updates, get your red hot updates!

Sorry for the prolonged absence, but know that I am working very hard back here behind the screen.

Putting the final touches on the HMS Herald by the Daarnulud Design Bureaux even as you read this. I decided to keep it in the OTU for now as that was where it was created and frankly all the text for it is written on the basis of it being used in a traditional Traveller Third Imperium setting. Even doing this still required a lot more work than I thought. Sections moved, others deleted, new ones written and of course the constant editing.

One thing I would like to do later when I have resources I can commit to this, would be to have translation for the major languages for those nations where English (Commonwealth or US) is not the native language. I wasn't surprised to see folks from Germany or Japan or Britain. From what I have gathered Traveller is still a big deal there. No, what surprises me is the amount of folks from Russia that are stopping by and taking a look. And Latvia, Indonesia, Ukraine, and at least one visiter from Syria. Yep, I do love living in the modern world of the future. Just wish Bill Gibson hadn't pegged it so damned well.

Anyway, didn't want you to think that I had forgotten you all in my quest for more Traveller fame, all eleven followers plus lurkers. Oh and most especially you lurkers. I too lurk, so don't think that you are fooling any one here, traffic stats are far to many for eleven whole people. Keep lurking for now, one day I may yet get you to come out and play with the rest of us. Either way, I thank you all for your time and patience.

One day, I will have some official plugs once I get something official to sell. And then you should go and buy a copy, and one for grandma, and that nice kid down the street who mows the lawn, you know like everyone you know. :p Yeah, and then I will get blamed for ruining your life. On second thought, just get as many as you really need. I can't lie, I would be very happy if you get one. *shrugs* What? It's still early in my new pro-gaming life. When they are selling themselves like hotcakes, then maybe I will be all casual. Maybe.

Anyway, that is what is up in Craigland. I hope things are going good for everyone else. Take care.


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