09 August 2012

On the Imperial Army.

One of the many things discussed over on CotI is the role and structure of the OTU Imperial Army. This needless to say has made consider the Imperial Army of the Permatic Imperium.

So, what is the role and structure of the Imperial Army (IA)?

Thinking about it I figure the Imperial Army is used for occupation and extended combat roles. Basically the Imperial Marines (IM) secures a landing zone and then the IA moves in and does the long term fighting. They are based predominately near the borders of the Imperium which allows the Army to respond either possible invasions or rapid deployment beyond the border. Most of Army bases are placed on worlds with hostile environments, vacuum worlds and asteroid belts, rarely are they based on other types of worlds. These bases are used both for training purposes and for storage of arms and equipment.

Routes and Bases of the Imperial Army.
The IA have a small fleet of their own transport ships. This organic transportation allows them to move forces without relying on the Imperial Navy (IN) who may have other logistical or strategic needs. Most of these Army starships are lightly armed and armored and consist of of transports and tenders. The remaining ships are specialized assault ships used for planetary actions.

The Army is a professional service and serves as cadre for units seconded from the various forces of the member worlds that have been Imperialized. The cadre units are equipped with Combat Armor and Plasma Guns, supported with heavy weapons units equipped with BattleDress and armed with Fusion Guns. While the Army is not as mobile as Imperial Marine units, they do have more heavy armor in the form of Grav Tanks and GCarriers than is common in Marine units.

Not much I know, but that is the state of things at the moment. Plus, still working on things behind the screen. In fact right now things are in a state of change, my IT guy is getting me set up with a machine I have desired for some time. It is as usual a second hand and older machine, but oh so nice. I needed a desktop machine and now I am getting one. So that is what is going on these days. I hope things are going well for you all.


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