12 May 2013

Update: Fanarking Real Life!

So, my Gentle Readers and Followers, and Players.

Yes, the first thing is I am again running a Play by Post for reals over on CotI and holy crapsticks if the players didn't come here, boost my puny traffic and actually read the damned posts.

On the down side, I have been hella sick and have been a right proper dick to folks this week which because I like to pretend I am a human of Honor, Ethics and Decency had to write a couple of apology PMs for being an ass (and of course one of them for being a dick while pointing out that he was being a dick). Yeah, I am all sorts of complex. And sick. Really sick, I mean worse than the 'Half-Dead' I usually am. So, I have spent the last couple of weeks coughing my guts out and this last week it went into overtime trying to beat me, but my immune system is a veteran of the physical wars. (Yeah, I sooo dig that song.)

Well, I guess that is it. Oh, wait, the gripping hand time.

I got some folks who are most excellently lending a hand and taking up some of the Setting Creation slack for me and I now have:

  1. A certain major dude working on what I hope will end up as a series of Traveller5 Approved Imperial Forces books.  (I was thinking of having sections on proto-Traveller, OTU, and of course the Permatic Imperium showing how each can use the info in the book.)
  2. The amazing Mark Lucas doing up the last set of of the first three Daarnulud Design Bureaux starships. (ISS Sable was 30% drafted last report, but of course he too has a real life. *shrugs* What can you do?)
  3. Two players who are helping with background and want to see their characters in print. (Me too!)
  4. One players who is helping finally detailing the Far Stars Sector. (And decided to go "To the Pain!" and volunteered to do some work on generating the true Permatic Imperium setting, the Riftborne Domains so Timmii players can finally play with extremely high technology and Hop Drives.)

So all in all other than losing my shit in public and in a very permeant internet way and having to man up and eat my screw ups, things are moving along well.

And I finally got my Kickstarter email telling me around 01 June 2013 I should be getting the Big Box of Traveller5 (BBT). Tons of dice, two t-shirts, book and of course TAS and Patents! Yeah, I know I am bloody shameless about having credits in the book and that is in its way quite enough, but damn the fanboy wants his stuff. :D

Well, I got to go and deal with players and apologize for the lack of manners and their adventuring.

Craig the again humbled.


  1. Re: Vet of the Psychic wars...

    Isn't that when Mr. Mike Moorcock was writing/singing with them? I'm not a BOC afficionado, but that is a good song.

    Now I've buttered you up, I'll let you know you've spelled Psychic wrong... (You have Physical..)

  2. No, that was on purpose. My immune system fights the physical battles. I am the Psi vet. :p

    As to the Eternal Champion. *shrugs* Got me, your self description works for me too, just like the song.


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